Why live?

OP must be at least 75 chars on this board

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You always take the hopelessness pill. In that case if something goes wrong, you'll feel the same, otherwise you will be pleasantly surprised.


I've just been maintaining that the worst case scenario (irreversible climate change and nuclear war resulting in billions of deaths) is the most likely one. It's a win-win for me.

absolutely undialectical

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Stop with your defeatism! Revolution only comes with work! Get out and organise!

If all else fails, there is still Posadism! ;)

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A good Bolshevik always maintains a pessimism of the intellect and an optimism of the will.

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Defeatist get the wall!!!only brainlets are mired in the perception of the present ==BTFO DEFEATIST==

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This is now Zig Forums enthusiasm thread lets get her 100 replies plus!!!

Better to rule in hell
Than serve in heaven

Ok so I misread the faq what a new fag am I right?
new fags are tantamount to growth
Btw I dont use reddit/twitter that shits cancer but please roast away!

Vivec? Is that you?

No clue who you speak please enlighten me!

Thats the besed balance we need you user are the pinnacle of nuance!!!

life is just like a random stone, it's just there. it's not sad, happy depressing, or not really anything it's just there.
chemicals in your brain change entirely how you see it and portray it falsely.
there is no universal rule for life directions and the best way to approach things is without emotion.
look at all wage workers working with all of their power exhausting themselves because of hope of becoming rich and look at people who don't leave their room because of hopelessness

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Except if you subscribe to a dialectical understanding of history, you understand that there IS meaning in history, because reason is an immanent feature of reality—that is, the "what-should-be" exists within "what-is" as a potentiality which may yet be realized.

A loved one of mine is on his death bed he's in a coma and has been taken of life support! When the day's of loss are upon you it puts into perspective the finite natire of life to live under capitalism is to make your entire life, your time, your youth a commodity. The very sanctity of life, the cheerishment of all you know, rest in our collective hands anons ==never== lose sight of that!!!

I thing my retarded ass will get there some day

Bloomers thread?

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Absolutely degenerate

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Reminder that hope is just cope. Imagine the absolute state of bloomers tuning out the fact that the world is getting worse and worse.

Of course I know that I'm just not gonna let it kill my buzz

It's interesting you use the word buzz since you guys are pretty much drunk off hope. It's hard to make rational decisions like that.

Best post ITT

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This. If you aren't an autistic NEET dedicating 100% of your time to revolution, you aren't a revolutionary.


it doesnt make sense to talk about an innate transhistorical human nature. It makes more sense to talk about human potentialitity rather than human nature

Hope is not needed, but determination and resolve. Also, FUCK BOOKCHIN

My view is you should let it make you mad, but not let it make you sad

Hope understood in a Blochian sense as the OP and say is rational. Specifically dialectically rational. The "hope" is for the possibility that latent potentialities may yet be realized as actualities.

This is pretty basic if you're a Marxist. You should understand that capitalism is pregnant with contradictions that may possibly be realized as communism.

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mods are retards

That's my mistake. I read that as arguing for an ahistorical human essence. Thanks for the link, I'll give it a read.

I will never understand weebs. These images are ugly as fuck and have major paedophillic undertones.

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Maybe ior a homosexual. Also, it's hebephilia.

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