Why are italians borderline racist?

I bet that most italians wouldn't mind Mussolini back at this point.

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they even have Berlusconi which is basically their own version of Trump. except he's been Prime Minister for 3 nonconsecutive terms since 1994 and now he represents Italy in EU Parliament.

Neolibs allow Masses of Foreigners to settle in a European Country that has basically been an Ethnostate for Centuries.
What could go wrong?

When the Refuggee Crisis came, Italy had to deal with most of the arriving immigrants alone because the other EU States were not able to find a solution.

If you try to forcefully integrate a foreign racial or ethnic group into a society it creates an unsolvable racial conflict. We can observe this in basically all Modern Western European Nations and also have historical examples like the US and South Africa that show how this liberal idea of a multiracial and multicultural society is slowly crumbling.

This seems like a large
overgeneralization tbh

In what way is Italy an ethnostate? In my experience with Italians, Italy has always had this strange ethnic division, with it being Italians who are the most racist to other Italians with southern Italians being viewed as "less" Italian. What cohesive racial identity are you talking about?
No one is trying to "forceably integrate" foreign ethnic groups out of some plan to, unless you count foreign intervention in other countries creating refugees a practice in forced integration. The refugees aren't here because someone went "We really need some more diversity right now!".

Isn't Mussolin's daughter part of parliament right now?
She openly defends her father, too.


I'm Italian, ask me anything

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Hi Zig Forums

Always tell racist Italians that Mediterraneans aren't white.

Part 1
I swear to god everyone who posts something like this shit right here is a Zig Forumsyp raider.
You're losing time discussing this shit, instead, go read a book, it will be a lot more helpful.
I don't, I just have seen threads like this everyday, this is how it goes.
>Someone the poster itself derrails the thread.

Even then, I'm gonna respond to your questions, since this isn't just happening in Italy.

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Part 2
This media gets transmitted by right-wing parties, be them conservatives or alt-right, and then those news get send into the family whatsapp group, the tennis family whatsapp group, the Dungeon and Dragons Whatsapp group, it's like propaganda smallpox. Someone sees it, doesn't question from where it comes, as it accostumed to think everything that the media tells him is true, inmediately, he's been conditioned to it since birth, to just see the header of the news and thinks it's true.
The grow of right-wing political parties can be everything you want it to be, but one thing it isn't is natural, it's enforced by the media.

The same has happened in south-american countries, which has made president both Lenin, Bolsonaro and Macri. This was one of the reasons why Cuba outright banned the use of Social Media during the referendum that they had, talking about their constitution. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and such should be outright banned.

I'm gonna tell the way that my country, Spain, is "getting politically right-wing", to put an example.
>Catalonia "wants" independence This isn't really the starting point, but even then, it's a good way to start.
>Then start talking how the "right-wing extremism is rising" Which is normal, if you put such news, you fucking populists and show a new political party "VOX" Just like that, as if it's important
>The media continues to talk about a party that, if they didn't talk about, they wouldn't have cause the problem in the first place That's implying they didn't want this since the start
>The trash media continues to do it's thing They have done it since Podemos errupted from the ground, there's been months were this people have been talking solely about how, Pablo Iglesias, is using it's salary as a congressmen to have a more than accomodated house, using it's own money and the money of his wife, to live together, the trash media are like Brie Larson youtubers.
>Vox actually wins something in their elections (not like, provinces, but they win being in the congress, from being a party with, like, 10.000 followers on social media, to being one of millions) Normal, if you inflate them so much, people are gonna catch on.

I'm pretty sure that Salvini's Party experienced something similar, being firstly nobodies, then being suspiciously catch on by the fourth estate, and then being inflated into oblivion, please confirm this, and thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Good post, it was similar here in germany too. Someone analysed the topics of talk shows on state tv and they found that like more than half were about immigration, “what is our leading culture”, refugee crime etc. while almost nothing was about topics such as rent, wages, taxes etc. Then the media constantly starts talking about this new, edgy far-right party and the liberals started acting all shocked when they started polling in the double digits.

What do you think of Italian-Americans


Most immigrants are not refugees. And yes immigrants from africa are in europe because capitalist leaders went "we really need more cheap labour".

Salvini's party (Lega Nord) was essentially an anti-italian, petty bourg party who advocated for the Independence of Northern Italy. They used a violent and hateful rhetoric against the South and the southerns accused of being lazy, criminals, dirty and so on. The central state (dubbed something like "thieving Rome") was seen as a parasite who used northern riches to feed the useless south.
Long story short, they've been allied with Berlusconi for a long time, their pro-independence rhetoric got weaker and eventually they lost votes and drowned in debt. It was basically a dead party.
Then, suddenly, a few years ago, a fairly obscure MEP called Salvini started appearing on TV. On every news, on every talk show, on every channel at every fucking hour and I'm not joking. It's even worse if you know that in Italy journalists never challenge politicians and just let them say whatever they want.
He changed the party course from its usual anti-southerner rhetoric to anti-immigrants one, which was already present in the party but it wasn't THAT prominent.
Fun fact: when he was a councilor in Milan, he went begging for votes in a mosque talking shit about the south.

Since Berlusconi got overshadowed by Renzi, Salvini became the hope of Italy's right-wingers and dumb boomers who voted for him en masse. Thanks to our chaotic election system he can't get the majority of votes so he had to compromise with Movimento 5 Stelle, a sort of populist whatever-the-fuck-it-is party, but I'm sure that in the next elections, he will be able to govern with other right-wing parties.

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This is usually only the ultras' doing, they aren't representative of the entire fanbase and across all Europe most ultras are far-right regardless, not just Italy.
War immigrants? You mean refugees? Sure, again, not the only case in Europe, it's the same with Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, etc.
More than other racist europeans though? Or more than the average american?
This thread seems kind pointless and bait-esque, but whatever

I can't really consider them Italians. I'm sure not all of them are bad, but the few one I know try really too hard to be Italian.
And they fail at it.

Im blonde aryan communist but i have many Brazilian friends who are obsessed about white skin. The most things you want in this world are things you cant get.

Pics or didn't happen

Fuck off CIA.

They’ve long since degenerated since the days of the Roman Empire

What kind of ultra level retardation is this? Is this legit the board for white dudes that read Marx but are otherwise indistinguishable from the average white supremacist?

You're a newfag and/or an idiot if you don't recognize these type of posts

So… What I said, isn't it?
The Rightification of Europe isn't something normal, is something enforced. Can you, Euro-Leftypol, talk about how the situation in your country is? Thanks.

Everything political is enforced

Interesting yeah. It shows that these right-wing populist parties are full of totally insincere grifters like that. I'm reminded of the Austrian politician who was caught on camera doing blow and going to Ibiza (cue the Vengaboys) while talking about how he planned to sell off Austria's water to some private (and foreign) interests or something: youtube.com/watch?v=MXXRHpVed3M

How did you let Mussolini’s granddaughter anywhere near the levers of power?

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Explain 5 star.

Is the movie “The Godfather” accurate?

Why do they hate themselves?


Italians are faggots. Their (major) communist party is revisionist bullshit

Good morning, I'll try to answer to everyone.

Basically yes. Before Salvini came along, media were all over Renzi, the "reformist". He had headlines, articles, airtime on TV… And he shifted the PD further right. What a coincidence!

You know, it's funny. She started an acting career using her familiar connections (she's the niece of Sofia Loren) but failed. She then went to Japan to start a career in music, but failed (you can find her album on youtube). She then entered politics using the only "valuable" thing she has: her surname. She tried and tried, but failed. So after various political adventures with not-so-crypto fascist parties she went with Berlusconi's party. The result? She got sent to the European Parliament, which is considered a sort of political exile for dumbfucks.
Oh, she's also a cuck and her husband pleaded guilty when he got caught in a underage prostitution ring based in Rome's upper class neighborhood.

This guy failed as well.

It's a party controlled by a private society with a shady reputation. Their spokesperson is a comedian who got exiled from TV for making a joke about the socialist party (right-wing) and then became a peddler of all sort of conspiracy bullshit. It's mostly voted by people who got sick of the corruption and cronyism of mainstream parties, but their politicians are either idiots or crypto-fascists. They got a bunch of votes by promising UBI but the result was…lol. If they don't shift course they're gonna disappear soon. Their own populist rhetoric is gonna kill them.

Mafiosi aren't that classy. Far from it.

We have ten thousand communist parties, all of them believe to be the "major" party. You gotta be more specific than this.

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Based Italy is the chosen one.

Don't forget how much niggers have no society in Africa and the GDP in Haiti is $700.

Jim Carrey is a god

he probably is someone's bastard tho tbh

why was this deleted?

Who made this thread

I want niggers and commies out of my country, simple as that. I don't resent them though, I'm aware you're all just tools, of tools, of tools, of tools. I'm also aware you don't take out the fire by spraying water at the top of the flame, but I believe that removing the immediate problem would at least give us more breathing room for action.

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Well and No. Most immigrants from outside Europe are fake refugees. They might not be legit refugees, but they stay that way. The anticapitalist theory is of course BS and easy to debunk: Guestworker rotation system.
BTW, I think I commented here and my posting got deleted, let's see if this one goes through.

also if you have certain racial biases don't ignore the fact that Italy played a huge rule in opening the Libyan smuggling route by taking a part in removing al-Qaddafi and throwing the entire country into anarchy so they can """freeze""" his money and take Libyan oil.
also are you still pissed that you didn't even qualify for the world cup?

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Cheap labor is good faggot

What do you even think is good? What do you think of great scientists? Isn't human knowledge the best thing?

Probably because they have been a net negative to the country

Italian here.
The system uses money therefore maximises the power of money therefore makes it scarce therefore provides scapegoats for the scarcity.

If you believe the left, the problem is the rich. Of course the left will go after the low hanging fruit, not the likes of amazon and google, so the left basically advances the agenda in the destruction of the middle class. The industrial revolution HAD CREATED the middle class but it was in antithesis to the ruling aristocracy. Once defeated, there is no need for the antithesis.

If you believe the right, the problem is immigration. Which is partly true for Islam as time will tell. The solution of course is the low hanging fruit, more authority and less controls of the authority. So they bring forth the part of the agenda that wants more surveillance.

Neither side talks about masons, jews, and satanic/pedo rings. Neither side addresses the main problem, the lack of control of currency and the control of currency of every aspect of social and cultural life.
This government talked briefly about bonds. The previous guy who dared print money was aldo moro, incidentally got killed by red brigade terrorists.

Here, all you need to know about Italy.

cuz they like da big spaghetti and the bambini and the beeferoni

The real problem, how could we ignore this for so long.

top kek

I can assure you that not everyone is this retarded in Italy.

Mate, didn't you elect Berlusconi like three+ times.

Yes, but that's because our petit bourgs are the most rapacious and parasitic of the world.

Because they see what's happening in the rest of europe. And they're not dumb.

which ideology is this

I meant to say that documented immigration far outweighs refugees : between 2007 and 2017, there has been 4 808 395 asylum applications, while 22 552 445 first-time residence permits we're granted.

And it's the states, largely governed by capitalists, who grant these permits. They do it on purpose.

2009 to 2017, sorry.

What an amazing fantasy world you live in where the Left doesn't care about two of the most dangerous corporations in the world.

Italians are not "racist" but xenofobic. Historically by population Italians are not white, most of them were from north Africa (although some are white).
Their problems started with immigration in times of Roman empire and lack of expansion, witch brought the empire to the halt.
They particularly hate Slavs who in Roman times were considered barbarians from the North and they pwned Italians in every major war.
They hold to the glory days of the past, that is why fascism came to the Italy. They can not accept their lineage and their past, that is why they try to distance them self from blacks. African immigration is the root cause for economic hardship of the poor population of Italy.
Causes for "racism"are always the same: fear or superiority complex.


ltaly also never had an official "denazification" if you will, like Germany did after the war. Mussolini's tomb is a tourist attraction and locals go there often. There is Mussolini and fascist memrobilia sold in gift shops where his tomb is as well as in little shops in towns. lt i the polar opposite of Germany where any mention of Hitler or nazis is shamed and owning stuff promulgating it is illegal.


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Mongrel complex

Plus mamas boys hate strong independent men

Derailin a discussion eh goyim

Niggerpol at it again

Italians are fucking racist. No two ways about it. My family is. I know.

They're not cucked niggerlovers. That's why.

lol probably because they actually have to deal with hordes of niggers trying to get in to their country. imagine!

Timmy Twotonez is why!

Jim Carrey cheated on his girlfriend and gave her stds. The woman ended up killing herself and Carrey is responsible.

They're sensitive about being bastards born of Black rapists. All Italians have nigger blood.

Fuck Jim Carrey. He has mental health issues.

Yes, they are good people.



Moors invaded sicily, italians are part negro

no not all of them , most of the raping was done on island of Sicily

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Well I’m glad someone gave her standards.

the Zig Forums understanding and concept of race is retarded and has no basis in biology or history.
the concept of only 3 races is outdated and has been proven to be mostly pseudoscience so north africans aren't white nor black they are a mix of berber and arabs.
as a matter of fact italians and western europeans in general are closer to chadic subsaharan africans than north africans and they shared a common ancestor not long ago.
having a simple concept so the general population can understand it is ok but trying to make scientific claims based on that is super retarded

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As a German I can say the Italians are way more based concerning their past

They're half arab and nigger themselves, so they can recognize the danger.
What's that old proverb about bothers hating each other more than strangers?
Also, they had one of the greatest empires in history, it's only natural that they would look down upon inferior races.

imagine being as big of a niggerfellator as this guy

this nigger is smart . i appreciate you

Because the smelly guidos don't have the balls to take it to the next level.
That being said, I don't see where you listed any negatives

We are Romans!

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