Is it plausible to spread communism while being conscripted, any tips or resources on how?

Is it plausible to spread communism while being conscripted, any tips or resources on how?

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Talk to soldiers about the usual shit, how war is a racket where the only ones that end up winning are the capitalists and if they truly love their country they must be anti-capitalist.

Theoretically this is the place to make the biggest gains isn't it? If you manage to convince or even plant the seed in a single person, we will have another able-bodied man with military training when the day comes AND the porkies that trained him to die for them will be denied the return on their "investment". Just be careful and don't move too fast. I can't give any specific advice other than to NEVER condescend, no matter how hopeless or braindead your interlocutor. Best of luck.

So I should read Smedley Butler?

It is, but I live in one of the few nations where capitalism is probably more indoctrinated than America, so it'll be hard for me to tread the line between spreading left wing ideals and not getting caught

Also, keep in mind I'll be mostly with conscripts, not career soldiers, any materials that point out the slavery of conscription under such a capitalist system would be appreciated

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There exists one?

It's not necessary, but if you want to go ahead

Israel or Switzerland.

Pretty much, after all, it's a place where the rich try to offshore their riches onto

Very close, it has the same first letter as your second guess

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Who cares if you get caught? Either you spread socialism or get un-conscripted, win win.

Uhhhh I'm pretty sure the latter would come with some social media shitshow in this day and age, something about the next red scare etc. Might get thrown into jail or blacklisted from jobs too

I just want to make people aware of the situation they are in without getting sent to an island gulag or something

Americans tend to be very receptive of Socialism when it's explained to them without ever using the word Socialism. I would go for a similar strategy here.

South Korea?


Does that start with I?

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Do you think america is conscripting soldiers today? Too many officers got woken up by grenades in Vietnam, America will never draft conscripts ever again

It's in Asia but not India or south korea

If it's required conscription it's not that bad of an idea.
Just combine that agitation with draft dodging agitation and you have a recipe for success.



No. They throw a bitch fit if you do.
You have an easier time being a nazi.
The two hosts on Eyes Left podcast served in Iraq, and often talk about how much the military is a quagmire of reactionary garbage

C'mon have you seriously never heard of the country I'm describing it keeps getting capitalism A++ scores yearly this shouldn't be hard

just sabotage and frag your COs as much as you can
also desert if possible. your country sounds like it sucks dick anyway

India doesn't have conscription


Oh I got it, Singapore

The people guessing 'India' may well be pants on head retarded

Do they even have an active communist party down there?

It got crushed very early on sadly


I can't exactly do that, my parents and relatives would get fucked, and I don't think it would accomplish much on its own

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fucking boomers

How’s life in Singapore? Zoomers and Millenials over here suck it’s dick constantly, so is it as good as they say or is it suck ass like that pedo Amos Yee described?

The whole thing with your PM praising the Zig Forums potists recently actually changed this outlook somewhat.

you can at least be "accidentally incompetent" a lot.

He said second guess you spastic

prettty bad as a working class migrant or citizen, the only reason we have such a high gdp per capita is that we have alot of rich people storing their wealth here

The entire island is basically run as a security force for capital, hell i feel my conscription is to a corporation not an actual country

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ironic that finland fought off commies and now their soldiers think communism is cool.. well the standard of living was better in the USSR anyway unironically

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Marx's predictions are truer these days, and most of the neo-con/liberal world order is either collapsing or beginning to crack

im curious did marx predict what would happen in places like China? And the fall of the soviet union? Did he predict what happened with Stalin???

I think he might of in a way… do you think it's possible that Marx had psychic powers?? It's eerie how good he was at prediction so do you think he might have been like a sort of God or Demon?? Do you think Das kapital might have some kind of spiritual power?

I mean, he arguably highlighted globalism as we see it now i guess? Plus there is no soviet boogeyman to use, so there is no need for such a system to hide or soften it's true nature anymore

Because it doesn't start with an 'S' you fucking idiota.

Nice. Stay safe and good luck. I wasn't nearly as politically conscious when I was conscripted, but I think I had some effect in encouraging my colleagues to question the horseshit propaganda we were being fed, as well as the sleazy psychological tricks employed by instructors. Witnessing the internal work culture of the army (casual corruption, criminality, passing the buck when things look bad and claiming responsibility when things look good) could probably help people wake up a little, I dunno.

ay, honestly, i just want to tell my friends this: they can't even keep a celebrity safe, why do you think you will be any safer?

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Just grumble about how conscription is bullshit and how PAP was originally opposed to it. And mention that the elites won’t die for any wars anyway

Also Lim Chin Song did nothing wrong

No it fucking doesn’t.

It has all the economic problems of Europe (social dumping on a much higher magnitude and neoliberal bullshit) with idpol slowly creeping up into the discourse. The local demsuccs do what they can, but the trade unions and businesses are too in bed with the sucdems for them to build any worthwhile opposition. At least for now.

I'm surprised there are trade unions.

yeah but their owned by the state, in a similar sense to those in spain i guess

So are trade unions in China and they were also that way in USSR. I guess having a ruling communist party makes a difference.


Trade unions in Singapore cooperate with government and employers to dick employees as hard as possible. Porky calls it the tripartite alliance and jerks off about it being the platonic ideal of relations between employers and employees.

Careerists and porkies in every direction. Reminds me of government officials retiring to become corporate lobbyists in US. Is there a revolving door of trade union official to corporate stooge? Or do they stay in one post and receive bribes. I know Singapore "doesn't have corruption" but we don't need to take their word at face value.

Nah it is more like the trade unions are really in bed with the ruling party then directly controlled by the government.

I cringe every time one of the ministers (who is a trade union leader) call each other Brother.

I don’t usually call shit fascist much but this sounds like fascist propaganda. Come to think of it, Singapore’s government is really fucking fascist with their sucdem policies, dictatorship and personality cult of the Lees and shit treatment of immigrants.

I visited Singapore and it's the epitome of neocolonialism. There are 3 major ethnic groups: Malay, South Indian and Chinese, so the government's approach to diversity was to make English the official language to keep them from ghettoising themselves and identify everyone as Malay, South Indian or Chinese so they can take appropriate classes in school. Also there are weird thematic neighbourhoods called 'little India', the 'Arab quarter' and 'Chinatown' where they whitewash and 'preserve' the culture of each group.

And more escalators than I've ever seen. The whole place felt like a big mall with manufactured attractions.

On the other hand it seems that life isn't too bad. Everything is clean and I didn't see any homeless people or beggars.

Also there's a lot of terrorism-mongering, like literal videos of exploding bombs in the subway and pic related 'install our tracking app, it's for your own good'.

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Tbf these places were around before independence was achieved. And nobody uses that shit app. A better example of neo-colonization is the suppression of dialects and Singlish.

It is more third way neoliberalism than fascist as they are trying their best to privatize shit with little effect and inviting more and more foreign labour to undercut locals.

Nah, just institutionalised it, and even then you still get cases too egregious to be covered up, and cases committed by small fry without the right connections. The Auditor General recently published a report arse-reaming all the organs of state for failing to prevent lapses in things like "fudging the paperwork to give the contract to my old friend who will be duly appreciative."

Depends on the country. Here you will get beaten and bullied for all of your service if you tell that youre a communist.

It is only corruption if WP does it :^)

hahahahahahahha oh my dude….

you'll get shot