What the fuck is up with people who aren't capitalists claiming they are capitalists with capital...

what the fuck is up with people who aren't capitalists claiming they are capitalists with capital? why do so few people know what the word capitalism even means in the united states?

We live in a sad sad society where the working class think they are "capitalists" because they have a job and work for other people when they literally aren't.

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Burgers know nearly as little about capitalism as they know about communism. The average burger thinks capitalism is merely the existence of money and buying things from people.

You have discovered the average American high schooler.

Because if people actually knew what capitalism is then they would know it's not a good thing for them, so they are propagandized into believing it's something good and anything bad can't possibly be capitalism.

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You mean the average American period.

Because the biggest concern to these bootlickers is not to stop bootlicking but to have boots to be licked in the first place, the more they seem like a capitalist the more, in their eyes, they have succeeded

Can't capitalist refer to both exclusively a follower of capitalist thought and a capitalist them self? Maybe I'm just not seeing the issue here?

Liberal ideology, and also Calvinism.

Just call yourself liberal.

That would be false consciousness. A deluded member of the proletariat.

And there is no "capitalist thought" that precedes capitalism. Capital is the material relationship, liberalism is the justifying ideology.
People have to justify why being forced into exploitative situations isn't forced, or isn't exploitative.

It's entirely possible to have capitalism without liberalism though.

American education system and culture churns out genuine retards

Agreed. In burger land the religious justification for wage slavery is probably strong enough to carry it on its own.

Both parties in america are liberal though

I've heard "capitalism is when farmers stock up for the winter and socialism is when you don't and expect the capitalist farmers to give their stuff to you" before.

If I don't own a car I am a car owner

Americans (or most people for that matter) have their weird made up definitions. They think that:

All by design. All architected by right-wing think-tanks.

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you shouldn't make fun of the disabled, such as that kid with microcephaly

Are you retarded? Is a monarchist neccesarily a monarch?

Burgers have inverted class consciousness. They think that poor people are all potential billionaires who need only seize the opportunity. They think actual billionaires are a persecuted minority who need all the help they can get.

They'd be pretty stupid to support a monarchy while not being a monarch. Same with capitalism.

Outside of revolutionary socialism, all political thought is mere ad hoc justification for the status quo or the particular reforms somebody wants to see.

Monarchists are cucks who act against their class interests, yes

Only the best followers are those who support a Monarchy in this troubled era. I am sure that you would be compelled to do the same. It's for The People, The Country that they reside, and The King who can manage such an arduous role. You've been reading too many conspiracy theorys, little zionist.

I don't trust a bunch of inbred fuckers to rule over anything, famalam.

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Perhaps they "fell off" before any new blood could be added? In any case, I know that Monarchism will make a come back after a whole terrible mess of ideologies gone mad and a whole lot of death due to collapse of infrastructures worldwide.
As for inbreeding:
Do you trust the Wahabist/Islamic Arabs who in some cases have bred their first cousins in 5 or more successive generations?
Do you trust the Japanese who allow first cousins to marry and mate? As well as those in backwater China who often saddle their daughters to their cousins? India, Pakistan, Africa, SE Asia, etc. We can go on and on, but I think you just mean. "I hate those Royals and Oligarchs. I know they are all the same and they are just devils, much like White men."

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How surprising

Imagine being so pathetic in your defense that you auto-ban that which isn't hyperhugbwaksizh talk. You can't hold a single candle to it to the likes of Donald Trump, so how could you argue with anyone else that wasn't pure greed?

The VOLs are afraid and spooked lad. This place is a run down old bitch of weakling ANTIFAs. HyperKEK.