Forgotten US attrocities

everyone here talks about chile, iran, cuba, vietnam, yugoslavia and else, but what about the lesses known Us attrocities, this is a threat to disscuss those

check this out about the Philippine–American War

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This Github repo lists a bunch.

I just wanted to add to that. The Filipinos continued to resist for a while, even in the face of US firepower. So the US command took an underhanded measure. They took bullets dipped in pigs blood and used them to execute some Filipino prisoners and declared they would use such bullets in combat. Because a muslim cannot ingest pork or anything pig related (because they will then be condemned to hell regardless of circumstance), this scared the muslim population into not resisting.
This is religion being an opium of the people and an example of US imperialism.

Medium can sometimes provide insightful articles and sometimes provide utter trash.

this list is a good start, but utterly missleading, it gives more space to some cable accident in italy than to the iran-irak war, or the whole Philippine–American war

Most of the Philippines is catholic tho.
I mean, I don't know jack shit about the conflict, it happened in the south or the country?

I always think the Bikini Atoll tests were fucked up because of all the natives who got sick and died

Man, this website was usefull in my uni days.

Yeah. Also 13% of the Philippines is muslim so it is not insignificant.

That is actually pretty smart, we shouldn't shy away from doing shit like that when fighting religious fundamentalists. Well only if it's absolutely necessary.

Insect / bacteriological warfare targeting civilian populations in Korea and Manchuria during the Korean War. Fucked up:

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Also it's not so much "forgotten" in the U.S. as actively suppressed and some scientists who knew about this – who the govt would fear would talk – were probably assassinated by being dosed with LSD and then thrown off rooftops. This is where the MKULTRA thing came from – actually a cover story to explain these scientist deaths as suicides. Anyways, I hear that the DPRK still has some of these insects preserved in their main military museum in Pyongyang.

Would also recommend listening to the Radio War Nerd episode the other day with Kris Newby about her book on lyme disease as a U.S. biological weapon. Around 300,000 Americans come down with lyme disease every year and the theory is that it's due to a bioweapons release during the Cold War. And information from the government is pretty much on lockdown so medical providers have been caught unaware. It has been up to the Europeans to try and find a vaccine.

These weapons were used to try to destroy Cuba's sugar economy. There were pilots given missions to drop canisters over Cuba in the 1960s and the crew would be in the air and go "what's in these canisters anyways?" And crack one open and see thousands of creepy, crawling insects swarming in front of them. Of course the crew member then recoils in horror and knocks the canister over and the bugs get out…

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I want to know more about this.

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The documentary Wormwood hints at the assassinations part and Seymour Hersh is the film, and all but states explicitly – because he has to protect his sources – that MKULTRA was a cover story (note Hersh broke the original story about MKULTRA in 1973 but basically admits today he got played). Watch the video as well in that post which was produced by China during the war.

Also see:

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google george bush

They aided in the spread of the Colorado potato beetle into East Europe to undermine food production.

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I remember there was this show on the sci fi network I believe where it's about documented cases of science going wrong (like doctors trying to solve speech impediments but accidentally giving normal kids speech impediments). Anyway, one episode was about how there was this scientist working on some kind defoliant and then how the US then used his chemical in Vietnam to destroy food production which caused over a million vietnamese people to develop birth defects and even causing cancer for us vets who worked with it, I'm not entirely sure what the chemical was called but it was fucked up for sure.

Agent Orange

Yup that's the one.

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How about when the US actively trained and supported the complete annihilation of the PKI and Indonesia’s subsequent imperialist endeavors (including Timor and New Guinea)?

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The Corpus Christi Massacre. There was a student protest in Mexico City protesting the new neoliberal policies of the Country and a bunch of paramilitary units trained by the CIA came and murdered over a hundred students. This was also during the Dirty War where the Mexican Government, backed by the US, was suppressing socialist parties and even kidnapping and torturing over a thousand leftist.

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Is there any evidence of this actually working, or that this is what the Filipino Muslims actually worried about? That sounds like US propaganda more than anything, it's a pretty extraordinary claim that an entire population that wants to fight would stop over such a specific thing.

have generic infos on LatAm

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Agent Orange, Agent Blue etc. they were called the Rainbow Agents and were toxic AF. It caused cancer, birth defects and left large areas of old-growth jungle completely bleached and burnt out for years or decades. It affected US veterans often too, they actually united with Vietnamese veterans to demand reparations and health compensation from Dow, the company the made Agent Orange. Dow denies everything or tries to say the government forced them whenever they're pressed about it. I did a research paper on the subject and frankly the details are horrifying.

Here are some sources and context I got. (The best sources I have are Times articles but they're pay-per-view and since I'm long out of school I'm no longer able to access them.

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