Are there any celebrities who are openly antifascist and leftist? Like musicians, movie starts etc

Are there any celebrities who are openly antifascist and leftist? Like musicians, movie starts etc.

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Modern or historical?


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Chaplain is a minor inspiration of mine, I'm sure you've seen this speech, but it's a great summation before its time that even normies can understand.

In addition his movies like Modern Times are pretty much as relevant today as they were back then in their themes.

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chaplin was pretty good but do we know if he was a die-hard socialist or a socdem / old labour type?


Chaplin was an anarchist, and that speech got him exiled from USA.

Shut the fuck up.

Pamela Anderson has really changed my view on her. Never judge a book by its cover. Never.


Fran Drescher is my queen don't @ me

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Also the nanny is a worker. Welcome to the Fran Zone

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can we stop alienating potential gateways to socialism because they have liberal opinions caused by not having enough knowledge in politics?
that's literally pushing it away from the mainstream

Probably Hawking is a liberal but the others are leftists.

literally the antifa super soldier

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Boots Riley is not a liberal.

All it takes is a bit of history and economics to turn a liberal socialist. Liberals are just uneducated.

wait einstein said that? proof?


stfu born

Here to shill for Paul Robeson

And he was right. On the eve of Barbarossa, a former White general in the Red army defected to the Germans after spending months or even years feeding them sensitive information about the red army and defenses of the soviet union. Purging the officer corps of its tsarist sympathizers was an unfortunate necessity.

Jack London

Ron Perlman

Alan Moore

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Don’t talk shit about Comrade Anderson

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