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Deadass, I made this thread to search for the user who wrote all that shit for the Kaiserreich Soviet Union submod I claimed I as making back in February or something. Well, it's nearly done and I'd like them to give some input and for me to be able to credit them(should they want it) and they aren't gone

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I imagine that the most likely way for Russia to turn red in this sub-mod would still be trough collaborating with and replacing the left wing Mensheviks to take over like it is now. The economic problems (their national spirits) would I guess remain after the transition, unlike now, and it seems they are addressed in the first economic focuses. I think it would be interesting to add events through which the other world powers try to fuck you over, while the different focuses try to solve it in different ways (support from 3rd Internationale with Tomsky or Petrichenko, reproach the western powers with Bukharin's Dengism, stay true to Leninism with Frunze and struggle through while getting less help from syndies, somehow use war-socialism with Tukhachevsky or use meme tier Orwellian totalist control with Zhdanov.
Also I really don't like using Zhdanov for the aforementioned Orwellian path, as it really just feels as feeding the "muh ebil dictator Stalin" myth. From what I've read up on him he was pretty good when it came to political affairs of the USSR (opposing the technocrats and seeking to return the power to the people). I'd even suggest replacing Frunze with him, and adding some sort of a historical nazbol of the time as the sorelian-esqe totalist choice.
Also, talking about Frunze, I'd say that even if not replacing him with Zhdanov, someone else should take his role (Malenkov perhaps, as he was close to Lenin) as he already is established as more syndicalist than other KR Bolsheviks, so maybe let him just be a general.
Finally, I'm very interested in what way do different factions take power? Some kind of multi-event elections? And I guess economy is separate from policy to some extent, so how is that determined? Also it would be cool to see the politics at play after a certain path was picked, like syndies being unhappy with anyone who isn't Tomsky or Petrichenko, or a revolt in case the revolution is betrayed by Bukharin or Zhdanov.

Oh hey, its really nice of you to reach out like this. I was going through some stuff and got writer's block or whatever while working on the Tukhachevsky tree which I ended up never finishing and the longer I didn't the more awkward I felt about getting back into it and posting in the old thread and eventually the thread died.
I was actually thinking about it again recently and considering posting in /leftytrash/ about it to see if you were still working on the mod so I'm super glad about this and that you kept working on the mod.
I'm 100% willing to finish up the Tukh and Zhdanov political trees and post the documents with all the flavour text and effects as well as any other contributions.

I haven't put in any content before switching to the Soviet Union. Maybe I will one day but at the moment you just switch and get this tree.

My plan is the add a decision category for each leader to add flavour. Like with Bukharin you could approach other nations asking for investments in return for concessions etc.
Regarding the leader choices, I took suggestions for someone else as to the choices of Zhdanov, originally I had Tukhachevsky as nazbol. I wanted to use the Kaiserreich Soviet Union leaders as that would mean I have access to the portraits, which really improves the look of a mod. With Frunze likely of suffering from stomach cancer, I intend on having him die pretty early into the game (probably early 40s), so Malenkov could certainly be a successor, the political trees are short enough that I could make another for the successors.

The leader is chosen based on the player's actions over the course of the focuses and events prior to the "Announce the Premier", with decisions to just boost your prefered choice to avoid tedious reloading based on a misclick(I want to revise this eventually, there's a Politburo system I made for another mod that I might try and use). The economic policy is just open at the moment, I might lock it so like Tomsky can only go Syndicalism, or maybe make it so you get bad events if you choose a contradictory economic policy. Currently, only Petrichenko can experience a coup from Tukhachevsky if he makes the wrong decision, but I also want to add more especically a coup against Bukharin if he goes full SocDem and one against Zhdanov by someone.

I'm very grateful you wrote something for an anonymous user on an imageboard and I basically stopped working on the mod for months so don't feel bad at all about stopping posting or whatever, as I also did nothing. If you're up for writing I'd be happy to use your work.
here's the mod thus far, you can see my thoughts so far and other shit. If you want me to add you as a contributor I'd be happy to(if you have steam and want your name on this). I haven't got around to adding your descriptions yet but it'll be easy enough when the time comes.

I'm not sure how the Soviets are going to come back in this submod exactly, in Kr right now there's either the second civil war or the two options to tag switch either by handing the government fully to bukharin during the crisis or restoring the DotP when the year of troubles passes under the left-democratic gov. I think the latter options are so easy that the should be reworked or removed entirely with the civil war being the only option tbh and all the maluses Russia has should definitely be carried over, perhaps differently labelled somehow or like how the Netherlands deal with black monday if it flips syndie.
I also agree there should be some decent interactivity with other powers that is currently lacking in Kr when the second russian civil war kicks off too, Germany probably shouldn't be able to invade immediately since that's a bit overkill and they have the French on their border, but they also should have some reaction since sitting there as another major socialist power establishes itself on their other side is silly. Something with the Brest-Litovsk reparation payments should come up as well as events about German companies and factories. Some proper events/decisions about sending volunteers and weapons for socialist countries like they get for Patagonia or the American and Spanish civil wars. Pretty much all the neighbouring states should be guaranteed to grab land, I know White Ruthenia, Finland, Don-Kuban, Transamur and Alash Orda can take land already when the war breaks out but maybe enabling the border conflict mechanic from the Chinese warlords in vanilla against both the soviets and the whites would give some more opportunities and be more punishing on a prospective Soviet player, leaving them with a more diminished territory afterwards combined with some severe debuffs to recover from.
As for the choice of Zhdanov, he was meant to be the meme path for the soviets, being a sort of Zhdanovshchina taken to the extreme with Zhdanov being a charter Totalist and wanting to establish a universal superior culture while also being russian national chauvinist. Also with elements taken from OTL italian fascism with the option to establish a special supreme soviet akin to Mussolini's grand fascist council (which would also eventually remove him like Mussolini was OTL) as well as having events about his struggle against the technocrats with Lunacharsky, Bogdanov and Malenkov featuring prominently. I don't intend to draw on Stalin at all for that path, the Stalin path I think is Frunze insofar as comparisons go, just with compromise with the trade unions because of the power of syndicalism and less purges.
I don't like the idea of replacing Frunze either, both because he is an established Kr Soviet leader and Frunze, Bukharin and Tukhachevsky are pretty much non-negotiable in my eyes, he's a fan favourite and I think given that lorewise he's established as being tentatively the most pro syndie of the Kr bolsheviks he's a good choice for maintaining a soviet-style economy while compromising with syndicalism.
As for how any of the factions take power I think the best model would be something akin to the way Indochina or the CSA do it with multiple events where you select various options empowering various factions with the most popular one winning out in the end, its more engaging and fun that just the minister selection you have with CoF or UoB elections.
Then leaders who take over after the initial one's I'd have just take over in more binary choices akin to the way the second soviet elections work in Kr rn.
Finally, I agree on the question of post-election politics and revolts, the anarchist path is meant to have Tukhachevsky lead a Bolshevik coup if the Anarchists try to ban the communist party before 'debolshevising' the army.
Here's the google docs with the focus descriptions and effects for Petrichenko, Tomsky, Bukharin and Frunze for reference

It's no problem at all, I enjoyed it and want to keep doing it and help make the mod as good as possible, I'll add you on steam too.

What's the game in the picture?

Heart's of Iron 4, with the Kaiserreich mod, with the WIP Kaiserreich - Soviet Union+ submod

First attempt at new colourised portraits for Tomsky, Petrichenko and Zhdanov

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Man I remember you devving this, good work OP.

Zhdanov looks good but work could be done on Tomsky and Petrichenko, there's no real texture to their faces and the opacity looks way too hightened.

Zhdanov political tree written out

Zhdanov looks good because I took him off a coloured illustration of him so it didn't require any work, but I've noticed I've put him and Tomsky a bit low in the frame when most kaiserreich portraits have the face be higher with the head often touching the top of the frame which makes them look like manlets in comparison so i have to fix that too.
I'm actually fairly happy with Tomsky but I might try to fix him up still to try to make his skin look a bit more like a living person.
Petrichenko is tough because there's only one poor quality photo in which its fairly hard to make out much texture anyway, but I'll definitely try to do it again from the start, maybe it'll come out better.

Another attempt at leader portraits and the focus tree for Tukhachevsky

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Made Zhdanov's face a little less pale and shiny

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Tomsky and Petrichenko too for good measure

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Tbh Petrichenko needs to be lighter.

One very small nitpick, but I would put "Kolkozi" instead of "Kolkhoses" because the letter sounds and looks so weird.

I've changed it, ty for input :)

Np. :)
Regardless read through the political trees and they are great user! I wouldn't be surprised if the Kr team just intergrated the mod into the thing overall tbh. I think the foreign policy tree could be fleshed-out although it may be better to do that with events.

Most focuses in the foreign policy give an event with how you want to approah a given country, ranging from attempts at diplomacy with other socialist nations, attempting internal coups, splitting a large country with another power or just declaring war. I still want to add more, like a COMECON style establishment to help nations in your sphere etc.

Yeah, sounds good. Also I personally wouldn't call it the 4th international, maybe something like "The Eurasian Internatsional" or for Tukhachevsky have a special snowflake faction.

Thanks for the kind word user, alas from what I hear the kaiserdevs are planning to remove the Soviets entirely from the mod in a future Russia rework since its unrealistic and old legacy lore, which is true, but it just makes this submod all the more valuable since it'll be the likely only way to play as the soviets in Kr without going back to old versions. It'll keep the dream alive.

So what games is everyone playing

Tbf there should be a way to turn Russia communist, but yeah the current way of electing communists into power I always found a bit weird.

Just got Mao's Legacy, damn it's a good game.


Does anyone still have the Pavlos mod for Darkest Hour? That shit was hilarious

Does the american totalist submod get the Zig Forums seal of approval?

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I'm interested in the lore background since im not really sure if charter totalist technocracy is more or less cursed than shachtmanism

No. Play as Earl Browder instead.

Mah nigga

What do you guys think of the Cold War Iron Curtain mod?

Pretty good honestly. Should be getting a major update sooner or later. Devs are taking their time with it, which is good.

They look like cartoons.

Mhmm, if you go and join their FBI, you can even play the github version which is open for everyone to play

The timeframe is pretty long, what does the Beria tree look like though?

I don't think I'll pass their background checks.

I wonder, what ideas does everyone here have for a HoI iv mod?

Or any kind of mod for gsg games in general

it's really hard


Is Kaiserreich good enough to spend the time learning about it?

What do you mean learning about it? Also yes.

Like the backstory and stuff. I know that it's WWII in a world where Germany won WWI, I just assume that it has a lot of things you need to read up on that explains how the situation in KR came to be.

I mean not really, the 'backstory' of the country you're playing is given to you in an event at the start of the game, and you don't need to necessarily know that much, like you don't have to know much about weimar or interwar europe to play vanilla hoi4 and not feel out of your depth.
The basics is pretty much that America doesn't join ww1 and Germany wins and intervenes further in russia crushing the october revolution and establishing client monarchies in formerly russian eastern europe and taking over british and french colonies in africa and asia. Meanwhile the crushing defeat of France leads to a general strike and syndicalist revolution which establishes a French Commune with remaining republican elements feeling and establishing a government in exile in french north africa, similarly widespread strikes in Britain in the years following the end of the war lead to trade unions taking over and establishing a republic.while the monarchists escape to canada. That's pretty much everything you need to know.

What are the thoughts on Imperator: Rome?

I haven't played much of tbh but its because I don't want to, its barebones and boring, in one-part that just regular paraporky and we need to wait for two dozen dlcs for a complete game but they shouldn't just get away with that, and its also that its lacking in gameplay, events and the mana mechanic is bad and really shouldn't have featured. I do hope it becomes good someday, or that someone else makes a good version of it.

Lets not forget how every single country from Brazil to Japan to Ethiopia also has a civil war questline, it's also entirely randomized what paths are taken so you can end up with zany shit like full 1984 Britain run by actual Orwell teaming up with "syndicalism with American characteristics" muh freedumbs anarchists up against "the magna carta was a mistake" Canada and "literally Hitler down to the medals but with a bigger mustache" Russian Fuhrer.
It's all very detailed and an very immersive but at the same time is a big stinking mess.

The fanbase is kinda toxic and its routinely mocked on alt history forums but its biggest pull is as you said, every game is mostly randomized, that you have no idea whats going to happen.

Which kaiserreich ideology does dengism fall under? Radsoc? Marlib? Authdem?

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100% Authdem. Dengism is SHARE OUR WEALTH to a T.

Just ordered a UoB flag. Got I'm an autist.

But share our wealth is socdem at its core, unless you're using share our wealth as a shorthand for Long Dong Huey's mode of governance (populist class collaborationist dictatorship) in general?

In the Kr universe, Huey Long Dong is AuthDem (with SocCon, NatPop, and PatAuth allies).

I know, that's what I'm referring to.



Dengism is Gang Gang National Populist Gang Gang

KR's ideologies are not to well defined tbh. Like in some cases RadSocs are just market socialists, while in others they are basically Zig Forumspot gang. Or totalists, who sometimes are like Strasserites, but in other cases are Bolsheviks, or Syndicalists, who range from anarcho-syndicalism to kind-of-Leninism in some cases


Tried Tomski with a different source
If there's interest i'm open to do the other portraits too

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