*votes for Conservative legislation in your path*

What makes Liberals the most hateable people in the world?

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Hypocrisy, political grandstanding masquerading as change or even radicalism, "moderation" as moral duty, tired policies and politics, boomer tier understanding of history and world politics ("Russia is communist!!!!" or "Putin = Stalin = Hitler = evil"), a know-it-all attitude when they repeat the same thing every other liberal talking head is saying on TV or in the papers, whining about a problem endlessly when the other party is in office and forgetting about it after being elected, political impotence and incompetence when facing the right-wing, tedious moralizing and an inability to leave the realm of ideology, repeating Cold War era truisms and tropes about communism as if they've never been heard a thousand times before.

I've probably missed a few things.

The point is there can still be quantitative differences even within a broken system, you dense cunt

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It's their job to prevent the left from doing anything.

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Holy shit that's a good one.

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So this image is great and clearly depicts that democrats and liberals are scum. But for the same reason shouldn't we hate Republicans and the like slightly more?

Hate? Marxism isn't about hate. It's about honest and rational appraisal of the situation. The situation is this: Democrats and Republicans both contribute greatly to proletarian misery. Neither one needs to be the object of more or less hate than the other.
Now, if you are personally moved to hate Republicans, go right ahead. We won't stop you.

Republicans are more primitive and arguably more corrupt, but it's the system as a whole that incentivises their behaviour. Hate-mongering is satisfying, but ultimately changes very little.
Liberals are arguably more damaging tbh, as they create the illusion of societal progress by championing meaningless idpol stuff while the material economic situation remains more or less the same, as the capitalist status-quo has bipartisan support.

Lib Dem/New Labour and Tory edit pls

I didn't mean hate literally. I was merely pointing out republicans and right wingers contribute more to prole misery as you put it. Even if its by the smallest extent.

Maybe the create an illusion however it's not all id pol shit. They can sometimes enact or help meaningful legislation that helps workers however they typically have to be force. Republicans on the other hand basically want to gang fuck the average worker into the grave. Republic are better in the sense that they're honest about it at least.

An attempt was made but it's pretty shit

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Thank you user

Because they try to maintain a veneer of rationality in everything they do, while trying to paint everyone else left of them as kooky

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Much better than mine for sure. Which program are you using?

paint.net, but i spent longer on it than i probably should have

Fair enough, I spent 5 minutes on it in GIMP.

"I'm totally not a conservative you guys. How dare you suggest such a thing? The fact that I loudly virtue signal about idpol, 'pragmatic solutions' and other buzzwords means you're not allowed to evaluate my actions."

No. You're still thinking of them as separate when you need to think of them as a single thing with two parts. One doesn't work without the other. It's like a ball and socket joint or something. Either on its own doesn't get anything like the result of having both parts functioning as a whole. Replace either party with something else and you lose the emergent property.

Republicans don't try to masquerade as lefties, so they aren't as much of a threat to us.

The Liberal Democrats are especially vile, because ever since Labour replaced them (as the Liberal party) as one of the two most powerful parties, they have only existed as a tool for the Tories, actively trying to split the Labour vote because they'd rather have the Tories in power.