Gen Z mysticism

It's easy enough to get Gen Z kids on the side of communism, at least to the extent that they just understand communism as "resenting rich people to the point of murder", but there's a worrying trend of Gen Z (including self-proclaimed communist and socialist Gen Z) also getting into shit like "chaos magick", "neo-paganism", "astral projection", and whatever else bullshit anti-materialist mysticism they can pick up. What's the antidote, comrades?

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Autistic k-punk type postmodern philosophy that's hard to distinguish from magick, but is also practically beneficial to communist goals.

sounds like a load of shit mate


you think gen z tumblr children can do philosophy with any level of competence?

I think any person who can read and analyze things can do philosophy. I know the internet and TV kind of fries people's brains, but this kind of philosophy is far more captivating than even someone as cool as Marx. And it can be spread through memes and shit. Just think, Jahleuze and Bruhtarri, this stuff could get p based/redpilled/meta-ironic.

Mark Fisher is part of what brought my Zoomer ass here

No antidote needed. This is a niche thing that manifests every generation. 90s was peak wicca, I think.
Neoliberal western Buddhism has had a low-key presence for over 40 years.

Stirner, obvs

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Fam reading Max Stirner got my Zoomer ass here

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They don't even read Marx, they only like his "aesthetic". They don't read, period. Not that millennials are renowned for their scholastic devotion, but for as niche as the real left was in the first half of this decade, there's a reason that Zig Forums spun off from /lit/. It's not the zoomers' fault that they're growing up in an environment that engenders ADD like the plague, but we can't bank on getting their genderqueer asses to the library.

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Zoomers unironically have revolutionary potential. Most can't afford to move out and live with their parents in my country. Their situation in general seems grim.

A guy who worked for Reagan said that lol

I don't really see what the "problem" is, like anymore than kids playing live-action Vampire: The Masquerade or something


Vampire is based.

Fam just give them some ritalin, thats how I deal with it and it really helps getting my zoomer brain through the dense sections of capital and other leftist philosophy.

There's so much hype about this shitty generation. At the end of the day it won't be anything special. For what I can see being a zoomer myself, people of my age are pretty dull and stupid: they don't read absolutely nothing, they watch netflix and share stories on IG practically all day, etc. They just seem like a waste of time and space. I don't know folks. Until the 30's and 20's working class young men read Capital and did strikes against capitalists; they were based as fuck. But every generation since them has been a pathetic failure, at least seeing it from a collective point of view.

You sound like a lewronggeneration person but you are not wrong, zoomers are pretty fucking useless right now, I mean they are still young but they spend their time on shitty mainstream websites just like boomers in their TVs. Gen X had the most potential,

Maybe, but I'm not saying anything radically stupid like "i was wrong in the wrong generation 'cause trap and rap"; if you think of it, practically all adult people since world war two has been, at least in the west, either useless and apathetic or idealist and stupid, lacking the proper theory or organization. Whereas in the 30's and 20's it was much more common to see working people knowing about how capitalist extracted and robbed their surplus value and other basics of marxist theory. Workers were organized and socialist anarchism and marxism were popular back then.
yeah I know, can't really point the finger at them though

Zoomers have less revolutionary potential than millenials already facing capitalism.

2 years ago I remember telling a friend of mine to stop uploading some much pictures and personal things in Facebook since they sell your data, she said "that sucks" and posted a photo 5 minutes later. Gen Z are living in the neoliberal hell of infantilization and aesthetic shit. I know there's a lot of zoomers that post communist memes and identify themselves as communists but you know they are forced to grow out of it.

maybe, but millennials practically invented IdPol and never transcend moralist faggotry; hence their faith in rigged democratic candidates and in liberalism. They have the liberal mindset of personal responsibility and political correctness; if facebook is bad, it's only because mark zuckerberg is a son of a bitch, not because there's an structural problem with capitalism. I don't blame them though, of course seeing the things from a structural and scientific point of view is quite hard for every common person regardless of it's age. But with that mindset, they're already very limited in their revolutionary potential; it's more likely that they will be the average liberal.

I say that because they are experiencing the dissapointments of capitalism and are the first generation to live that with all the information available in the internet on why it's bad, of course most millenials are stupid as fuck and base their opinions on Twitter, but teens have been brainwashed already, most of them are a lost hope, the next generation of little kids growing up will be even worse. What the fuck

not to mention the woke young religion people, being all smug and dunking on athiest people.

thier hype is just manufactured by boomers and gen x'rs to dunk on millenials


The zoomer idea of trolling is competing for how cucked they are by their own technology.
At least when I was a kid I hated Bill Gates, while pirating Windows, and posting Bill Gates photoshopped on the borg.

Zoomers can't even muster this ineffective level of resistance.
"Botnets? Sign me the fuck up."
"Microtransaction games? Pre-order that shit."
"FBI doesn't need to sell my data because they're already funded."
"Oh no my computer gave me choice, must be broken. Throw it out and buy a new one"

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Ask a zoomer to install Linux in their computer, 99% sure that they can't

The vast majority of Zoomers are 13-18 years old. Chill out. Even the "republican" zoomers are pro-tranny nowadays.
Not to say that hinging all of your hopes onto young'uns is ever a good idea, you have to do the work yourself instead of just expecting others to do it for you. Shit even Boomers and Gen Xers are capable of having their own minds changed, although maybe my parents are just less shitty examples of that generation.

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Why are you guys so angry at Gen Z?

Why is this considered a good thing?

At 5 I instinctively felt that organized religion was something I should struggle against.
By 13 I realized advertising was not a neutral part of the environment, but an alien force that should be struggled against.

I'm not seeing even the seeds of resistance in zoomers. They need to be unplugged from the matrix before they get too old.

Shit, replied to the wrong comment.

Cause they're not commie enough.

How do they get unplugged then? A lot zoomers i know arent like that, all of close friends arent like that, sure there are a lot dumbasses but i havent seen anything thats absolutely next level retardation.

You haven't? Anyone that updates their profile picture every few weeks or less, posts on instagram constantly and is unable to live without botnet is retarded


Vampires are only good for killing

Red and asocial pilled.

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Dont know many people who are that active but yeah i dont really use instagram for anything other than memes

I unironically support burning hipster witches, because of their shitty idealistic notions of magick, which basically if you wish hard enough something like communism, it will become real.
It’s all Victoria Woodhull tier.

I just take it as the vast majority of people who you give up on as failures or losers should at least be given a second chance or to just try to be more diplomatic to them. A good lot of people haven't got the right massage and are constantly barraged by information that reinforces their own views. You must simply break the ideological wall that disillusions them when they go back to their old ways and make them distrust what they always known, because that information is garbage and the people who want you to believe in that sort of shit are vampires like the Murdochs.

DSA witches must be killed.

But then all DemSucc must be killed.

Don't even usenet, those motherfuckers sell your shit to agencies that give you calls offering you terrible services. It's Zuckware, which is fucking disgusting garbage, delete on sight.

Oh man is that meme still relevant?

Please don't tell me you use Chrome

I mean, I like Satan and ritual pagan shit but I don't actually believe it. A lot of times this stuff is sort of dark escapism. I think it's fine to just let people keep this bullshit up as long as it's ultimately culture & fun.

One cool thing about it is that you can incorporate a lot of illusion into it. I mean, ultimately that can be a negative force (like the Catholic Church, for instance, which did similar stuff) but as long as we don't put all our weight behind it, that can be useful.

Gotta be real with you chief, that sounds real stupid

My mans just want to be an edgelord.

Also the whole witch shit and the resurgence of the right's own form of mysticism is just from the further death of Christianity as a cultural force.
Can't say I will miss it to be honest.

A new skeptic/nu-atheist movement.

I haven’t used Instagram sense 2015, but come on, it can’t be hard to just not look at adds.

It's entertaining, though, and it can be compelling to the audience when you can fuck with their heads in cool ways.

zoomer here (turning 18 next month) I've started reading leftist literature and it's causing me to seriously reconsider my previous far right ideas, Problem with my generation is how apolitical we are (except when it comes to idpol/gay shit)

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I'm a zoomer and I have never heard of Gen-Z people getting into this mythical garbage other than a couple girls who believe in astrology (and they seem to be a minority that mostly exists on the internet). I have no idea why but women seem to be more into that kind of stuff than guys. In fact I've never seen a guy talk about astrology in a serious way.

It's true, I know redpilled marxist atheist teens who play with ouija boards and believe in ghosts

How do we get these kids to read theory?

another zoomer here, you're probably out of luck if you see gen z as your new hope for revolution. admittedly, i come from a pretty upper class area but unless there is a recession worse than 2008 there is almost no chance of my generation becoming active about leftism. most of them think that twitter idpol is what the far left is about, and would balk at any political action that isn't widely socially acceptable. basically until something seriously threatens or disrupts our modern sociotecnological bubble, i think any hopes of revolution are fucked as people are much too content to do drastic, organized change at any one moment.

women are into it because they can larp as "witches" and feed their strong independent female idpol complex. men dont do it because its pretty retarded

Zoomer here and I can confirm that curiously looking up Max Stirner after seeing a meme sent me spiraling from Bernie bro to ML

Pathetic wage-slave

Why do zoomers like Stirner do much? The oldest zoomers would have been 16 at the height of Stirner's meme relevancy. I thought zoomers renounce anything their generation didn't shit out as being boomershit. Boomers, according to the highly literate zoomers, being anyone over 30.

They simply hate god

No, zoomer like a lot of Gen X shit. Take the show “the office” for example. All my friends and my younger sister is obsessed with it.
t zoomer

Have you guys ever done DMT or high doses of LSD?

Have you had a breakthrough experience???

Did you contact entities ever???

Is it rational to consider the possibility that maybe there are different realities and maybe some of the beings that people claim to interact with are real?? For example there are thousands of eerily similar reports online of very similar shit that seems to match hindu and shinto beliefs?? Is it reasonable to completely discredit all that circumstantial evidence?

Science today is considering possibilities that are falsifiable like simulation theory or the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics? Could it be just as reasonable to consider the possibility of higher forms of consciousness?

Also Marx had an uncanny sense of prophecy and many of the things he said came true… and I recall reading something that marx said a lot of his ideas came to him in his sleep. I believe Jung did an analysis on him as a well and said that Marx obviously must have had a powerful subconscious? So was marx tapping into psychic chaos power???

Also if we completely reject drug use and more esoteric ideas such as chaos magic or psychedelia then are we not just as bad as the Nazis and fascists who like to call everyone "degenerate" on /pol?/

i agree chaos magic and sex magic sound dumb.. butttttt there seems to be some validity in stuff like synchronicity and the collective subconscious which is what Jung talked about.. and I believe Jung was a socialist was he not? Also Frida Kahlo was into drugs and she was a communist?

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No, your just high, your brain is acting weird.

Your misunderstanding is cringe.


how do you explain people having such similar experiences.. wouldn't people be really interested if all of a sudden thousands of people started having the same dream with the same symbols and same blue multi armed characters?

then why don't you enlighten me as to what the proper understand is and why instead of just stating an opinion?

I will post something i saw on a different forum that sums up what i was referring to so that you can better critique it with logic instead of opinion?


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their all high on the same drug while in the same mood.

Putting a drug in your brain won’t transfer you across universes or “put you in a higher state of mind,” just alter how your senses feed information to your brain.

i find that to be an extremely lacking and boring explanation.. like when your parents tell to do something "Just because." Are you telling me that if people that were all in the same mood had the EXACT same dream with the EXACT SAME SYMBOLS and the EXACT SAME BLUE MULTI ARMED BEINGS, you wouldn't be curious as to the nature of the phenomenon. Even if it's just people's subconscious I find that your lack of interest and dismissiveness as a clear indicator that you are not thinking about this rationally.

yet everything in our universe is connected at a quantum level.. ie entanglement and the holographic principle..

Leonard Susskind, who won the black hole wars against hawking in order to establish the holographic principle as accepted theory talks about how everything must be connected at a higher dimensional level:

Is that why all the best artists, specifically anime artists, do drugs and include psychedelic themes in their artwork because they were inspired by it? Pic related is a known masterpiece where the mushrooms make give her more magical power and the whole anime is provably and admittedly an allegory for a struggling artist trying to get better at art and animation (magic?) Not to mention all the greatest musicians, and there are at least three more animators who are considered top ten who include many drug references.

A lot of the sensations can be felt in a sensory deprivation tank so it's at least coming from a deeper part of the brain than the peripheral nervous system and ketamine, a dissociative, actually inhibits signalling between the peripheral nervous system and your brain and combining ketamine with other psychedelics is known to give a "breakthrough" experience? And many people pass out and go completely unconscious when they take DMT so then it must not be entirely sensory?

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also here is a vid about susskind explaining how a wormhole might really be two entangled black holes and how entanglement might arise from tiny black holes

so the geometry of space doesn't necessarily inhibit information the way you implied

And entanglement has been proposed as a mechanism for psychic phenomena and that's part of "quantum consciousness" which the respected roger penrose is a purveyor and his diagrams are commonly used to theorize the effects of black holes, pic related

and also there are psychic effects which have been proven by Rupert Sheldrake, such as the feeling of being stared at, some of his experiments have been reproduced independently although not all of them and he says that it's because the experimenters put doubt into the subject's heads but there have been other positive results:

Sheldrake found that people that people could predict if someone was staring at them with a 25 percent greater than chance probability. The academic community has tried to discredit this as much as possible but there are smaller studies which have found the same results as sheldrake and it's clear that the larger studies had bias and had put doubt in the test taker's heads. And SHeldrake is bullshitty about other stuff but the sense of being stared at is probably a real effect. Also it's not clear if it works through closed circuit Cameras.

This is one of the positive studies but i cant find it right now:

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oops i forgot to include the anime pic but it was a copy of another post anyway and the point was they included Drug references in Little Witch Academia as something which makes them better at magic which is an allegory for art and other animators are known to put similar drug references in their anime and they made literally the best art that has ever been made.

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Stirner to break down the spooks, Marx to build up the materialism.

not being a bunch of dullard materalists yourselves

pls stop

no, bad idea

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Zoomer here. How do I start to fucking read and stop impulsively checking my phone to see if someone has messaged me every 5 minutes. I wanna read Lenin and Marx on my phone but I don’t have the self-control to read anymore. Became commie after some bad experience with US healthcare system. Its much easier nowadays to find yourself browsing for entertainment for hours cause theoretically you can find anything on the internet and feel bad abt it later on, than to schedule activities that in the long run will help you but seem boring rn. Its this need for instant gratification that I think has become such a huge part of the lives of ppl who’ve grown up with the internet all their lives.

begin by reading about issues that awake special interests in you. I've notices that cultural critique is specially popular among young people. Don't think you can just dive into Capital because you will find it really boring and won't see the point if you don't start with something emotionally significant to you. Also, do a reading club, either online or with IRL friends if you have them. We have a thread for that here.

It's dumb as fuck. I can't stand people who post astrology shit all over social media. But all in all it's much better than them being right-wingers. You can pull lefties out of mystic bullshit, but it's next to impossible to pull an alt-righter out of their pit.

Chaos Magick is the best tool to destroy Western Imperialism tho

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astrology is real

It's just pretend. Nobody seriously believes in this, comrade.

wellcome onboard, user. Consider lurking at /r/stupidpol too

Simple, because Stirner gives them an opportunity to really reflect on themselves and what they're doing with their life, and lets them realize their feelings of unhappiness with things in their life are in fact justified, telling them that it really is okay to think what they're thinking, feel what they're feeling, and generally offers an easy way out of socially enforced moral codes.

I will end you.

Get rid of your fucking phone.
That might sound like (30yo) boomer extremism, but these things are not value neutral. They are not just cool portable battery powered computers that obsolete nasty boomer desktops. They were designed to be fucking botnet from day zero.

Consider something that came around after you already came of age, Alexa and smart assistants.
It's pretty self evident that these devices are totally self-serving. They bug your fucking house for minimal, absolutely MINIMAL functionality, and only a retarded literal boomer housewife would buy one.

Fuck smart phones. They were the Tsar bomba that destroyed the internet over night.

It is interesting that you mention all of these "worrying" trends in spiritual relief that zoomers are picking up, since most of them are born from a new age agnosticism, which is mostly a consumer brand for temporary escape. It is just a cry for help. An attempt to escape the circumstances of their own lives. It is like playing video games or watching youtube videos, just more custom reality-building. The "anti-materialist" aspects of these things are least worrying, the problem is the maddening incentive of global escape, that humanity is only plunging itself into mass delusion. We are entering virtual reality, in other terms.

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Forcing them to read.
Wish that were true.

Stop thinking in terms of Gen X, Y, Z.

There are those who can grasp these concepts and those who are cannot; Each for their own varying material reasons.

You're just as spooked as they are.

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OP was simply being very general in their description and they are right, Gen Z engage greatly in augmented/virtual reality moreso than previous humans.

This, literally, is not an accident, though.
I know you faggots like to shit on Chomsky here, but, you all should really bother yourselves with reading "Manufacturing Consent."

There has, literally, been a propaganda campaign aimed against working class people in the united states since the 1950's and it all falls in line perfectly with a materialistic perspective; E.G That the ruling class is seeking to protect its profits and, intern, its power.

And, it's been largely successful as this user has, unknowingly, pointed out.

The man knows what he is talking about.

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Astral projection is real.
Zoomers tarnishing the name by saying “omg i’m so into conspiracy theories I love astral projection” are the problem.
Anyone who has ever been conscious during an astral projection knows it’s a completely unique feeling.
Still you must serve god, don’t sin, etc.