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Personally I believe that African men are being cucked by modern feminism's inability to recognise that "il n'y a pas de rapport sexuel."

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Get Out but with Italian-Americans fetishists.

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I want to control a primitive commune using nationalism and scapegoating, except that the scapegoat in question is CIS SCUM.

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AKA Nazbol

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Jungian Communist right here. I want the collective conscious to become maximally realized in the collective ownership of the means of production. Once man has less concern for the working day, his process of individuation can become accelerated, leading to the City of God.


We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Third World children

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I hope you like making bone needles and injecting yourself with ground up animal ovaries

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I'm actually a syndicalist with anarchist tendencies, but sometimes I feel not even De Leonism is gonna cut it, so I argue online as if I were the steeliest tankie there is – for therapeutic and shitposting reasons.

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Esoteric Rainbow Rightist
Communist need to stop astroturfing the astral plane. I hate it when pink haired astral bodies come to our interdimensional platonic male orgies. It's an infinite plane, go to your fucking gay corner for commie faggots.

It honestly looks pretty shitty that you copied an entire wiki from marxistpedia on the pretext that the owner of that site has been inactive a month.

Pretext? I wrote a significant chunk of Marxistpedia myself.


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So, Zig Forums?

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Even Sterner would be spooked

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Oh yeah baby
Build those turbines

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That is actually hella based.
Also Jung>>>Freud


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I am the literal only good kind of SJW.

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Life is tragic. You are tiny and flawed and ignorant and weak, and everything else is huge, complex, and overwhelming.

I am the incarnation of the brainlet.

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I vicariously through 4X and RTS games.

toppest kek

The green new deal is to radical and probably communist. Orange man bad.

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Ben Shapiro, is that you.


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so basically the paris commune?

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I think this is what we need so urgently right now.

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me playing skyrim on my ps3 in 2019

Isn't that Ancom?

I think it's when you say "stalin did nothing wrong" to be edgy but then you start to believe it

Incredibly based. White people have been treating the Black Man and his Big Black Cock as their boogeyman forever. Black feminists are house niggers who have adopted the white devil's boogeyman to turn on their own race, hoping that the whites will save them (and only them) while locking up the Black Man for his capacity to do prison labor. They're too anxious and envious of the Black Man's sexual power because their own puritan beliefs require some other to project sexual excess onto, and LGBTs aren't a big enough population to be a threat, plus it isn't "woke" to accuse them of being sexual predators, while it's still somehow entirely acceptable to hit black men with false allegations despite the history of such as used to justify lynchings.

Pretty good. The gender identities we have are the product of white colonialism and need to be destroyed. Only those who identify as a third gender, transgender, or old indigenous versions of masculine/feminine are welcome in the primitivist utopia. We cannot allow classical, feudal, or modern conceptions of gender taint the purity of our human nature.

Ah yes. We must wrangle the spooks to our advantage. Use the enemy's weapons against them. In order for their ideology to function, they must accept the premise of legalism (otherwise the basis of property and state power vanishes), so we can judo flip them into supporting the overthrow of much of the current system, culminating in a constitutional convention to draft the new workers' state!

"Can your science explain how I cast lightning bolt?"

Our science is so advanced that it has integrated with nature, and we can be hunter gatherers not to survive but for leisure, because it's what we are built for.

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Varg but if he was Christian?

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We have this saying you kill a guy with one punch. Hes that.guy. Fucking clown nothing else.

The only ideology that makes sense.

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wikis are supposed to be freely shared/copyable tho…


Youjou senki in a nutshell

Probably my ideology, scientific stalinist also seem fitting.

I take it back, this is my ideology.

Made me laugh
Yes, fuck idpol. Counter identitarian wins (csgo mod now)

Clintonite Democrats
Bunkers, but for qt 3.14 latinas
The permanent revolution is fought in the collective subconscious against foreigners.

Is this maximum centrism?

I shitpost on Facebook about how we need to abandon technology and embrace our primitive animal heritage. I own a Homo Habilis fursuit, but only so I can infiltrate furry conventions and laugh at them from behind a mask.

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Mine's better

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Those wankers that think the Vox edit of Aragorn was actually cool.

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"very straight"

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Here's another.

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Retro-Hindu-Muscular Fascist:

A radical nationalist movement for Indian Body Builders with Mulets.

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I can get behind this one.

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Kill baboon's and lick boot

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