Is time to take over 4/pol/

Cuck/pol/ by all means is incredibly retarded and can easily be taken over, with some of /ourguys/ over there, since the Zig Forums on this site hardly cares about this particular one I believe is our time to strike comrades is time to gather evidence and debunks, they may be the opposite of this place, how ever I noticed they are incredibly more stupid compared the last time I visited there with proper arguments and infographs that socialism or communism does work, I believe we've developed more stronger arguments to the point I do believe we are capable of taking over 4/pol/ which has been taken over by mostly redditors what do ya say comrades? Is time to spread the truth.

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people on Zig Forums aren't worth arguing with, just spam memes

They are pretty easy to btfo.

Whose not to say we can do the same thing? Make the site as intolerable for them to use.

Idc if u could BTFO if one sentence, not worth it. 99% of those people are committed to ignorance till death.


I don't know I am willing to try just one thread.

I work for a particular Jewish Org. We already have 4chans Zig Forums. The last thing we need is some larpers coming in and fucking up our operations.
Give us some time and 4chan Zig Forums will be a second home to you.

We couldn't have taken over Zig Forums when we had more (and better) posters than we do currently. Fundamentally, you're supposing a dozen or so dorks with some infographs and pictures of Stalin are going to effect a massive change in imageboard culture at large.

If anyone is interested.

Nice, I just don't care about the other version of Zig Forums on this site since people are to scared or afraid about it and the fact is hardly influential 4/pol/ is all we really need.

yeah we all work for soros here

Is there anything you have been doing on 4/pol/?

Can't you tell this is Zig Forums false flagging?

I would've guessed that this whole thread was a Zig Forums false flag if I believed more in Zig Forums's userbase.

It would be a falseflag if it involves 8/pol/, how ever 4/pol/ in particular is just mostly reddit.

I'm not going to publically divulge information (past or present) regarding our operations. It's a very delicate situation. They already suspect we're there to the point of conviction, so telling you here isn't a risk. If anything it'll benefit us as long as it is found out via "self-discovery".

You are wrong. Regardless it is too late. The thread has already been made, and somone tipped them off to it being a raid by you guys here. You guys really do work aginst your own quite often.

Ok, Zig Forums

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Like I said…

not your personal red army

also it's full of fucking redditor boomers

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Ok, Zig Forums

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This movement is for all young incels and misfits alike. Keep in mind this board has no proclaimed ideological alignment. Have fun!

I can't post because my IP rnage is blocked, but to the singular shitposter fucking around in the thread posting single anetence answers, actually post full length sources and images. It's not that hard. The lend-lease one was really easy to refute, just post this

My IP too is blocked (because I spammed porn on /lit/) and it seems to me the current posters are not that knowledgeable. They frequently miss chances to refute Zig Forumsyps "arguments". You can do better guys.

This is actually the best way to win them over.
Most of them simply dont like modern society and thought the nazis were cool in the WW2 video games they played and assumed they must be the thing to be if you dont like SJWs.

You must simply show them the truth of great stalin in meme form

Shitposting bomb, comming right in!

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Damn it so many missed opportunities.

Don't feel like letting those smug bastards getting away with that.

Because it was played as a joke and was for theatrical or humorous purposes.

Nope that guy is a dandy, I can still fucking taste the lust through space time, especially from the fag with a fag in his mouth you fag.

Make Zig Forums asshurt tho.


All jokes/racism aside, how likely is it that 4chan has been the target of a campaign from some organisation to promote increasingly right-wing/racist content across the site?