Internet Under Socialism

How will the internet under socialism differ from how it’s currently run, obviously their will be no adds, but what else will be changed? Will social media be abolished?

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Copyright will be a thing from the past, all software will be free and open-source, no reason to spam nor advertise garbage

You know what youtube was like before monetization? That youtube would come back.
YTPs, YTPMVs, intellectually stimulating memes, all of these would make a comeback since clickbait wouldn't be featured more. Nudity would also probably come back to youtube since profitability wouldn't be an issue meaning nobody cares about pruning it, but that'd be rare to see. Spiderman and elsa would be gone.

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Is that a good or bad thing?

Obviously the playlist you linked to is good.
I don't think the severe crippling autism that old youtube had would come back though to be honest.

Instead of infiltrating, recruiting and having reactionaries be your foot soldiers, they will be disappeared by the Stasi, along with all Flat Earthers and other retarded shit.

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Okay, but for real, in capitalism today when someone wants to start a website, they buy a server, under socialism will they pay for a server with labor vouchers, or will servers be rationed. And is someone wants to expand a website they need more coders, so how will websites be expanded under socialism?

What makes you think socialist internet would look anything like capitalist internet, since it's run for and by advertising?

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they didn't invent networks or the modem you fucking retard they just invested in the first system and agree upon standards

that's like saying the government invented airplanes because they were the first ones to use them en masse in ww1 or something like that

the first fax was sent in the 1920s and the first commercial modems were sold in the 50s.. the internet was the natural progression of technology and would have been FASTER without government socialist crony corporate nepotism feeding laziness cancer

That's kinda based tbh.

no, we're on a socialist network so all counter revolutionary posts must be shut down

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or he could've just deleted his comment

but, I wouldn't be surprised if the mods fucking deleted it

Capitalist investors never invest in big thinks like the internet. It took government investments to be able to link up computers and create the huge network that is the Internet.

meanwhile elon musk is literally building starlink because the government wont let people lay fiber cable without charging insane amounts of money and favoring the established companies that use the government to enforce their monopoly


Jesus Paul Cockshot looks horrifying in the picture.

Giving like a gigabyte or two of space on a simple web hosting to everyone would be pretty trivial, and if you need more you'd have to propose whatever you want to do to your local internet soviet or syndicate or whatever. There's also always P2P technologies.
Open source software. There's already a bunch of free customizable content management systems around.

under the technological luxury socialist state cockshott will be forced to brush his teeth 4 times a day at gun point

At least you can notice where he comes from before any word leaves his mouth.

Yeah, starlink, using satellite, and communication technology developed by the government.

- more standards like everything is a file,
- a universal IO system for the networks,
- a website is a file you can right-click and select online or offline.
- Backlinks for the web, ie you can also see on the page if somebody linked to it.
- web navigation with 4 arrows, that lets you walk to context proximity website by clicking on a up/down/lleft/right arrow on the edges of the screen
- symmetrical bandwidth for users so you can offload some of the storage and processing on user devices dynamically.
- a unified identity system, with a physical id-dongle.
- data analytics and profilying user-side
- material labels for brain-services, like (non)addictive, educational/escapist, mood-positive/negative,…
- warning labels attached to trolling, to avoid that time waster
- no strict separation between content and platform, basically partially user editable, you can bring back the star rating for YT and change Fb's like button into a middle finger button if you like.
- universal comment systems in the browser that allows for commenting and discourse on every website without the website having to have special features.
- advertisment is replaced with messages that promote rational behaviour, without negative reinforcement like the nudging that is used in adds.
- algorithms optimized to favour brain health, like lengthening attention span, rather then shortening it.
- everything is foss
- a dynamic system to reference scientific studies
- better medium is the message type features like pro and contra argumentation feature for structuring debates.
- better swarm voting features for liquid democracy type applications.
- AI machine learning training interface usable for techno illiterates, to get a participatory model for organising information in a more brain-friendly-way. Picture a online search engine but it lets you train it, by more then just what you enter in a search field and on what you click.
- in my version of communism people live in worker-palace/arcology, and you'd have web-caffe-gaming-arcade-community-centre-maker-space so the techies and normies could meet in meat space, for a synthesis of devs and users. And this would be promoted by making these spaces have the nicest and shiniest tech-gadgets.
- instead of copy-right-IP-law-paywall stuff you'd had a mandatory history function for everything is a remix, that lists "pre-author" credits, where new intellectual works have to give credit to what inspired it.
- a material reality site where real-time data about the real world is aggregated and allows for you to see your self from the perspective of the bird's eye view and how you interact with the society as a hole.
-unified archival function, that works with versioning for the internet that is current and relevant ie accessed by users, after something becomes inert and derelict for lets say 2 decades it gets moved to archive where it's compressed mostly lossless, and after 2 centuries it's gets historical relevance compression, so your social media post about asking people to meet you for coffee is reduced to some statistical data about linguistics and type, method, content, context for communication.
- all devices must have crisp haptic feedback.
-task oriented user interface that must work in accordance with human cognitive strategies, for example if you set out to learn something online, the thing can't constantly derail your concentration with distractions.

Like VRChat but bigger

It will be like the 80s - early 90s, but with much better hardware and bandwidth.

People scrabbling to make their lives more value producing for capital is the fundamental material reason why the modern internet is so cancerous and shit.

A tiny glimpse of socialism appears every time a new service starts up, and people are engaged in non-profit peer production of culture.