Incels are straight men who can’t get laid because they are too ugly, short, autistic etc.

Summary: Their central thesis is that with birth control and the modern ‘sexual revolution’, where women no longer have to get married to a single guy because they are housewives economically dependent on men. Today, women socially and biologically are free to sleep around before marriage which happens at a much later date if ever.

My question is, why is this bad? If an incel is too ugly to get laid, why should they even pass on their genes? If you really think you have a miserable life due to being ugly, why is it even resposible to pass on your quazimodo genes to the next generation who will face the same problems?

I say let darwinism take its course. I say led CHAD spread his based alpha seed across the planet. After a few generations, the ugly genes will be bred out and every human that exists will be beautiful.

What the fuck is wrong with letting ugly people go extinct based on voluntary intercourse?

There is more to life than sex, I would say get a vasectomy but by definition incels dont have sex anyway. Just focus on other things in life and jerk off when you’re horny. 100% cheaper and less time consuming than a relationship anyway.

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Charles Darwin was not a Social Darwinist.

Having a large body of able bodied men being sexless is objectively bad for societal stability. Suppose if you a island. A new society. 100 men and 100 women are invited to the island. Instead of pairing off in a monogamous pattern, 20 men take 100 women as a harem. How long do you suppose the island is engulfed in war? Do you really think the remaining 80 men will pull their weight without getting any affection?

All of the birth control, women should he having sex with incels constantly, because they are not at risk at carrying our inferior genetics. But what do they actually do? All they do is end being even more selective. And the remaining sub 8 men drop out of society.

No societal participation without sexual representation. One man, one wife.

Also, just as an addition. If Chads impregnate all of the women, genetic diversity decreases and the subsequent generations will be more inbred.

Why not, thats literally how it worked in polygamous societies for thousands of years as well as in the animal kingdom, where only the alpha male gets to mate?

The only reason it would is in a third world country where marriage = status and adulthood as well as one of the few forms of sexual release other than unaided masturbation. in a first world country the only thing it would do is increase fleshlight and porn sales. With VR it will be even better.

even 20% of the population will be a huge amount of people, enough for diversity. and keep in mind the amount of chads as a percent of the population will go UP every generation due to incels not passing on their genes

Succesful bullies tend to breed more
Sure you want to go here?

There never were any genuine polygamous societies, societies were almost universally monogamous while allowing polygamy for men at the upper strata. There were no persistent polygamous societies, mass polygamy where it actually existed was always preceded by mass war, depopulation, and of course war rape.

lol you're an actual idiot. How do you think the world will look where everyone is first or second cousins to everyone else because in the previous generation 5 chads impregnated 20 women. Lel you're dumb.
"No". Women will simply go on to be more picky in the subsequent generation. Today's chads are tomorrow's incels. Today's tall dudes are tomorrow's manlets (women are already going from demanding 6'2" minimum height to 6'3")

How did this fucking garbage manage to colonize every last corner of the internet?

I'm a chad and I still can't get laid. How do you explain this?

It's almost as if the amount of men getting no attention whatsoever is through the roof.

You're not chad

If you haven't had sex you might as well have died. Chances are you feel very strongly about not dying, even if you may want to rationally.

Sexual selection being at least as important as natural selection basically, men who were morons and got themselves killed or just died due to weakness before reproducing were selected against as much as males who the fairer sex did not want to fuck. Unfortunately those males who were not hurt by having no sex did not reproduce either so you are not like them and will have to suffer. Females refusing to have sex without you is being rejected by nature itself, you are not seen as fit to propagate the species and only good to be exploited for labour.

Societal construction is an emergent phenomenon and does not negate the underlying laws of nature but fully remains in their constraints. We still constantly fight, hurt and kill each other for control over resources and dominance, creations like capitalism, socialism, and nation states are just new avenues for it.

A reactionary chauvinist is someone who paints to nature and says that it good because it is natural, merely acknowledging the existence of the rules governing societal interaction, in particular in regards to sexuality is not an appeal to nature, especially when I dislike it and would want to change it.

“persons of note“ were all higher status males who had the luxury to ruminate about their numerous relationships and affairs, you will never see a peasant without an education and any free time ruminate about the nature of reality or some shit.

People’s obsession with sex and love predates capitalism and even civilization itself, you see the same themes repeated in all these ancient stories, sexual interaction always plays a central role.

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I'm an incel and I've seen 9 boobs. How do you explain this?

Nobody is actually reproducing. Women are on birth control. There is no chance my interior genes passing on. Therefore women should have sex with me.

I too have been to nude beaches and strip clubs.

You're Swedish. You look and sound like a girl. Post girl cock or GTFO

Being in love means getting hurt, and all the jimmy neutron soy geniuses are above all the grime and pain.

I think incels are closeted trans women. It's the only explanation for the extreme body dysmorphia

I don't know about your high school experience but the bullies tended to be total losers on the girlfriend front. The alphas with the hottest girls tended to be friendly to everyone

This won't happen though. You have to consider that as the 'ugly' men are bred out of existence, the 'handsome' men will continue to become more 'handsome' as the rest of the population plays catch-up. Then, you will end up with the same imbalance; you will have 'extra-handsome' men taking all the women while the 'handsome' men sit by and seethe. There is no indication that the 80/20 rule will still not hold. Besides, most incels look average and not ugly. There's a deeper issue than looks.


I'm too old to be basing this opinion on subjective experiences at school son

A more ethical eugenics would be forcing all procreation to occur in vitro and selectively abborting zygotes with shit genes.


What's that goddess? OP is an incel?
You look hideous! Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!

Beauty is no longer a goal or even a virtue, it is a moral obligation.
Do we force the healthy to live with the contagious?
Do we mix the criminal with the law abiding?
Then why are the incels allowed to mingle with the chads?!

I can fix you OP. You can't allow a few millimeters of bone stand in the way of your destiny.