How do you effectively breadpill someone who says the following?:

How do you effectively breadpill someone who says the following?:

I ask, because this is what the guy I'm currently dating just told me the other night as we were discussing politics. He is definitely a fellow traveler but knows jack shit about leftism. Any suggestions on how to get through to him?

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Back to Reddit. This shitty meme makes me hate Kropotkin

Just hit him with some citations. Eventually he'll give in. Take it slow.
Every time you see something that enrages you, such as late stage capitalism or some form of bourgeois control over the proletariat, mention it to him. Make it subtle. For example, if you see hostile architecture, say "it sucks that we treat homeless people that way" rather than "we need to kill the bourgeoisie who created hostile architecture".
I have been breadpilling my family because of my staunch defense of Communism. They're fearful of it because of "muh cultural marxism" and whatnot. What i do is find things we agree on and focus on that. We disagree on race, so i don't mention that, but we agree on wealth and power, and we agree on many social issues.
Make sure he's comfortable with you. Play around with your ideology; making jokes or roleplaying sexually could slso get him into it. Things like "notices your bourgeoisie uwu" could probably cause his dick to betray him. Never underestimate the role sex plays in ideological struggle. Just don't make it cringe.

Nice single digit there at the end by the way.

Plesen is that you?

Did you… try explaining to him that in a world of oligarchs you can't just 'do what's best for the people'?

Slowly. Years even.

Eh, just tell him that society is separated into two classes with opposing interests.
You can want what's best for one or the other. Choose one.

Also OP that is exactly how I felt deep down 6+ish years ago, he's on the right path. That's still what I want, a better world for everyone.

I wish I had Madoka powers. I was just talking to my Xtian rightist friend about how evil god is. If I were in charge, things would be different. Sorry, off topic I know.

why are you girls dating non-leftists when we have so many leftist incels? do you think this is justice?!!
Nah, I'm just playing. I date too many actual trad/pious Christian girls though so i'm not one to criticize.

No. I'm female.

Based satanposter

Hey, I'm a boy, does that mean I can't want to be a Magical God? I didn't really think that I would wear pretty pink dresses as god, but hey, now that you bring it up, why not do that some days/eras/eternities.

In seriousness, I would probably appear in animist form. Cause, yknow… Reasons.

But would I be a good messiah with my low self esteem? If I don't believe in myself would that be blasphemy?

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Protip: there's a materialist reason why most of these leftist incels can't get laid. Not to mention, politics shouldn't be the primary reason you commit to someone, because your political views will change over time and it will ultimately cause unnecessary tension.

It's polite to spoiler lewds user.

Sorry to say I'm actually a masc-ish top, I'm just in touch with my feminine penis side.

Sorry to derail this topic with hornyposting OP. Maybe user would prefer to take this to /trash/.

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Why do females always talk about their sex life?

have sex dude

OP didn't bring up anything to do with sex.

Please try to be considerate user. It's not nice to take out your own frustrations on others. If you want, I can recommend a comfy VN for you to play. Would that be nice?

"""dating""" then
If you want, but if it's good I probably already know it.

Alright, alright, a connoisseur then. Well I won't patronise you with the greatest hits in that case, I'll just share with you my all time favourite VN, Analogue: A Hate Story. I guess it doesn't really fit the mould of comfy, but it's the one that has stuck with me the most. I highly recommend it.

But on topic, why does it bother you that user asked for love advice? Wouldn't you want advice if you needed it? You clicked on the topic yourself, nobody made you. I don't think I need to be a mind reader to identify that this likely points to the fact that you're lonely. And I am sorry for that but do you really expect to fix that by being mean to others? I think you should be gentle and try to help everyone else if possible. If you try to be kind to the people you meet, you are more likely to make a positive human connection. Including with whatever gender/sexuality/species that you are romantically interested in. People like to be around people that make them feel valued and happy. Please try to be nice.

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No breadpill


I played Digital: A Love Story and kinda liked, the 90s internet aesthetic was really nice. This made me look at other games from the dev, but the reviews of Analogue turned me off as it seemed to be liberal tripe whining about muh patriarchy and I don’t like timing mechanics especially in a VN.
This is disingenuous, free will does not exist and you can defend anything that was not done at literal gunpoint (or wherever you draw the arbitrary border of coercion) with that rhetoric, I guess the multi-billion advertising dollar industry and propaganda machine are fine then as nobody is forcing you :^)
Why does that not go the other way around too? Are the riche flaunting their wealth to their lessers being kind?
Anyway the reason I even mentioned it is because it reminded me of Schopenhauer’s On women which was vindicated as there are often threads about “how do I politically convince people around me” that do not go on about how btw, i’m dating this guy xD

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You have to make him see that what is best for the people is ideological. Combine capitalist crisis with a history of imperialism. Show him (soft to start with) examples such as Cuba which are easy to defend

I mean, it's possible that I'm simply an irredeemable liberal, I've certainly been accused of such in the past, but I think it's good to criticise actual paternalist traditional patriarchy as opposed to 'more female drone pilots' style feminism.

Love based the game on preindustrial Korean culture, not the modern era (though you can certainly draw certain messages about the present too). I would say it's about the viciousness and brutality of traditionalism.

As for the timing mechanics, that's only one small section that is easy to solve, you can finish it in like 1 minute and the game gives you 15.

However, you are a bad boy overall for reading that much into the reviews before playing, you've probably spoiled a lot of it for yourself which is sad. The best way to experience it is blind IMO. Anyway, I think it is an inspiring work, along with the sequel, that gives you a chance to do typical VN stuff as well as kind of serve as a cultural anthropologist. Plus, in the sequel, you find out more about how the whole system came to exist.

I personally find the idea/situation of the Mugunghwa fascinating, but I won't go too much into that for the sake of spoilers.

I don't think that has anything to do with my post, sure free will doesn't exist but we have to act as if it does as human beings in trivial cases like this else all of existence becomes an absurdity. You know what I meant, if you don't want to be exposed to this kind of topic you can avoid it. Free will is an illusion true but an important one.

If someone else is being unkind that's no excuse to take it out on the world. I'm a gommie so obviously I think people shouldn't flaunt their wealth, but it's natural to want to talk about your relationships. Someone else having a relationship doesn't mean they're exercising power over you in the same way as with money. I like talking about relationships personally and I can understand why it would upset you to hear about it when you don't have one but this isn't r9k, you can't expect everyone else just not to talk about things going on in their lives. Wouldn't it have been more constructive to maybe ask some Anons about advice on how to get into relationships than to badger OP for being a dirty femoid? I mean I hate to be cliche but the reply kind of writes itself. You have access to a woman to talk to but you choose to just be mean to her (and no I'm not saying this just to be a white knight, but if you are sort of scared of women but still want to be with one as I perceive you are, it could have been a useful learning experience).

Really, you're going to take advice from Schopenhauer, a guy born rich and could have done anything he wanted but couldn't stop whining about existence, and ended up becoming a miserable old fuck who pushed an old peasant woman down the stairs and killed her cause he was in a mood?

Judge ideologies by their fruits my friend. But to return to the point, OP wanted specific advice, and sure, maybe she just wanted to talk about her guy she was dating too but that's not any more wrong than you wanting to talk about all the dates you're not having. You can't be triggered just because someone else talks about their relationship. I mean, you can, but it's not exactly constructive.

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Yeah men never do that

And who the fuck will let him do that?

Make him read the manifesto, and then Lenins state and revolution

Why do you though? There is no doubt that it was about power, that some people were worse off and that there was an ugly side to it. What you gloss over is that all of that applies to the neoliberal feminist order of today as well, just with a reconfigured dominance hierarchy.
More specifically the current social order benefits high status males and young females who can get more numerous and more attractive partners receptively, to the detriment of low status males and old females having increasingly often none. In general people’s ideology is shaped by their social position as a post-fact rationalization which in turn helps preserve the system that enables their privileged status, so since you don’t write like a female the initial ‘why’ was more of a rhetorical question.

I don’t really like surprises.
Actually it’s not that easy at all, it’s a part of almost all stories/media, people constantly talk about it, there are couples in public and the government has failed to criminalize pda etc
Incidentally r9k was particularly bad about this and I only was on it briefly many years ago, as its nature attracts sociopaths and the lack of stalinist moderation lets them thrive there.
Appeal to nature. It’s natural for me to want to shoot “lovers” in the head.
No it’s worse because through the sexually selective gender you are rejected by nature itself, evolutionary it is equivalent to being killed and there really is a hard-limited number of potential mates in a roughly 1:1 supply, so any excess mates that high ranking males monopolize are necessarily lacking to those of lower standing.

Because desirable males lived a life of romantic and sexual plenty they are simply ignorant of the backside of sexual liberalism that leaves plenty as losers with nought and even more in precarious situations. Asking a woman (or to a lesser degree even a male who subconsciously perceives you as competition) for dating advice is like asking a deer for hunting advice. It’s always adversarial which puts the side that does not act that way, whether they are aware of it ore not, at a major disadvantage. But if you are a high status male the females just want to selfishly be inseminated by you so it’s understandable why it might not seem that way.

Almost everybody remembered today was somewhat wealthy and educated, most by birthright but the “upwardly mobile” tend to be even more reactionary. That’s just how it is, every relevant position that has some power today excludes anyone without a bachelor degree, low status people never had a say and even as a literally who on the internet with no reach I mostly don’t bother posting.

I judge ideologies by their roots as I am a materialist. OP wanted to signal that she is desirable and thus use her social capital to elevate herself in this virtual space as well, I am not saying that this was conscious but it is something people do instinctively when they socially interact. As I am not capable of it I had to approach socialization more abstractly which did provide me understanding but left me in no better social state.

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"What's best for one isn't always best for the other" then progress to "What's best for the capitalist isn't what's best for the worker"

Because in our hypersexual culture being sexy is central to their feminine identity.

You just have to convince him that communist policies would lead to the best outcome for people. He doesn't need to call himself a communist at first. Just point out that capitalism is gravely sub-optimal and unsustainable in the long run.

OP here.

Would it be a good idea to give my bf a few books on communist/anarchist subjects in order to get him interested?

If so, which books should I give him? It needs to be something compelling.

Dialectical and Historical Materialism, by Stalin

XDDDD you fucking autist.

I'd give him something from 'Zero Books' tbh. You want to hook him with something relatable and interesting, so I'd say a more modern piece of writing. Maybe some Graeber or Chomsky even. Later on he can get deeper into theory.

1. It's only 80 pages
2. It introduces the idea that there might be an alternative to capitalism, which many people have never even considered.

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user one thing I found one thing that really works in getting female attention as a low status male is lifting weights. I got heavily into it for about six months a few years ago. Then I didn't have to do more than that to get female attention. I used to get women looking at me and asking for lights . I'm crap at interpersonal stuff though, so got stuck at getting dates or a partner from it.
One of my female friends told me, (not unkindly) dating is just a game . Another said, when you find a boy who likes you, and you like him, you have to get your hooks in. It worked for her. She's now married with a daughter. Do I want to be married or have children, no. If your expectations and someone else's don't match up, it's not going to work. Is it possible that "incels" are just being unrealistic? They don't want to be evaluated on looks or status, but evaluate potential partners on that basis themselves.

I'd suggest get him in the pipeline. Get him something on what he's already into. It depends what he's already interested in, but here are some examples.

Sci-fi/Technology - Four Futures, by Peter Frase.
Religion- The Revolt of the Angels, by Anatole France .
Ancient History- Uruk:The First City by Mario Liverani (Marxist Sumerology!)
Philosophy–Logic for the Left, by Ben Burgis


Leftychad here. The problem is realization that non-alienated relationships are not possible under capitalism.

This :

You can add to that Michael Parenti, Marx's "Wage-Labour and Capital and Value, Price, and Profit" and Bakunin's "God and The State", a really short book but a powerful one, it had a great impact on me when I read it as a teen; then later on Dominico Losurdo's "Liberalism: A Counter-History"

A few things I should mention about my boyfriend:

1. I am an anarchist, and am specifically looking for resources that will bring him towards anarchist communism rather than ML.
2. His family is very religious and he is to some extent as well. I try to avoid anything anti-religion.
3. He is kind of a brocialist, says negative shit about feminists all the time. How should I go about this?

Total strawman but okay.


Your best bet is to introduce him to here then, he will disappoint you at times but his drive to defend you will push him towards your position

Really you should both read

Got just the book to suggest OP:

3. He is kind of a brocialist, says negative shit about feminists all the time. How should I go about this?
He might be open to Amazonian feminism
If you don't want him reading about kink, how about
(Auto)biography is often better at swaying people. You can sympathise with the writer.

Make those commies eat dirt! Put their heads down!

Nationalism is the only way.

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You've obviously never paid any attention to their ideology.

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Yeah he's definitely not into kink. Neither am I.


Why would you hate the guy? He's like a nice naive grandpa. He also gives a good argument against "muh human nature" bullshit.

The Conquest of Bread is unironically useful in breaking capitalist realism for a lot of people

can you post it?