Radical Christianity Thread

Figured this wasn't a thread already, so why not create it? Discussion on left-leaning/radical Christianity I guess.

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I'd hold Marx and Marxists to be correct on religion and their advocacy of an atheist state, but distributism seems somewhat based.

Shame one of the most enduring liberation theology projects turned to the cocaine market, seems like no one can win in Colombia

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Look into the Hutterites. They’ve lived in communist colonies for four hundred years now. Anabaptists are super interesting

Atheists don’t even know what they’re arguing against, as usual

How grog explain sun if sky man doesn't real

When will fairytalecucks ever learn

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Have you even read the bible, it’s literally about their being an invisible man who tells you what to do.

It makes logical sense if you look beyond the strawman of “muh sky daddy” (which no one believes except for atheists who never went past Sunday school and didn’t achieve personal gnosis of the transcendental source of all things)

If Christians don’t believe in the Bible then what do they believe in?

I’m not going to watch whatever filth you posted, honestly. It’s hilarious that atheists who claim to be so educated on religion think that God is a physical being within space and time. Only Salafi nutjobs think Allah is a literally physical being with the features of humans (a face, feet and hands) like atheist strawmanners think

You didn’t answer my question.

God is an abstraction with no extention same as with angels and truth so on

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Would be a cool way to try and get retard burgers on board with communism. Unfortunately I think religion is just an excuse to justify certain cultural attitudes and behaviours, so o dont think any Christians will turn left over liberation theology

"A master above and none below "

It seems like a slightly more "radical" take on capitalist reformation were used to.

apparently it's common in christian academies to teach that capitalism is the only economic system under which Christianity can exist as god intended. Add to that the amount of emotional abuse a teacher could get away with if a student were to at all disagree.>>2944446

The human mind's capacity for self-deception is almost infinite. As long as unanswered questions exist in philosophy and physics, religions will claim that their god(s) are hiding behind those questions.

It's most useful to analyze religions as memetic viruses. They hijack the minds of their devotees in order to propagate. They're subject to exactly the same evolutionary pressures as physical viruses, and hence have become very well adapted to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the human psyche.

Don't make ideas into entities themselves, or you'll just end up arguing even more idealistic spooky shit. Religions aren't spirits which have somehow separated themselves from society or its material conditions, they didn't exist outside of us.

You're right, I hated my teachers in elementary school.

Are you seriously trying to argue against abstract descriptions of ideas? I think you've just dismissed half of philosophy and mathematics in a single sentence there.

Not very many americans go to Christian academies, they're expensive (being capitalist institutions it makes sense why they preach capitalism).
The average americans religious indoctrination is making macaroni pictures of jesus and thinking about how to not miss the beginning of the football game

I have an invisible pet dinosaur who ensures that the atmosphere of the earth doesn't suddenly disappear. If you deny this explanation you are SCARED of his existence

All of these Russell’s Teapot-tier arguments are fallacious circular arguments. I know you’re probably trying to act clever with your “le invisible XYZ” memes, but that’s literally bottom of the barrel strawman’ing. You should actually read the arguments for the existence of a Creator and stop acting so infantile.

I'm arguing against ideas being viewed as some entity in of itself with some power outside of material society or people, not abstraction. Trying to endlessly metaphorically compare things isn't necessarily "good" either. Using the "more then half" argument in regards to philosophy isn't really a good arguement btw, just because there is sizable breadth of philosophy that argues or does one thing doesn't make that philosophy or method of understanding "correct". Otherwise we would have to accept a lot of stupid and contridctory philosophies as "correct".


I grew up going to church. I hated the family friendly nature of it given that it was a small Prot church full of kids and old people and left when I was young edgy atheist teenager. I've always thought there was something to be worth learning from the Bible though, mostly from the teachings of Jesus himself. I'm aware that there are Christian leftists despite their small influence. As far as I'm concerned, no one should force someone to be religious and no one should force someone to be an atheist. It seems like a mere individual choice to make on one's own part, however absurd it may seem. Christian art is pretty cool though.

I have to ask a few questions though:
How do you reconcile materialism with arguments for the existence for God? Matter is the fundamental substance in nature, no? What's the best argument that a ChristCom would provide in spite of this?
Who would you recommend listening to for Christian Marxism? Are there any contemporary public thinkers in liberation theology? The only one I know of at the moment is Cornel West, and he's just a democratic socialist. And what would you recommend for essential reading on this topic?
How can Christianity, especially in today's world, be 'radical'? The Catholic church has written decrees against socialism and communism. It seems to me like the majority of contemporary Christians are reactionaries, liberals, conservatives and some are even fascists. Are there even any Christians who would support revolution? Matthew 5:44 says "Love your enemies" and Romans 13 advocates to submit to your authority. I know Christians can be politically diverse, but all of them seem to advocate for nonviolence.

really depressing

im an atheist too but if you really think that edgy mallgoth dismissal of "if god where he is huh" is a good argument against religion, one of the most enduring and ubiquitous aspects of human social life, you are a retard and a detriment to any serious conversation

while I'm here can someone rec me good christcom essays

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Well, I wasn't arguing in favor of that and I don't think any sane person would disagree with you.
Obviously labeling part of a system doesn't give that part magic powers outside outside of the confines of the system it exists within. Labeling certain arrangements of atoms as "viruses" doesn't give them powers beyond those intrinsic to their component atoms, but it is still useful to label them in order to study them.

Yes, religion is non-falsifiable. It's pretty much in the definition.
Why should I believe in your non-falsifiable hypothesis over any other?

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Go on, talk about the cosmological argument or something equally retarded

While I'm not religious, I did scan three works a while back that are somewhat relevant to this thread:
* archive.org/details/MarxEngelsReligion (collection of writings by Marx and Engels on religion)
* archive.org/details/MarxismChristianitySymposium (various essays on the relationship between Marxism and Christianity)
* archive.org/details/UrgencyMarxistChristianDialogue (a Marxist author discusses the Marxist understanding of religion as well as possible common ground between Marxist and Christian movements)

God nu-atheism was a mistake.