Groundbreaking Sovjet Inventions

I'm working on a video to debunk the false claim, that socialism never brought anything useful.

Help me to continue this list:
-First satellite in space and first man in space
-Internet (OGAS)

Give me more!

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Who the fuck made such a dumb video? Even feudalism produced innovation.

By the way:

Pioneered the first feasible bionic prosthetics

Everyone has heard this and back again, a better thing to bring up would be the gas systems of guns like the SVT-40, which even the Germans saw for what it was and incorporated it almost identically into the G43.

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That list should be way longer.

Eh, why bother

Anyone stupid enough to think the USSR didn't produce massive innovations in every field of human knowledge isn't going to be swayed by a list

top lel

finnish bolshevik made video like this, look at his channel for inspirations

Old thread on the topic
And big list

This is why Soviet Union > PRC.

You mean there should be way more of them. That impulse of yours is why rightoids say we can't meme.

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here are a few good sources

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Another very good list

Don't put bullshit like that on these lists.


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I wish people would be honest when praising the USSR or PRC for once. Their success does prove something, but it's not perhaps what you're like it to prove. It proves the effectiveness of centralized planning.

Considering that the entire capitalist dogma currently depends on the notion that markets are more efficient than planning, I'd say proving the effectiveness of centralized planning is a huge win for socialism and workers.



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Little piece of soviet CGI, not that great quality, considering it was made in the late 60's, but the movement is rather smooth

what is it with the ussr and cats?

They must like cats I imagine

Genetically engineered catgirls made by soviet science when?

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