ITT we laugh at crypto fags/bizfags since their internet Monopoly money is going down yet again

ITT we laugh at crypto fags/bizfags since their internet Monopoly money is going down yet again

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What baffles me about these spergs is their insistence that it will one day replace mainstream currency as a means of common transaction. Let's face it, name 3 things you can buy with bitcoin that aren't illegal in some way.

More crypto
More crypto
Degenerate loli porn

Should cryptocurrencies exist in a socialist society?

Socialism is about less currency
The less currency the more socialistier it is

4biz is fucking a gold mine rn


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What are they up to now

Pink wojaks and seething
Trying to rationalize that they wasted their money and how it's okay because it wasn't real crypto

Show me the delicious graph??

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I actually lost 80 usd trying to make a quick buck FFFFFFF

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That image is either going to age very well or very poorly

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Even if you make a profit in crypto on paper it'll probably be stolen when the exchange is hacked or the owners decide to run off with everyone's money. Be thankful you didn't lose more.



Come on, Bitcoin and other cryptos were nothing but Digital Tulip Mania for the 21st century. It's not a solution at all.

Cryptofags were overwhelmingly libertarian. They thought they were BTFOing bankers and the state.

This is their lesson that currencies are just commodities and their value is inextricably tied to the state.
Seeing libertarians posting "WTF Marx was right" is totally worth any losses.

of course it's not a solution, neither is the stock market. yes, it is speculative, but again, so is the stock market.

good answer. thanks user.

was dagobert duck's depiction of swimming in his 'wealth' a ploy to make people believe that wealth == lots of monie?

Its capitalism for children.