Cuba's HDI

I have noticed that on wikipedia Cuba's HDI had fallen from .815 being as high as any imperialist european country, and second largest in Latin America to .777 sixth largest in Latin America and only 77th in the world. I have checked wikipedia history and found this

I am wondering if anyone well read on the subject maters of Cuba and HDI can comment what happened. Why did Cuba fell so much?

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Probably Cuba didn't really fall but capitalists are hiding and/or fudging stats of HDI in socialist countries, same with DPRK.

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The truth is different and more grim. Cuba was richer during the times of SU, and is still a better place to live than majority of the world. It's just that the rest of the world is so shit that Cuba seems like a paradise

Soviet Union bought Cuban sugar at high prices to keep Castro cooperative. Without USSR handholding them anymore the profit margin on Cuba's main export went way down.

yeah the USSR subsidized them

Hispanics tend to create better countries than africans yes

Cuba is no paradise lol(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Cuba is an exeptional country because it is making world a better place.

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It still is a better country to live in then neighboring ones.
A lot of people around the globe would actually be happy to live like a Cuban. That isn't something to be happy about.

I'm not saying Cuba is bad. For a third world nation it's one of the best, if not the best.

with the exception of the US and the bahamas

then why are so many people fleeing Cuba?
if people are leaving en mass it could hardly be considered a paradise

I haven't looked at living standards in Bahamas. US is self explanatory.
Because it's a poor nation. The emigration in Cuba is smaller than in the Dominican republic, which is next door.

my point exactly. you have cognitive dissonance

For a third world nation. It has higher job security and it's healthcare is better than in neighboring regions. The live expectancy is the highest among the neighboring regions.

then why are people running away at such high rates

Not the other guy, but Cuba is a country that makes the best of its poverty. By no fault of its own is it poor (because of the embargo), and for a country as poor as it is, it's also incredibly good at healthcare and education in a way that the US can't even compete with.

That's a good question. Maybe this needs to be investigated. Who is running away, and why?

you're fucking clueless. The US is the imperial capital of course it's gonna have more riches. The Bahamas is an extremely tiny country held up by nothing but a massive fucking tourist industry. You're basically conceding the point here.

they are not. this is just a lie

Because they are poor? If we go by your logic, there are few places people don't emigrate from. Like I said it's not that more people are leaving Cuba than (capitalist) Dominican Republic. Those pictures you see of people coming from Cuba on rafts are from 90s, which is when Cuba was in an extremely bad state.

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Dude, you're one of the poorest, shittiest thinkers on this board. The dude said that in comparison to other shitty, poor nations, Cuba was a paradise, but still poor. You're a hack dude. You're not even consistent enough to be a decent troll.

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last I checked the US wasn't under any sanctions
With autists like you, I really wonder how anyone on this board can stop themselves from going anti-a.merican

which is why it is a better place it live autist

I'm glad you can at least understand that.

if cuba is so much better than the US, then why is cuba under embargos and the US isnt????

Embargoes means you are so strong you need to be culled.

Haiti has a net positive emigration rate?

Yes and war torn Libya with Yemen and Iraq. Strange, huh?

Looks like that new r/socialism mod is at it again.

Until recently the US basically offered free citizenship to undocumented migrants coming from Cuba. Imagine what would happen if they adopted the same policy towards any other South American country…

I have never heard of this, and it blows my mind. Bet you wouldn't hear that shit from any "anti-immigration" politician

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I don't think the emigration rates are particularly high IIRC. Emigration rates have been higher in nearby capitalist countries (Mexico, Guatemala, for example) than in Cuba.

This is true
This is also true
And also true, no country on Earth is a paradise.
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