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I'm gonna be frank with you guys. I don't have faith that we'll solve the climate crisis in time. With the majority of the citizens of the most powerful countries in the world complacent in capitalism and societal collapse around the corner, I don't believe we'll make it in time. Lately, temperatures in the arctic have reached heights of 80 degrees and higher. Permafrost containing billions of tons of greenhouse gases has been starting to melt 70 YEARS AHEAD of schedule. There's nothing the average American can do because of the porky government and even then the government won't do anything because the fascists that control it get most of their money from fossil fuel lobbyists. The u.s. or any other first world nation have no revolutionary potential and a revolution 20 years down the line will be too late. There's nothing we can do. Anyone else feeling the same about our prospects? I don't like being pessimistic but this stuff is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Especially in light of recent news.

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The human species will survive. We're by far the most adaptable species on the planet. The only question is how many other species will go extinct and how many working class humans will die.


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Retarded take, stop listening to porkie propaganda how Melon Tusk will save the planet


We all understand that the only solution is socialism. I want this climate crisis to hit hard, and only then can we have the turbulent conditions to change things.

Sure we will have to combat the fascists, but by the time climate crisis hits hard, the populist right will have had their time in the sun.

Our time will come in 20+ years, after the socdems, libs, and now rightist populists have revealed themselves to be useless. Then we will have our time.

SO cheer up a bit. Things will be shit, but this is the ultimate crisis of contradiction in capitalism…. the negation of life itself, which Marx always placed as the fundamental of history… the nihilism of capital is anti-history, and anti-life.

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Ragnarok is coming

forgot flag

If you behave like a brute are you a Fascist? If not, then why would you call anyone but real seriosu 3rd postion-types (I.E. A Real Fascist) a Fascist? Ugly zoomers MIGAMAGAfucks who post pepe memes does not a fascist make. You guys are all fucked up I swear.


American opinion will pivot over night as their mutt sheds start burning down every summer.

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I've been saying this for about 12 years now. Our only hope at this point is some crazy geoengineering scheme kicks the can down the road long enough for actual scalable carbon removal technology to be invented. Even then though we still have the energy crises to deal with which might just make those removal machines impossible to even run.

??? did you read all the words they wrote
theyre literally saying porkies like rocketman himself will likely survive by hoarding all the resources

I am not all about pinning my hope on an unknown technological breakthrough, or porky power play.
We have to remove the driving force behind deforestation, stop farming cattle in Brazil.
The most important technology is the beef vat, so we can switch Americans to artificial burgers.

"As long as this problem doesn't affect ME then I will try my best to stop change" is basic American philosophy. When 70% of American homes are underwater or in flames, the remaining 30% will try their hardest to not do anything.

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After Hitler, our turn!

The problem with the climate is that it's not just about temperatures rising. Even if we stop that (and I doubt we will), there are still the phosphorus cycle (no modern agriculture without phosphorus) and the nitrogen cycle (the soil and the waters are getting to nitrogen heavy).

We are fucked.

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In 20+ years the world population will be 70 % of what it is today and most deaths will occur in third world countries. Porky will build walls around himself and there will be no chance for a revolution in the developed world.

Well its useful to commie pill kids like this but thats about it. Only real threat that climate change causes is regional instability that can lead to war, escalation and nuclear conflict.

not to mention critical resource depletion

unlikely, we'll most likely just shake our heads at the affected region and go

just like we do for all other natural disasters

You wanna bet on that.

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Fascisms time will never be "over" if you just idly wait for it. They need to be actively fought and suppressed - and that can only be done by tearing the roots of fascism out which is capitalism.

I've always pictured the next recession/depression to be so total that it will force western states to become hyper-fascist and isolated. Forgoing all environmental concerns in a bid to outlive other fascist states, accelerating global warming tenfold. So basically, the forecast for global warming killing life off in 2100 something is too far off. It'll happen in 2050 by the latest, complete global death. And the years preceding this global death will be a fascist nightmare hellscape. Like the devil himself finally making himself visible.

Theres nothing wrong with climate change

it will likely bring about the end of capitalism


Wasn’t it the black death that killed Feudalism. Maybe Climate Change will be capitalism's black death.

That's just outright wrong. The biggest polluters are China and US. One of them completely is oblivious to the pollution it causes, and the other one only pollutes as much because the first one produces its products there.

Nah, we won't go extinct, bout about 7 billion people will die. A couple hundred million (or even tens of millions) is actually still an enormous figure. Hope, I don't need to die though.

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If 99% of people die odds are you will. You best move to northern Canada or Siberia right now to get a head start.

I think it's ok if the move is made in the late thirties.

Ehh, not really, black death brought about the renaissance which brought about the enlightenment which eventually killed feudalism, but it still was around and well up until mid 19th century

Can you quit sperging out in every thread?


And as a consequence, the influx of warm water on what had previously been frozen ground triggered a biological frenzy that sent methane emissions soaring.

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Well fellow Euroanons I hope you're ready for an iceage.

Are you retarded? That is not what positive feedback is. It's already far too hot, an iceage would be welcome.

If the arctic & greenlandic ice melts it will nuke the gulf stream by adding fresh water, thus causing a European ice age.

Stop being so negative bro cheer up, be happy that you can experience the coldest period on earth compared to the coming 120 years.

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I've yet to witness a single claim of any of this alarmist bullshit. Shouldn't Florida be under water right now? Fuck off. All your handlers want is to deindustrialize the west and only the west. I don't see you whitesplaining to China and India about CO2 and ocean pollution. Eat a dick.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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all hope being lost doesn't mean we have to give up.

the only climate crisis is the bastard cursed iceage that we're stuck in. for half the year its fucking freezing. please i hope it gets hotter cos thats when bitches clothes come flying off and the serious rape starts. if climatetards want to do something, go chisel away the antartic ice sheets with your teeth, the amount of fucking dogshit u've spewed on the internet, if u spent half that time gnawing away at the south pole u would have extinguished the ice age and then the globe would heat up and your clothes would come off. Then i could chloroform any of u who happen to be in the 13 to 15yo age bracket and superglue my rock hard dick inside your pelvis.

Yep this sounds like the average climate change denier, excelent parody comrade

These are the kind of people that will go to the gulag

I sure hope it's just parody

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No. That's three walls too many.


Do i atleast get to keep my glasses?
Pic related

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Majority of citizens in most powerful countries so like 9 percent of the worlds population? Global warming is due to china india and Africas (administration is chinese and westerners) exploding populations compounded by their complete disregard for the environment all colluding with 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸communists🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 to enrich themselves and buy real estate in the west whos demographics are not even western anymore. Youre absolutely retarded

Couldn't agree more comrade

Humanity will die and it will be the best thing to ever happen to this planet in literally millions of years.

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Only humans can give this sort of meaning to the universe.

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What would be the best plan if shit goes all lost civilization? What knowledge and lessons could be taken away from this to give to a future humanity who won't remember planes or skyscrapers or factories?

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Do you live in a major city?
Muh co2

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Its those icelandics and canadians that are polluting the air right?

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Just ignore the third world population explosions it is all being done cleanly comrade!

Never forget what the jews did to the world

Isn't he a westerner though?

Canadian even.

Why do right wingers have such difficulty grasping the concepts of consumption per capita and outsourcing of manufacturing?

Yes? Did you think all those polluting industries in the third world would exist without canadian and islandic, among other western, consumer bases?

TL;DR blame brown people for neo-colonialism

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This image doesn't even make sense, is it trying to imply that the Sahara Desert produces the most pollution globally?

Right wingers can't think about politics without emotions.

Comrades, it's all over.

To give you hope I've read the report this article is based on and it assumes living standards will rise and we use Carbon removing technology. You could always go full Zig Forums pot.

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That's scaremongering. The porkies at BBC just want you to give up.

How many time are they going to accelerate the climate change timetable? We all know that porky isn't going to do shit about it.

And most people seemingly don't care about climate change. Besides we should be trying to adapt to climate change; migration up north, super dense, compact cities, desalination, nuclear energy.

Europe will go fash before they let that happen.

We desperately need to change the fearful attitude many people have towards nuclear energy, it's by far the cleanest and most efficient technology we have, wind and solar will never ever be productive enough any time soon.
Problem is fossile fuel lobby and all the people they have in their pocket continuously spread fear of nuclear power, the most blatant one recently being HBO Chernobyl.

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the fundamental theories of math and science so they can build shit up again
also agriculture so they can rapidly expand their population

He literally just posted a heat map lmao

Ehhh, yes we do. That's kind of the point of hopelessness

I feel like it's becoming too late now, we need to start asking questions about what a world with a 3-6° temp rise would look like geopolitically.
Anything short of full scale 'eco' war communism in the major polluters in the next ten years will not meaningfully change our current trajectory.

Who is going to conquer the antarctic? Australia has the biggest chunk of the claims atm.

Will Russia, Scandinavia and Canada manage to leverage their emerging arable and hospitable northern lands, or will they be overcome by their more powerful sourthern neighbors?

What will become of equatorial countries? Will they cease to exist entirely in the face of inhospitable temperatures and desertification?

Will middle eastern countries and south Asian countries go out with a bang or a whimper?; India and Pakistan will be among the first and hardest hit, with large populations and agriculture dependent on predictable weather patterns, they are also both nuclear states.

How will Africa, the continent set to grow in population the most in the mid-late 21st century, respond to the complete existential threat of climate change, despite having little means to react to it?

There are so many predictable and serious problems and it would be wise to try and plan for them.
What did he mean by this?

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You know, it's nice when you post a source.