Iran vs US, tensions scalating

Iranian television has reported the capture of a british oil tanker today, just an hour ago. Meanwhile, at gibraltar, the persian oil tanker will be detain for 30 days more, as anounced by their supreme court.

The oil tanker which has been detained by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is the "Stena Impero", and has a total of 23 crew members.

Meanwhile, at gibraltar, the supreme court has extended the detention for the iranian oil tanker.

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Mosaddeq's revenge tbh

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"we can do this with all tankers"

All for media cameras. The U.S. and Iran are already negotiating behind the scenes.

only nazbol gang can save us now

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For what purpose nigga

Kek. I never thought I would agree with a Marxist.


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Iran and the U.S. are trying to work out a deal so Iran can be like the Gulf states and let in American oil companies + tech. Basically Iran becomes like Anwar el Sadat and turn into a happy comprador. Qatar is mediator. The sticking point is over the missiles as the Trump admin doesn't want Iran to possess anything with that range (to appease his bloodthirsty base of white Amerikkkan pigs and rich Jews in Amerikkka and I$rael) but this is just U.S. domestic politics – Iran doesn't have nukes and the Trump admin knows they don't and are not building any.

I have my sources.

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What is our game plan in the event of aggression against Iran?

I assume there won't be a full-on ground war because even the Trump administration isn't that stupid, but there could still be plenty of missiles and bombs. How do we resist the aggression? What's our strategy?

source: your ass

Trump only cares about money. He's strictly transactional and wants to get good deals for U.S. oil companies to work in Iran while squeezing out the Europeans, Chinese and Russians using the petrodollar. He doesn't actually care about Israel on some ideological level – that's a show for the Israelis and his dumb supporters at home. It'd be a tempting deal for Iran because they'd get lots of U.S. oil company tech.

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Even if you didn't have a source I can see this flying low and smooth like you said more or less. That's what I felt after much of the initial "sabre rattling" bullshit. No deal means a proxy war though, so it's still ongoing.

Imagine snatching 30+ of these Tankers around The World and bringing them to an undisclosed location? Heheh.

Nothing really. You stand down, but your support isn't needed when there is a hidden Military/Merc Group of true professionals that will handle a proxy war if it comes to that.

Oh yea of little greed.

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So just, source: your ass, then huh?

The foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Hunt, has declared this about the situation.

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My position on this is 'eh, we seized one of theirs first'.

You're retarded. Trump is very clearly in the Israelis pockets. He recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel and has also recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. On top of all of that he's cut aid for the UNRWA and increased "aid" for Israel. He clearly has an interest in the country, and I'm sure he'd believe whatever garbage neocons whisper into his ear about how Iran is a threat.

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Trump seems to be otherwise engaged…

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I thought that negro went insane and didn't have ties with Trump anymore.

so the U.S. is demanding that Iran release a UAE ship caught smuggling Iranian fuel while the Brits grab an Iranian ship caught smuggling fuel? like is said it's all for the cameras.

Stop samefagging, fbi

Britannia no longer rules the waves.

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kek did this guy really get banned for saying negro? Since when did we get mods from r/socialism

How many “happening” threads have their been where whatever geopolitical meme-issue just fizzled out?

I don't know why either.

If Trump plays his hands right the UK will be wiped out, EU will be bankrupt, China will be bankrupt, NATO will be wiped, CIA will be gone, the Democrat Party will be gone, the post World War 2 system will be gone, and America will the economic powerhouse of the World.

He's going all the way. Lincoln created the GOP because he had visions far beyond that of what was present, Nixon got set-up by the CIA because he had the same.
I find interesting how Lincoln was accused of being friends with Russia by the British, Trump is either gonna succeed what Lincoln wanted or the GOP will be no more.

Nah hes nowhere near this sophisticated or ambitious. If you wanna know their ideology go to the John Birch Society website. Trump a few of his cabinet members and advisors and Tucker Carlson are all Bircher fags it's basically anti communism and isolationism they wanna draw down on the empire and focus on winning the culture war and keep America white and focus on exploiting the plebs they already have. The interets opposed to this are basically half of corporate America focused on extracting superprofits from imperialism abroad the deep state who wanna empire and petrodollar harder and the Zionists who want America in The Middle East.

China bankrupt lmao.

European fag bankrupt lmao.

Your post lmao.

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The UK being fucked and the EU being fucked is most likely and China can step on some landmines but do you really think that Trump is going to be popular enough for the Republicans to rule as a single solitary political party?

European fags being bankrupt is a clear and present possibility. All their growth rates are at zero the ECB interest rates are negative once the recession hits soon they are fucked and can't defend themselves and all the major countries have massive defects and debt with no cash or gold reserves only Germany is viable but it will be fucked too.

Tbh if the Hormuz is shut, China is fucking done for: and if China falls everything does. Deng was a hyper accelerationist.

Nah if war around Hormuz happens oil jumps over 100 on the first day and everyone is fucked primarily Yurop and America since now their energy Bill's have doubled or tripled corporations and business will go bankrupt very quickly and social stability will collapse and riots will actually happen. In this situation Chima will suffer but it will have a source of income coming in anyway since nobody will stop buying their shit it will just buy much less of it but their state is able to maintain order and social stability through a crisis they survived the cultural revolution and can survive a global depression Eurocucks and Americans not so much they are de-industrialized and in debt

85% of the oil that goes through Hormuz goes to Asia. China would literally not have enough oil to function. With that, you get a global economic crash.
Also China has more debt that almost every European state.

Yeah and what's China share of that 85% they can just get oil from Central Asia and Russia it's not like they will be cut off from it

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I really doubt war, despite Bolton and the other hawks. Maybe if/when Trump gets reelected, but not before. He doesn't need an anti-war movement (that'd be backed by a lot of the EU no less) on top of everything else.
Nobody wants a war. It'd be the single worst move on Trump's part, and it'd take away any claims of his popular isolationism. Furthermore, given that it's Iran and not NK, there's tons more transparency w/r/t motive and logic.
Escalation? Sure. More back and forth seizures and sanctions? Absolutely. War? I don't think so.

Prices will still rise, forcing China to enter a “stagflation” due to high energy prices.

The end goal of America in this (if their acting rationally) isn’t war, but to drive up energy prices so industry in Asia becomes more expensive compared to industry in America (which is energy independent) so that the US can eventually win their trade war, secure some for of reindustriazation and thus, have a few more decades before China surpasses the US as the world’s largest economy. If energy prices skyrocket in Asia they won’t skyrocket in the US if the US bans energy exports, which they did before 2016.

Us spy ring destroyed by Iran.

I would support bourgeois American state over theocratic Iranian mullahs anyday.

Found the Trotskyite Neocon

A trot would go the other way around though

Not really. Marx would do the same. He supported the US in US-Mexican war. Communism >>>>>Socialism >>>Bourgeois state >>> theocracy

The thing is that while Iran is a bit shit, it would only help to further the US imperialism if it fell, especially knowing that a) They would have to abandon the region eventually like they did with Afghanistan or Iraq, leaving the nation worse of and possibly in the hands of even more reactionary extremism than now and b) Iran falling would help Wahhabists, who are a far more dangerous religious fanatic than Iranians could ever be.

You do realize that Iran only has a theocracy because of US imperialism.
They used to have a much more progressive secular government until the US decided they needed to privatize their oil fields more freedom.

The US doesnt even bring bourgeois liberalism with its military interventions it just brings chaos and destruction refer to the open air slave markets in Libya