ITT convert me

pls no bully
i hate being a Zig Forumsack. unending abuse from all areas of society, unable to share my views for fear of losing my job.just give me a good enough reason to shun fascism (itself a theoretical offshoot of socialist theory). granted you will never convince me on race issues - I've seen enough with my own eyes (inb4 confirmation bias), but on all other things ESPECIALLY JEWS, please post ur best efforts to convert me.
uh thanks lads. pic slightly related.

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real life or cherrypicked webms on pol?

real life. mostly i witnesses orientals being civilised, but also having no regard for humanity. equally i have never gotten on well with any blacks - as well as stupid, they are also emotionally incontinent thugs and man children (both westernised and actual africans). middle easterners are a mixed bag: arabs and iranians are quite civilised, whereas algerians are profoundly subhuman

It's a matter of where your priorities lie. What made you butthurt enough to become a nazi? Depending on how you answer I'll be able to assess if you're a faggot or just dumb and misinformed.

fascism has arguably killed more europeans than any idealogy in human history

read das kapital
also try to understand historical materialism, genealogy and sociology if you believe in "race issues"

LMAO, as if that will change. Anyways you don't seem to know much outside Zig Forums's jpeg files.

Under communism you'd be free to gather your friends to larp as vikings all you want and produce the tools necessary for it without the interference of either a state or market forces

not even close. there's a recommended reading list to be found in the FAQ thread, and if you ask specific question then at least a few people will try to answer.
you have much to learn, grasshopper.

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It is the reaction of capitalism in crisis. Fascism is capitalism.
That should be reason enough.

You do realize that race “science” is nothing more than centuries old debunked pseudo-science right? There is, for instance, more genetic diversity within Africa than in the rest of the world put together. What we call “race” is just skin color and some facial features. In that sense, it is no more significant than hair color or eye color.

As for behavior this is not something which is genetic. I assume you are American yes? Then you have probably, without even knowing it, met people descended from Germany, Italy, and Ireland. These people don’t act anything like native Germans, Italians, or Irishmen right? That’s because they were raised in a different culture and therefore turned out differently. Genetics didn’t determine anything, their environment and upbringing did.

Now consider what environmental factors that black people have been exposed to throughout history, and you will realize why those people you met behaved in that way. They have suffered slavery, sharecropping, Jim Crow, segregation, lynching gentrification, targeted police harassment, the CIA introduction of crack into black communities, the killing of Civil Rights activists and black leaders, the list goes on. Some of these things still happen to this day. Your environment and upbringing shapes who you are. With this kind of environment, how would you turn out?

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Fascism has always been backed by big capitalists but it's okay cause they're not jews.

Fucking why?
Convince me you’re worth convincing
From the sound of it, you’re not.

Actually read Marx

Read the conversation around this thread:
It might not really convince you totally against whatever you believe about Jews but I think it should get you to see the whole topic in at least a slightly different light.

Not really sure what exactly to shoot for. Here's some random shit.

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For starters, start interpreting what you believe to be "race issues" as cultural traits built through socialization.

Now go read Marx. Fascism is not an offshoot of socialism. Fascism is capitalism in crisis.

only because it was resisted - it is equally valid to say the same of liberal democracy. don't even start on abortion. also communism did an even worse job out east.

the replacement of my people

curious, roar?

the theory of fascism was created by a disciple of marx, there a wiki article if ur interested

who are your people?

I'm sorry but ur just stupid.
and? I've been aware of this fact for over 10 years and I'm a fucking zoomer.
There are measurable differences in Autism Level and physical attributes such as torso proportion: think long boddies=swimmer (phelps) long legs=runners(kenyans)
then why does Ho Chi Min do so fucking well on them despite having a more dissimilar culture than whites vs blacks in the west.
Also im austrian not a burger.
fuck off
Then you have probably, without even knowing it, met people descended from Germany, Italy, and Ireland. These people don’t act anything like native Germans, Italians, or Irishmen right? That’s because they were raised in a different culture and therefore turned out differently. Genetics didn’t determine anything, their environment and upbringing did.
I can tell from looking at someone if they are ethnically irish as opposed to saxon (distinguishing between scots and norweigians and wish can be difficult). The mainstream science is clear that its about 50% nature and 50% nurture.
the only kind of blacks I've ever really associated with have been young (Zoomers), so suffered none of these things. nobody alive remembers slavery. I never defend burger glowniggers. the blacks are given freedom and what they do with it? Liberia anyone? name one nice place to live that is majority negro in the world. ill wait.
also i wanted economic redpills: my economics classes have always been "muh capitalism"

thx for thread, will read

a lot of sidestepping (coincidence, Autism Level - the average of Autism Level of is real is low, with jews their success comes more from culture (nepotism) than biology (50% nature 50% nurture) otherwise east asians would be just as over represented - and ' what jews? where?!'

jews admit that they overwhelmingly dominate the mass media
some just say it doesn't make a difference, even though it does. others say it's a good things. and others say "guys we should chill out or people will holocaust us!"
I'm guessing this goy isn't the consensus here?

How can you call black people stupid or man children but admit to being a polyp and bootlicker? Genuinely curious.

Nobody is gonna deny that jews have done well for themselves in the West since WW2. However: neetsoc ideology makes the jew into a demonic force that has been in charge of Europe and America since forever and is responsible for everything bad that happened Americans did slavery because of the jew Western expansion because the jew genocide the natives because the jew Go to war with Spain and Mexico because the jew invade Nicaragua Cuba Honduras because the jew invade Philippines because the jew invade Vietnam because the jew invade the Middle East because the jew threaten to invade Venezuela and North Korea because the jew its fucking insane.

They are over-represented in some of the same areas as Jews, like business and high income, and so are Hindus. Asians are also a more culturally diverse group I would argue than Jews, like a Nepalese-American isn't going to be raised the same as a Japanese-American but a religious Jew and an irreligious Jew probably will have a lot in common.

Zig Forumsack and a bootlicker? explain how being on stupid internet forums (this one included) makes me stupid, i have a life outside of arguing shite on the internet. what do you mean by bootlicker? the fact that i don't want to be hated for my beliefs and would rather change them if i can at all be convinced? that makes me stupid manchild? surely entrenching your positions and refusing to look at other points of view (such as 99% of blacks who just moan about "racism"). the blacks I know best fall into two categories: school 'friends' and family. the school negroes were from nigeria and extremely rich, having made their money off human trafficking and natural resource exploitation over there, they moved to the west. I was young but they were just horrible people and very unpleasant. petulant bitches about 'racism' whilst being awful at every opportunity. My grandmothers cousins daughter married a rich barrister (uk) who was born in and still has many ties to sierra lione. he was the most civilised negro id ever met (desperate to fit in with whites?) - alas his children became 'gangsta' (got stabbed) and teen mothers. suffice to say they will blame their problems on the evil white man too.


these things require high Autism Level and therefore attract high Autism Level individuals (orientals, indians a little less). i would suggest that media and banking (personal experience - i wasn't a banker but did work experience) doesn't require high Autism Level but requires connections.
also as a side note i would argue that china has a fairly large monoculture considering its size and geographic diversity, on account of its history of killing goff other cultures and the han-supremecy,

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ok fine thats true, business people aren't especially smart.
haha being such a new fag here i had to double take at the Autism level.

uh k fine, this isn't a job interview. if u think that my ideology means that i must be inherently unworthy of debate, coming to you hat in hand as i have, then i have nothing to learn from you.

China had lower standard of living than parts of subsaharan africa in the 1940s. That is no longer the case today. This change cannot be attributed genetic changes. It can however be attributed to The Great Helmsman Chairman Mao. Long live the People's Republic of China! Eternal glory to the heroes of the revolution! They shall forever live on in our memories!

I've read the manifesto, but i just feel that the scale is wrong: marx was brought up in a tight, homogenous, poor area. people shared. I don't see how it works on a larger scale.

Marx did almost all his writing in England in exile, not in Germany. The manifesto of the communist party is a political program from revolutionary parties in 1848, a document for it's specific time. Marx classified it as a work with historical importance but not a particularly good scientific document later in life. Capital is the far more important work of Marx.

Whoa, smooth human head for only $5.99

Those are of holding wigs and other head ornaments. I used to work with those things often. They lose their novelty pretty quickly.

Why is it every non-Marxist who has said they have read Marx have read literally the least important work by him? Even calling to a work is generous, its a glorified party pamphlet that purposely oversimplified things for the time and purpose.

Fool, J. Posada obviously summoned the great Communist Alien Federation to genetically modify the Chinese population at the right moment to give communism optimal chance for success.

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Fascism exists now in the US oligarchy.

Socialism is for the people.

Take note of how both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party stand against it.

Fuck corporations.

Fuck Israel.

Fuck Trump.

#NotMeUs #NoMiddleGround

We stellaris now. Native enlightenment ALLOWED.


Burkina Faso under Sankara objectively improved the education and standard of living of the populace as well as proved both stability and agricultural self-sufficiency before he was assassinated by the French. For the people there, it became a nicer place to live and its trajectory was positive.

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Why do you find fascism appealing?

Go to reddit then faggot, we are tankie pro gulag stalin loving radical extremists

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okay will read.

Come home white man

if you look at a graph of standard of living its pretty congruent with the idea that market liberalisation is more responsible for this growth in the SoL, i wouldn't attribute much success to chairman -n sparrow killer - Mao. besides what about the famines?

i agree, the economic system of the west seems to be fairly fascistic.

if you knew anyone who'd been to a gulag you'd think differently.

Think about this mate; racial state policies cannot exist under Capitalism anyways. You've already seen how corporations treat racists on their platforms and on their private property; It's simply not profitable since minorities have money to spend nowadays. What should you do? I suggest re-evaluating your commitment to these views. Economics takes priority - if all the wealth and power belongs in the hands of rich people who don't care one single bit about race, then you must reconsider their power.
By the way, mass-immigration is a result of money-systems as well. I have posted this webm on several boards quite a bit. Why? It is a webm of a speech by a fascist. Why would i post this when arguing against capitalists who hate mass immigration? Because it suggests that mass immigration is not simply a result of jewish subversion, but is built into the system.
When it comes to race, there is nothing wrong with recognizing a few differences. If there weren't any differences at all, there wouldn't be different skin colors. However, the question remains; why is it important? In most cases, it isn't. Culture has a much bigger effect on the actions of people, rather than race - and culture isn't inherent to races either. For example; the oriental people you mentioned most likely saw nothing wrong with how they treat other people. It's not a case of completely lacking empathy, mind you - i guarantee that each one of them would feel terrible if one of their close friends or relatives died. Inner city black people are distinctly different from rural and suburban blacks, and this is something you can see for yourself. It's mostly a matter of culture.
Anyways, disregarding the issue of race, there are more pressing issues. You cannot have a nationalist policy without some degree of statism - what does this mean? This means that, in a nationalist country, the needs of the nation and the people of that nation take precedence over the needs of private businesses and the needs of the rich within that country. Let's say 90% of your country is owned by a company that works for the United States. This isn't a meme, by the way, this actually happened in Nicaragua, when the united fruit company owned most of the land in their country. What would a Nicaraguan Nationalist do? The same thing that a Nicaraguan Communist would do; seize the land. That is precisely what happened, but the Communist leader of Nicaragua was eventually deposed, and Nicaragua became a "banana republic"; the first of its kind. You cannot allow companies to own most of your national resources, right? That's just not Nationalist, is it? This is the problem with "corporatism" - the flaw that they allow too much autonomy for companies. It's simply easier and better to completely nationalize the industry, unless you want to eventually deal with traitors within your industrial powerbase.

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guess I'm coming home. I've done my time. and now i know what is and isn't mine.

Lame emotional appeal

Fascism doesn't have much of coherent theory. It can't make testable predictions or have any understanding of the political economy, preferring instead conspiracy theories about Jewish sorcerers and resting the solution in spooky mystical sparkle magic. Fascism is a big-time losers club

Based as fuck.

The thing is, OP, you can embrace fascism, you can shill your whole life for an ethno-state, etc. But you simply will never have an ethno-state as long as you have capitalism. You know how was the world before capitalism, don't you? All nations were pretty much ethnically cohesive. You said you read the communist manifesto. Well, you must remember how he talks about the erosion of borders, of traditions, all being lost to the rule and cult of money.

Well the ethno-state is dead no matter what. It never really existed in any case except in people's heads. There is no such thing as the "individual" or "the state" in this idealized sense, only networks of material relations and the immaterial relations produced by them, mediated by social infrastructure.

By the way, mass-immigration is a result of money-systems as well.
indaresting, ill be sure to kill the 'porkies' for y'all when the fighting starts.
quality post btw, quite convincing.

I believe it is Mosley. I'm not sure, though.

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agreed, based. i now hate capitalism. wtf commie Zig Forums worked

Fascism turned Europe into rubble, Commies turned Russia and China into superpowers.

I'm not sure how I feel about this

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Not all of us think the same here. Some are more orthodox than others. Unlike many people here, I think it's perfectly compatible to defend western culture and traditions and at the same time critiquing capitalism. Because Europe was the first victim of the worse tendencies of capitalism (a crime that it committed against itself), although at the same time it's first beneficiary, because capitalism does have a lot of good things as Marx recognized. Industrialization in England was practically an unintended genocide (yes I know this is a contradiction of the terms): tens of thousands were exploited under the worse conditions, the same way asian labor is exploited nowadays. Search for Christopher Lasch for a lot of interesting defenses of traditional institutions using marxist concepts.

The point is the next: as long as you have a society that is organized by market choices, where everything is decided by market, corporations, according to profit rate and etc, you'll never have a cohesive society. It is only through the centralization of the means of production that a community can decide in an organic and democratic way, for itself, what does it want to do. A lot of americans decided that they didn't wanted more immigration in 2016. Yet this has little to no importance. Because it's always more profitable to bring immigrants, and at the same time making it harder for them to acquire citizenship, so that way businessmen can always threat their illegal employees to send them to the police if they don't like being exploited. This is the cynical reality of capitalism. The market decides, and the market has already decided, for example, that entire industries and jobs in the midwest are not profitable, so you might as well let the people die there, and at the same time sell them opioids. Who cares about "white thrash" anyway?

I read a very good article once, which said something incredibly right: our western societies have banned race and gender based insults, we treat them as a horrible crime. At the same time, we don't give a fuck about class-based insults.

You can even be a nazbol if you like, but during the revolution your gonna have to shut the fuck up about it and fight side by side with niggers and faggots. If you cant do that fuck off back to pol

Agree here. The dividing point is, I think, whether you would help a white capitalist or a poor nigger. If you defend the capitalist solely for being white, well, you can go back to /pol then.

The JEWS are a symbol for a deep injustice you instinctively understand.

Libertarian types obsess about tax. They're ass-pained that 30-40% of their wages are taken, often with little to show for it.
However they ignore the 90% that was taken before they even saw their wages.
That's about right. For every million you create in value, you get $100,000
That's the real source of profit. The corporation grows off of your back, and when you're fired, the value remains embodied in the corporation.

Corporations are totalitarian mini states. You have no say in how they're run. A job interview is just a power-play. They don't care how competent you are. They care how subservient you are.
You have to be because the deal is they keep 90% of everything you produce. They know everyone lies in interviews, the test is if you will dance the elaborate and humiliating dance, and prove how much of a cuck you are.
This is the systemic process that creates your normalfags and NPCs.

oh, and, we would say absolutely the same thing about a SJW. If they prefer to defend wealthy sons of a bitches like Obama but hating a white thrash redneck, then they can fuck themselves.

NazBol gang wins again.

it was resisted because the nations that followed fascism invaded their neighbours and committed henious acts

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Nazbol is a hot ideology right now, expect to see more of it

You can be racist but also not be associated with trump reddit boomers

It confuses normies

And it's fun because it's the opposite of the fiscally conservative socially liberal meme


And if you need that connected to the wider idpol culture war:
There is no meritocracy. People aren't hired or rewarded meritocratically. The tech bros are the worker aristocracy right now, so obviously those SOYBOYS still believe the myth of merit, but their time will soon come.
Diversity hires? Doesn't matter. Huge corporations are full of bureaucracy and waste, and there are economies of scale even to labor exploitation.

Commodities don't battle in the market place, leaving the best product as the winner. A race to the bottom is a fundamental limitation of having to sell products for more than they're worth.
It wasn't subverted by the JEWS, it was simply a lie all along.

Is naznar a thing ?

I think my people should organize itself unto worker councils to kick out all the capitalists, bureaucrats and africans.

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>my oc*

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Who resisted? The countries fascists invaded?
No it didn't

Fuck meant for

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Environmental factors account for much, but
is absolutely retarded and embarrassing. You have as much to learn about genetics as OP does about environmental factors.

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nice meme

Did I have the word "race" in my post? Look at what I quoted. It's false and embarrassing. Do you know how to read?

the mere act of arguing over "race" is falling for the idealist trap
never let yourself be distracted from material reality
there are people who work for a living, and there are people who live off their invested capital
that is the only distinction that matters in a world of limited resources

I hope you know that liberals are not leftists? They can be centrists if you like, but really the only thing you need to worry about is that they support capitalism, and we don't.

You've been fighting a straw man I'm afraid. Real left politics is not feels over reals, it's literally the opposite. It's about slicing away the bullshit until there is nothing but bare material reality, then we criticize that.
We find that the powerful have no justification for their power. They use their power to put on an elaborate show. Make it seem that there is legitimacy where there is none.
That is your mainstream media, shadowy thinktanks, deep state, controlled opposition, bread and circuses, propaganda in schools. It's just a smoke screen to hide boring things like drilling for oil, and privatizing infrastructure. You'll know when you have the correct economic analysis because the smoke will clear on its own.
No JEWS required.

The good news is that we can ignore idpol and screaming liberals. They're shouting into a social media vacuum keeping everyone distracted. Black people are useless and just rob liquor stores right? So ignore them. Keep your eyes fixed on the Davos class.

Finacialization is the ruling principle of the 21st century. It's the double-dip, where you are forced to spend your wages servicing debts to make any progress in life. Car, education, healthcare, house.
If you want to crash this shit show with no survivors, go on a payment strike with as many people as you can organize. These exotic financial products are ridiculously leveraged, worse than 2007, while being backed by nothing.
Accept that things will never go back to the past real or imagined. The system needs to crash, and it will inevitably crash.
No JEWS required.

What a simpleton unnuanced view.

I fail to see relevance of one to other here.

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Well, that makes any dictatorship of proletariat or any organised socialist leadership self-contradictory. The moment powerful have power they lose legitimacy. Based and smartpilled.

Nope. But ofcourse if your definition of progress is fancy car, paper with a stamp, good private clinic and a big house and you can't figure a way to get those without taking massive loans. But I wouldn't call that forced.

You're forced to take part in the debt system if you wish to participate in society. If you don't want debt, either be born rich, or live innawoods. However, those of us who are born living within a society, especially urban areas, are forced.
Literally not an argument.

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Well..? Explain. What distinction divides people more than their wealth?

You described one scenario which implies implications. Not generalisable, not an argument, not scientific. Just pure emotional garbage.

Depends on person. That aside, you should ponder how some people arrive at a point where they can live off their investments.

Is that fucking Dirlewanger?

yep, i have yet to meet a nazi who gave me a proper answer about what he was doing exactly that benefitted 'europe', it's really effective against slav nazis too, you should try invoking him in such scenarios

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i can understand "environmental factors", the importance of family, class ect. on a demographics performance: single motherhood is the best predictor of criminality - better than race

we 'invaded' because land that was rightfully ours was stolen from us. fighting the British and french empires is always a good thing, no matter who you are in history. they needed to be brought down, trying to force the rest of the world to become little colonial outposts of bongistan. Gott Straft es.

Didn't stop at the "stolen" land though, didn't they.
Every shithole village in Europe has some claim on its neighbours land because it was once theirs.
What does stolen land even mean, doesn't might make right?

don't fuckin pretend the Nazis or Fascists disliked imperialism by any stretch

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germany and austria nearly won and were outnumbered 2:1. checkmate.

Communists have this problem worse than you do.


Fuck off.

they literally could not have won, prove me wrong

I'm surprised you faggots cry for that shithole even though it was multicultural.


"multicultural" is codeword for "multiracial".
All that really matter to these retards is melanin levels. Everything else is set dressing.

I look at OP and his shitty posts and I really don't understand what the fuck is going on inside his brain. I used to be an alt-right gamergate dipshit just 4-5 years ago, and I even used to pride myself on being a "leftie" who "understands the right-wing mindset" but now I just stare at the words and I have no fucking clue what sort of bizarre brain parasite made me identify with sentences like "the replacement of my people".

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