QTard Arrested for Murder

He Wasn’t Seeking to Kill a Mob Boss. He Was Trying to Help Trump, His Lawyer Says.


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and now watch as the happy merchant deluge begins because Qfags have the foresight of a tablespoon

Labor racketeer got what he deserved!! lol…

Surprised QAnon shit is still around honestly. Figured it would've been sort of fizzled out by now.

Seems like a win-win tbh

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Considering the NWO shit is still around I doubt it will go away for a long time.

it'll get pushed into a corner where nobody else has to deal with it

how the hell does a mob boss get killed by some random retard

They've had it pretty bad for the last 40 years, it's no surprise security is sloppy. Biggest irony is mob dudes (and the Italian American community at large) all went for Trump anyway.

Literally Taxi Driver.

Pretty sure he had the balls to go to his personal home. I could be mistaken. In the mafioso world this is a rarity unless some opposition capo is planning on starting a war (because it attracts feds and that's bad for everyone)

shit b8 tbh

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try harder

Agreed. The Italian mafia is a fascist creation, however the federal government wanted to wet their beaks too.

on this board, we're all retarded.

inb4 his whole family is killed in retaliation and he gets stabbed in jail

Fuck yeah, Qannon did nothing wrong, fascist lumpenporkies deserves this.
But for real, mob bosses are extremely exploitive, where they force their workers to kill each other in gang wars.

this is interesting, what if the competing mob actually brainwashed/tricked the Qanon into doing it?

They are also horrific to unionised workers. Read-up on what went down in Vegas when service workers tried to unionise back in the 1970s.

Hmm strange coincedence. Tried searching gambino on twitter and came upon this stiry from today:


The killer is an idiot and killing one mob boss then getting arrested won't change anything but killing mobsters still is based.

The state is defunct when someone can be a famous crime lord and walk the streets freely without persecution.

As predictable, liberals on twitter are decrying the violence while cheering on the mafia revenge killing this dude. Sad. Is it all because of Goodfellas, Sopranos, Godfather, etc that they idolize the mafia so much?

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They are indeed paying the government in some way for their freedom.

Is it praxis to rile up boomer Qtards to attack our enemies?

Yes, we need to get them to attack fortune 500 CEOs for being “unpatriotic.”

the power of Boomers who have nothing better to do and want to feel like they're part of something

Just tell them every borg is out to get them + some demonic spooky conspiracy that involves child sacrifice. You just need to make sure it has a fantastical esoteric element. Posadism might be perfect for them.

Oh, gosh, that dumbfuck libshit… If anything, Trump really is a Mafia buddy and a billionaire, so if they're gonna play politics, it's not hard to guess whose enforcers they will be.

I did not predict this

Is QAnon just chanology maskfaggotry for boomers?

No, it’s a facebook meme, look at >>>/qresearch/ straight out of facebook.

post picture of sliced pizza whenever you need easy laughter

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Whoever's roleplaying as QAnon should integrate some Wall Street firms into the conspiracy. It won't solve anything, but having our oligarchs terrified of random boomers and crazed anons would be somewhat funny.

So I am a bit curious, how do Qtards differentiate between "real" and fake Q posts?

the same way Trots try to sort out which splits are legitimate successors and which are leftcoms or radlibs - internal warfare and dumb memery.

It isn’t really that hard, just accuse companies that partake in offshoring of being “unpatriotic” and “hating-Ameica.”