The US is the "stain of the century" – Official Chinese Newspaper

The US is the "stain of the century" – Official Chinese Newspaper
The US is the "stain of the century" for the wars it has started worldwide, which have led to humanitarian disasters, turning thousands into refugees, Chinese experts said, refuting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's criticism of China's policies on the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Pompeo on Thursday called China's treatment of its Uyghur people the "stain of the century" and accused China of pressuring countries not to attend a US-hosted conference on religious freedom, Reuters reported.

"China is home to one of the worst human rights crises of our time; it is truly the stain of the century," Pompeo said.

"The US is the true stain of the 21st century since it started several wars for its geostrategic interests, which has caused great humanitarian disasters and made terrorism spread globally. What the US has done is the biggest damage to the development of the global human rights protection work," Qian Jinyu, executive dean of the Human Rights Institution of Northwest University of Political Science and Law in Shaanxi Province, told the Global Times.

"Pompeo himself is also the stain of the US. He can never get rid of seeing the world as a CIA official - always thinking others as the bad guy with a sordid mind. In the diplomatic fields globally, almost no one likes him. Diplomats are supposed to make as many friends as they can, but Pompeo has done the opposite to offend as many as he can," said Li Haidong, a professor with the China Foreign Affairs University's Institute of International Relations, told the Global Times.

Losing moral authority…

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"Water is wet" - Official Chinese Newspaper

This article is from /ourgirl/ Liu Xin

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She still peddles western talking points. I wish China's PR department were as competent as Russia's but one can only dream

I've wondered about the editorial strategy of China's English language stuff. A lot of it seems geared toward straight bourg / business class types to try and work contradictions there. Russia meanwhile aims at angry loner men with program hosts who have names like Tatiana Humpalotta and close-ups on their legs.

Like they're critiquing articles in other foreign and western papers about how China's development strategy will not create an excessive debt buildup and so on. This is pretty dry stuff but basically we're not the audience for China's PR.

Russia has got angry white dudes on lock though

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She was cute when young. Forgive for phoneposting.
Also: She ended her speech about women's rights with "woman hold up half of the sky".

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Chinese foreign media "outreach" is in line with its Foreign policy.

Russian one is flashy, but it does little to advance Russian interest. You could say that it promoted its' points of view - so what? There is no benefit to it.

Yeah the US has no right to criticize anyone on human rights, but the Chinese treatment of the Uyghur's is no joke either. The Chinese government is pretty shit in general really.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

While we're on the topic, here's an interesting article from WSWS

No, what they are doing is the best course of action in this situation.

fuck off retard

American Imperialists BTFO'd

No u

How so?

What would be, in your opinion, a better alternative?
Colonialism? Letting them go in the hands of America and CIA? Multiculti?

Multiculturalism would literally be better, yes.

Sorry, but I think it is supremely obvious that it leads to barbarism and social collapse in all cases.

its litteraly just racism. The alt right wing media shit like drudge Breitbart infowars zerohedge etc are all either pro Russia or cordial while they all absolutely despise China. Liberals meanwhile also hate China but the hate is more moderate and less racist.

The USA's hand-wringing over the supposed mistreatment of Uighurs in China is the same as Nazi Germany using Ukrainian nationalism to split the USSR.

It feels like hating on China is also an area where liberals like Matt Stoller (see pic) and the alt-right / neocon shit have all merged together to a varying extent. I'm not sure how this process has worked exactly, but it's like the deep state / liberal national security types have worked with the Trump administration to create a permissions structure to broadly align around an anti-China position – the media of course follows right behind like the good lapdogs they are.

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Like *emoji clap*. WE. NEED. MORE. CHINESE. MOVIE. VILLAINS *emoji clap*

By the way, if you want to know who actually scares the shit out of me, it's this guy.

And when I mean "scares the shit out of me" I mean he is a professional who the U.S. government goes to when they need someone to tell them how to wreck the Chinese navy – I'm not talking about the amateur nobody "China watchers" out there but the real deal. Anyways, he's interesting to follow if you are interested in Chinese military developments because he is writing about it in an objective fashion for top state and military people. A big thing he has worked on is studying how China continues to apply "people's war" methods at sea, like through maritime militias of fishing boats – largely unarmed reconaissance but also some armed.

Anyways he reminds me of Jack Ryan from the Hunt for Red October. Like if all hell breaks lose in the Asia-Pacific some strictly-business men in suits are going to come yank him out of his classroom at the military college he teaches at and stick him in front of the National Security Council to tell the generals why all their air bases within several thousand miles of the Chinese mainland all went up in smoke simultaneously.

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No it isn't

Its a clown world thanks to fucking frog memes and Trump. A fucking tragicomedy and we are playing with the lives of our children.