What the fuck is wrong with Eastern Euros?

The USSR was the absolute APEX of their civilization, it was the fucking peak, and yet here these fucking newfags that never even lived in the USSR are really sitting here fucking drool dripping from their slack jawed face rambling about how "ACJUALLY IT BETTER WE LOSE SOCIAL SERVICES AND HEALTHCARE, AND HOUSING BECUZ BECUZ NOW WE HAVE COMMODITIES AND ARE CUCKED BY THE WEST AND HAVE ETHNIC WARS JA!"

Why are these people so fucking retarded, socialism was the greatest thing that ever fucking happened to them and will be the greatest thing to happen if it ever returns, yet these absolute retards are fine with hell because now they've got McDonald's happy meals!

Why are humans so naturally inclined towards retardation? Do they seriously think being poor ass fucking serfs or being wage slaves is preferable to the period where quality of life and life span was highest?

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Capitalism. The answer is capitalism.
Media and education in post-soviet countries is anti-communist indoctrination. As usual, reactionary complaints about evil marxist brainwashing in media and academia is projection as they have a big anti-communist slant whether it's in Russia or AmeriKKKa.

Old ones mostly don't have anything against socialism.
Old-ish adults lived though a crisis, so it's understandable they don't have a fondness for it.
Young ones just swallow anti-communist lies like your mother does cum.

Why the swearing?

Because I'm a gamer.
I feel like shit and shitposting strangely helps that.

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Garbage in -> human -> garbage out,
don't blame the human, for not being the donkey that eats straw and shits gold-coin.

capitalism give people this
what socialism fail do deliver
material goods freedom in travel and interaction

for human ego
capitalism is the greatest thing ever

Material goods is when after 3 decades you still don't match soviet levels of production of consumer goods and instead become import-reliant while exporting raw resources cause you moved down the supply chain like a 3rd world country. Keep in mind this uses 1991 as a base instead of 1988 or 1989 when the Soviet economy hit its peak (by 1991 it had already declined significantly) which actually makes things even worse than these stats show.
Freedom of travel is when passenger counts are reduced by almost 90% because of mass impoverishment, lack of disposable income for most of the population and a catastrophic privatization of the civilian airliner with the largest fleet.

Facts don't care about your feelings.

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Patronizing, paternalistic "they don't know better" collectivism died with the Soviet Union. It's time for individualism now.

t. born in Ukraine, 1989

THoughts on Zelensky?

I'm no longer in Ukraine, and its dogshit parliamentary politics never interested me.

Where are you now?

Thank China and it's hight production and export for that.

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

it is aout the psychological illness appealing to their inferiority complex and their urge for acknowledgement and affirmation , they want to be something special thats why they adhere to the "underdog philosophy" which in this case is that.

human urges are subconciously dominating the unthinking majoritys behaviour, yet can be altered and steered towards certain reflexes by inducing the appropriate impulses.

it all went down the drain a long time ago… todays/recent history teaches you everything you will need to know
think objectively, this should be the main premise there.
its all out there

Because so called "soviet man" was highly susceptible to neoliberal propaganda. That included even major party members,
Cultural, economic and political warfare against Soviet bloc was something never seen before. Right wing think-tanks, propaganda broadcasts, special magazines with content directed towards different parts of soviet society (even members of CPSU). Entire philosophic systems were developed only to combat dialectical materialism.
Now all this shit has become some kind of "post-truth" in former socialist countries. So yeah, older people, who remember living in USSR, actually have some fondness of it, but even they do not understand that all the good things there were because of socialism.
Younger electorate is totally indoctrinated in shit-meme-tier liberalism. Right-wing liberalism, mind you.
t. Russian.

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Populist thread, what even was the point of posting something everyone here knows?

it's boomers. Bolsheviks did education electrification and industrialization of the USSR and won WW2. Then boomers are born standards of living rise, education levels rise, urbanization levels rise, life expectancy, space programmes etc and the Soviet boomers are growing up as the most well off generation to exist on the territory of the Russian empire ever. Still, after a while boomers decided to destroy it all anyway because they wanted jeans coca cola, Hollywood and hair metal it's not even an exaggeration.

What a fucking worthless generation, Jesus

lucky you

The eternall boomer strikes again

oh please

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The USSR was not consistent, and it destroyed itself due to runaway internal crises post-Stalin, like any revolutionary regime that is the first of its kind. Thus, it is a fairly controversial experience. Still, majority of said Eastern Euros have positive outlook of it now - which does not change in any way the issue of political power belonging to corporations and oligarchy, and lack of organisation of Labour.

Luckily, Capitalism destroys itself, so political power will decay, and labour will be punished and brutalized until it organizes.

East-Block was a fucking laughing stock. There was no better way to get SKDL Young Pioneers to open their eyes and leave the domestic gommunists than a USSR sponsored friendship field trip to Soviet Karelia.

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I've asked a date many times for when that happens. First one was 1890s England said Marx. Second time was to be Germany but happened in Russia, funnily enough via revolution that Second International was actually not too keen on because capitalism was to collapse any day now™ anyways, so Lenin penned hilariously autistic cope post over "renegade Kautsky". Give a date on that inevitable collapse. I'll mark it on my calendar.

The previous global crisis (that was never properly resolved) was in 2008. The next' and a more destructive one, is scheduled in 2 years from now by most economic institutes.

Irrelevant. Autarky was never a good idea, it was derived from war economy anyways.

That happened during soviet times, because soviet industry was absolute shit in both quality and efficiency compared to western. There simply were no buyers to technically obsolete expensive garbage they made when other choices became available.

No it's not it's whether you are allowed to travel or not. Soviets were not.

Soviets left a 70 year dark ages to peoples they lorded over. The only way they can hope to catch to west is collapse of west.

Cool, I'm sure capitalism will collapse. But let me get this straight, you actually believe capitalist exploiter bankers and financiers, what they say about economy?

But Lenin proved him wrong, that's why Kautsky ended up in the dustbin of history.

Propaganda doesn't work if it's based on lie. If people clearly saw and experienced that Motherland was superior to capitalist countries, they'd laughed at that. But for some odd reason Soviet leadership didn't allow free travel to experience those capitalist horrors except for carefully vetted KGB agents. I wonder why.

Lmao are you a westerner or dumbass Slavic zoomer?

Collapse of the system will not mean an end of Communism, only its' phasing out.
First thing first, the financial analysts are hardly capitalists, secondly, being a capitalist or not means nothing to one's credibility.


No he didn't, he just sperged, and orthodox Marxism with its prophecy of inevitable fall of capitalism into its own contradictions any day now™ which Kautsky represented is more mainstream than Leninism has been since death of Stalin.

Kautsky was the retard that believed WWI couldn’t happen and Lenin explained why it did, wtf are you talking about?

I fail to see how Lenin playing Captain Hindsight about WW1 has any relevance to what I wrote.

Isn't the approval of the USSR highest among Russian boomers?

Propaganda is based on lies all the time, literally what the US says about other countries and even itself is predicated on lies

I think he's referring to the generation of those who were kids near the end of the Soviet Union

They are not but the current ones are taught to be this way.
I'm searching for ways to shake people out of consumerist stupor but so far nothing works so far.

I like you to link to the people you are talking about.

While I never lived in the USSR a lot of older people have a nostalgia for it and I realized that it was a preferable existence to what we have today. Who knows maybe the USSR was corrupt to its core(remember the government forced everyone to embrace capitalism and disbanded the USSR it was not like the people demanded it) and socialist/communist in name only like china today.

Who knows.
However most of the people who are the raging pro capitalists are from 2 strains who often mix into one:

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le mongols has arrived

Can you sumorise this propaganda I'm interested.

That's an overwhelming majority of people born after perestroika.

Nationalism. Communism is just an excuse to hate muh rhussian oppressors.

Lel, this is true. I'm certain majority of Polish people only despise communism so much more so than any other former eastern bloc nation is because of "muh oppressive Russia".

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It turns out convincing the public that the people who happen to own the media and have unlimited resources to pour into propaganda are the enemy is very very hard

I never understood how these people can operate.
I mean you really quickly realize that there are some special people you work for and they earn more then you dictate what you do and practically don't work.

It really understand how people don't get this. I have seen people tell being oppressed by corporations and then not make the connection and blame it on being cursed or other crap.

Fun fact, also in Russia nationalism is being used against communism by saying "muh communism mixed races and muh genocide of Ru$$ians"

Yeah who would have thought that being conquered by a foreign empire would be resented by the conquered.

Huh? I agree with it. It's just that they kinda go to far with it. I unironically believe in "socialist imperialism".

But that ended with WWI

I was just pointing out the obvious, that it wasn´t the apex of their civilization as OP erroneously suggested but was imposed upon them.

Conquest of eastern Europe by the Soviet empire ended with the first world war. Wow I did not know that. I am shocked, shocked I tell you.

The two are not mutually exclusive, poland was a fascist shithole before and is a colonial shithole for germanic imperialism today.

I mean OP kinda is historically illiterate, since he could have answered the question himself if he wasn't.



It's because they unironically are everything that they claim the Soviet Union was. Look at how the medis establishment and various "liberal democracies" have treated Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and other whistleblowers this entire last decade. Look at COINTELPRO, Operation GLADIO, and other operations where the State of a "liberal democratic" capitalist nation systematically obliterated any and all resistance to it through sanctioned terrorism far more violent than anything even at the peak of NKVD corruption. Look at how even liberal political candidates like Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corby are smeared as being "just as bad as fascists" and how the last few small nations not yet under the boot of Imperialism are constantly called out for human rights abuses yet Saudi Arabia and Israel are somehow bastions of progress.

One of the stupidest things Chomsky ever implied was that consent is manufactured in liberal democracies solely or at least mostly through propaganda. There's just as much state violence to underline the propaganda

Dude, I feel you. I was watching stranger things season three the other day and it showed a Russian scientist betraying his country for a slushy. A strawberry slush. The show was trying to pretend that the slush with some amazing invention only possible under capitalism. It’s fucking sugar and ice. Meanwhile the Soviet union invented satellites, modern space travel, modern transplant surgeries, cellphones and then went on to perfect genetic modification of agricultural crops (Yeah Monsanto say thank you to the USSR). Eastern Europeans, Russians and anyone who is sponsored by the Soviet union should be absolutely proud of their heritage. People like to make believe that capitalism is responsible for all of our technological advancements in the 20th century. That’s absolute bullshit. Capitalism is responsible for obesity, fast food and slushies.

Is this really true? I thought it was just a meme

Unfortunately it’s true. A Russian scientist betrays the USSR for a slush, because… ya know… The Russians supposedly couldn’t figure out how to put sugar on ice under a communist system.

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American liberalism has got to be the worst form of bourgeoise ideology ever. At least fascism didn't have all of this cringe snark

Yeah it's true, betrays it for a slushie and corn dogs at a carnival which, as we all know, would never exist in Communism.

I was more interested why people don't get it on their own.
And form all the ancap/libertarian/republicans I have encountered they will violently argue they need to be treated like shit and payed less because because "muh capitalism".

The true mystery are the ones who talk how terrible their workplace is however never make the connection to "revolution now" or "capitalism bad" I literally have seen people think they are "cursed" because they are treated like shit by capitalists and payed next to nothing.

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*teleports behind you*

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Cringe and bluepilled

Ah yes back when only the magnates and maybe a few percent of burghers had an acceptable standard of life while everyone else, including petty noblemen, lived in poverty.

I've never met a mixed race person born in the Soviet Union, they're all shitty reprobate zoomers and I hate them.


Why does he look like Sargon of Applebee's

They are brainwashed with the following propaganda canards
Baltoids, caucasoids, and the eternal p*les

>USSR didnt give us enough gibs like US

Cczechs, baltoids, p*les, bulgarians