Wildfires in the Arctic

Satellite Images Show Vast Swaths of the Arctic On Fire

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>The key question is whether the fires are burning into peat soils. This map shows large expanses of peatlands in the location of many of these Siberian fires. Source: eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/121665/



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We have literally 10 years max to save the world. If we fail it's game over for all life on earth. The stakes have never been higher.

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There are 3 places on earth where you can store carbon:
We've been digging oil out of the ground and can't put it back, but we can plant trees to fix carbon in biomass. Aside from offsetting the effects of CO2 and stopping our use of biofuels, we need to take carbon out of the atmosphere and there is only one way to do that, by reforestation. Plant the trees, introduce species, rebuild the ecosystem as quickly as possible.

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Government mandated reforestation labor schemes

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Keeping millions of humans alive is probably not feasible. Keeping a few thousand alive is pretty easy unless the Earth turns into fucking Venus. Even then I'd be pretty confident that a small population of billionaires would cling on for at least a few decades.

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The planting trees plan is also kinda retarded they used Google earth to look for locations and mainly recommended snowy regions like Finland, Russia, etc. These regions have a permafrost containing high amounts of methane. Since snow reflects the heat back, planting trees on that area would allow heat absorption by the threes and eventually heat up the permafrost. Releasing the high amounts of methane and carbondioxide.

Good thing there are places beyond Siberia my friend.

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The place to plant trees is where they've been cut down. Get rid of that excess farmland. Reduce meat consumption, reduce production of mono-culture crops. Plant them anywhere we can fit them tbh.


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The fuck are you talking about you can't plant trees in permafrost


The biggest joke is that, in the UK at least, the livestock industries causing much of the ecological damage are propped up by subsidies. The system is so corrupt and dysfunctional that it's literally paying people to destroy the planet.

Why not turn agricultural land back into forest?
The same number of people can be fed with far less land by simply switching from eating meat to eating plants.

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No, that isn’t what the IPCC said. They said we have ten years tell going above two degrease Celsius is irreversible from a natural standpoint.

Isn't the general notion that a two degree increase causes a runaway change?

Yes, but not to the point of boiling the oceans. >90% of species could easily go extinct, but I doubt humans will be among them.

yeah,but It would probably occur at a slower rate then the warming we’re currently seeing. The Earth only five million years ago had more CO2 in it’s atmosphere and was warmer then today.

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I don't give a fuck. 10 years should be enough to finish reading all 50 volumes of Lenin works. Then I can die.

Yes it is natural for the climate to change, it is also natural for entire species to go extinct in days. humans only survived and became what they are because they manipulated nature to their own interest. even if the climate change was "natural" we should try to stop and reverse it because it might be our demise. if every factory added an extra step that turns its CO2 output into solid carbon (by heating exhaust gas to high temperatures), more focus on fusion, nuclear and geothermal energy research, irrigation infrastructures to fight deserting were built and we started actually planting really huge amounts of trees to absorb carbon in the air but of course that is impossible with the profit motive.
if a meteor was coming towards earth and we had the ability to destroy it we shouldn't obey natural universe laws or try to profit from it

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they're massively conservative in their estimates and projections. Their motto and reactions to climate change can basically be summed up as "opps, that happened way before we were expecting"

Not to mention they constantly bend over from pressure to redact and reduce the impact in the reports
climate collapse is too late to avoid, mitigation and survival are our best bets but I won't hold out much hope. Human extinction is a probable outcome sometime shortly after 2100 and human techno-industrial civilization won't survive past 2060

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Lenin would have hated you, you know

imagine actually believing this, the Earth has had higher temperatures and more CO2 then it currently does five million years ago, things won’t just collapse if we return to that state.

I am glad all humans will die. It warms my heart like the sun burns or as the globe heats up. May everyone in The World suffer and die.

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If we go over 5°C this century the crop yields will collapse by about 80% and the entirety of South-Est Asia and South America would become unfit for human life due to the increased wet bulb temperature. If you don't think this would be the end of civilization as we know it, I don't know what to tell you

You guys are so delusional you'd probably attack a farmer or mob some other urbanite slime before you'd go after a Rich Elite. Prove me wrong.

WHO would, and what makes you say it?

Deep sea fishies will be fine.
Some insects and plants as well. In a couple million years the planet will be nice and cool again with all kinds of new shit evolving.

Those are your future overlords.

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The World Health Organization is going to kill the dirty people, not The Elites. If the common wanted to be a true org and eliminate the key players and true fatcats and porkies it would have happened some time around 1945 to 1970ish. You just want to be rulers, not egalitarians.

Two systems of heating and cooling. One artificially applied by humans and the other the default system that has evolved in geologic time will work in tandem to give us a mini-ice age in a thousand years, not millions. Marine and coastal life will be restored and thrive better than they have since the last Ice Age, but we will probably be dead.

What about me?

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my bad. I didn't mean W.H.O., I meant the word "who" but with emphasis.

This will happen before we go over 5 degrease Celsius.

No, climate change is a war between civilization and nature, and civilization will win, for it is dialectical.

Also known as prophetic.

Like it or not, this is actually a blessing in disguise. You want fire to burn methane (84 times as potent as CO2 as a greenhouse effect gas) into water and CO2.

Meh. I don't play much into the silly codewords you guys use because it seems off in the way you refer to pure logos. Also note that Climate Change Cult is a racketeering OP for nasty people with no heart who like to make bank. Besides, we meaning (they) can change local climates with their Weather Control Tech that was researched in Vietnam and developed later when DARPAnet hit the consumer market as the Internet. Perhaps somebody had a misfire with their lazers like what happened in California?

Burn baby, burn!

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They guys with the more advanced military are going to capture the viable land and defend it, savages will be massacred or exiled to perish.

You should defend Diversity not ((Diversity)). The big guys are going to grab up what they see as good, but that doesn't mean that smart well-intentioned people wont have nooks here and there and get even smarter due to the logistical hardships.

So that's where we're at.

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you ever wonder whats doen there?

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These days? Plastic.

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man, any trace of humanity could be wiped from the surface of the earth and the only evidence of our existence would be plastic toootsie and cromch bars wrappers on the ocean floor.

There will be some other evidence for a while.

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a million years of weathering or even less will wipe those out pretty quickly

way less, all 3 of those require constant upkeep to prevent further damage

Rushmore would probably chill out for the longest imo unless Yellowstone or some other unpredictable thing fucks it up

NOyou fucking idiots. Meat contians amino acids, proteins and vitamins that plants either do not contain or contain very little digestible amounts of. We're omnivorous for a reason, and if we were herbivores our biology would reflect that.

Every time we have an environmental discussion you "Vegans" come in and just have to shit it up with ignorant anti-meat bullshit and being supercilious about it as well.

Ecostalinism is the way. Additionally hydroponics hybridized with fresh-water aquaculture will allow for compact, efficient production enough to feed the entire world twice over without wasting space.
4th generation nuclear energy systems supplemented with windmills and solarpanels can eliminate fuel based needs. Hydrogen cells would fix the need of gas powered cars and buses. Diesel fuel could be used for minor combustion based engines required for some work. De-salination plants would provide clean water and carbon-dioxide filters and collectors would clean the atmosphere. All thus under collectivized industry organized by cybernetics.

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This is what happens when you let rednecks deny climate change.

Sure, also see regenerative agriculture for removing carbon out of atmosphere
Sure, a portion of the electricity needs to go to carbon storage systems.
No, if we can make hydrogen cells we can also make synthetic gas and diesel which would be carbon neutral and far more energy dense and allow existing machinery to be operated.
needed in places affected by changing climate patterns

Shut up, duck.

Why duck? Is it cause they shit alot?