Questioning Racial Propertarianism

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If you guys keep memeing this it's going to get out of control like nazbol and bookchin shit

I wonder of this is the same unironic Sakaist guy from a while back. I've seen someone with that Marx-head flag making shitty posts in a few different threads, so it's at least a possibility.

It looks to be well-sourced after skimming it for a few minutes. I'll check it out bro. Peace and Love to you for bringing forth Knowledge, Truth, and Power. Solidarity!

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The US was originally established as a White nationalist state by the richest people in the area so idk what you're on about though

reported for anti antisemitism

as you pointed out, only the richest people had the right to choose. So no, even at that time it wasn't owned by "white people", but by the wealthiest of the anglo saxon colonizers.

so white people

if by white you mean european in a broad sense like pol fags do nowadays, no. If you mean only anglos, then yes, also only white men not white women.

If you want to be sloppy about it, sure. Being sloppy only serves your point if your point is equally sloppy, though.


well you contradicted yourself so seems like you're being sloopy

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That's my first post in this thread, "sloopy."


sounds like a bunch of IDpol garbage to me


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are you the author of the book shitposting here on Zig Forums? because otherwise I really don't understand how you can shill so much for a shitty irrelevant book


uhh what? it was white country where the majority of white people owned no land. now it's a non white country where the majority of everyone owns no land? guess which is better?

there is no white proletariat read settlers

The virgin settlers vs. the chad IOTWR

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Gott me there, Zig Forums eternally btfo.

I think it's more nuanced than that. But if you don't want to read it for some reason, then let it be from your unwillingess and nothing more. It's a very short read tho, and well enough sourced to be historically literate. I peronally think it makes some good points and brings up ideas to take into account in the forthcoming revolution.

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Lol, you’re talking about me, and I’m not black nationalist. Just able to recognize settler colonialism when I see it.

Excise your autism before posting

Lol, I’m seeing more of this pathetic “I’m a minority too!” from white people. That doesn’t make the 100k in housing equity go away and make you revolutionary.

Stop your father from voting for Trump,

It’s a fucking mystery

Thanks friend

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My dad voted Green.

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Irish "hiberno-negroids" will never be "white".

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Not if he was white

Zig Forums actually believes this.

They’re already white.

He is

sure is CNN in here

People voted Trump because he said he’d pour kerosene on the TPP and NAFTA and bring back high paying, low hour, good working conditions, factory jobs. Clinton meanwhile lobbied for the TPP 45 times. If you take what Trump says at face value and though he was being honest it’s easy to see why people would vote for him. No one wants to be unemployed, no one wants to be homeless. Trump is not the problem, but a result of the problem. The problem is capitalism, and neoliberal capitalism in specific.


Less then 1% of people are cops.

I’ve read some of this. Its not really the best work on this topic and is a bit out of date besides. It just has a weird following of American Gonzaloites who believe in woke ethnonationalism.

I mean, there’s a pretty decent history of American settler-colonialism and imperialism, but the basic premise that it’s trying to support, that only black and brown people in the United States can be revolutionary and all whites are settlers and “labor aristocrats”, is kind of refuted by reality. These black and brown people, being sold as the true vanguard of the revolution, are very obviously not very revolutionary as a population, lacking even basic social democratic consciousness and even being outright reactionary in some areas. The usual formula from this bunch is to act like every sing black and brown person in the 70s were in the Black Panthers, Young Lords, etc, pretend that this never changed and lionize anything this population does as communist insurrection. It’s hilar to see the Gonzaloites, who are obsessed with being the TRUE REVOLUTIONARIES, turn around and claim that actually voting for the blue neolibs over the red neolibs is totally revolutionary.

On the global scale Lenin's strategy of "go down lower and deeper, to the real masses" meant that the communist movement became truly internationalist, organizing the masses of Asia, Latin Amerika and Afrika - the "real masses" of imperialism. Near the end of his life, noting the unexpected setbacks in revolutionizing Western Europe, Lenin remarked that in any case of the future of the world would be decided by the fact that the oppressed nations constitute the overwhelming majority of the world's population."
Interesting take of yours. I think Lenin would've understood this, and did understand this to an extent.

In the Year of Our Lord 2019, there is no obvious link between imperialism and higher standards of living and the social welfare “bribe” is being cut to near non-existence by neoliberal austerity.

This is a politics firmly rooted in the late 70s/early 80s.

But most white Amerikkans are snitches. See book.

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This country was conquered and founded by White Occidental Europeans exclusively for White Occidental Europeans (full citizenship, and the ability to own and control land)!

What about this fact do you not understand?

Have you read the book?

I think they're talking about overseers, ie the white plantation employees who cracked the whip as the slaves worked

Here's a book you should read it's by a really great Amerikkkan author named Tom Clancy

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Overseers were also around 2% of the population.

Everyone knows that it was labour of slaves that made a huge contribution to making of USA

For the South

I don't need someone to tell me the will and intent of the founding fathers! They made it quite clear!

I don't know about that. I know some far-rightists that claim some pretty crazy things about what the founding fathers' intentions were, some of which are the exclusion and necessary extirpation of non-Anglo "Americans". You'd better read a couple of books before you look like a fool.

"You'd better read a couple of books before you look like a fool."

I have no interest in faulty interpretations.

The founders could barely agree on fucking anything, there were a pretty decent amount of them as well and their beliefs often changed over the years.

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I suppose you'll find out soon enough…or probably not given your voluntary insulation from competing beliefs. I must say, you've been trained well.

True. I suppose 'founding fathers' is a fallacy after all.

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Read “‘Common Sense’, ‘The Rights of Man’ and Other Essential Writings by Thomas Paine” to understand the philosophy behind the foundation of the United States.

uhh, you mean the Enlightenment?

Sure babe

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He is not.


What about Bush II, Bush I, Regan, Nixon, Goldwater, man white people just keep on getting fooled by all these racists. It’s like racism actually materially benefits them are something.

Lol, you’re some Slav mutt who’s family came over during the 1800s, not one of the Anglo colonizers from the 1700s.
Your mystery meat ass will get lined up right along with the fags and Jews when Trump goes full fash.

Don’t you have some burgers to flip.

No wonder you commies always lose.
Oh and I love how a board of supposed Marxist who supposedly believe in materialism instantly transform into idealist when it comes to white people and their complete absence of revolutionary potential.
It’s everything from SJWs, Trump lying to them even though he has pretty much delivered on the racists stuff, white people just not knowing about Marxism, TV and all this other bullshit.

It's the Jews

Settlers is literally ahistorical mythology itself

Why do they hate the letter C?

I don't get it. Why Black red guard call american gonzaloites "mayo maoists" then? Can you give me some examples of murican gonzaloites being woke ethnonationalists? thx

because there is no c in african languages, I think. (Some MIM "persyn" explained it me once, but I can't remember)

Not gonna read that diletant shit again

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Most Burgers who call themselves “red guards” are Gonzaloites.

Every human fucking bean is equal in human rights no matter what. Fucking dot after sentence.

How come this gets memed every time we talk about “muh race” fags?
Really tickles my pickle

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