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Britain confirms it is developing DRONE SWARMS, joining arms race with Russia, US and India
Britain’s Royal Air Force has revealed that it is joining Russia, the US and India in the race to develop drone swarm technology which will be deployed alongside its F-35 and Typhoon squadrons.

South Africa's anti-corruption chief Busisiwe Mkhwebane lied under oath
South Africa's highest court has ruled that a top state official charged with investigating corruption lied under oath and acted in bad faith.It upheld a court ruling from last year that Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane had acted in bad faith while investigating a bank bailout.

Brazil: four arrested over hacking of Bolsonaro justice minister's phone
Brazil’s federal police have arrested four people for allegedly hacking the phone of justice minister Sérgio Moro, a key member of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro’s cabinet who had previously been a renowned anti-corruption judge.

Iran Hints at Possible Swap of Seized Tankers
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that they would be open to returning a British tanker that Iran seized if Britain returns the Iranian tanker they seized in Gibraltar adding that while his government is open to dialogue, Iran will not back down from defending its waters from western "mischief" in the Strait of Hormuz.

Without Israel, Middle East would fall to ‘Islamic extremism,’ says Netanyahu
Never one to mince his words, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is the sole force fending off a radical Islamic takeover of the Middle East, arguing Tel Aviv is an indispensable defender of the entire region.

Greta Thunberg speech: French MPs boycott teen ‘apocalypse guru’
Teen activist Greta Thunberg has lashed out at French lawmakers for mocking her in a speech to parliament that was boycotted by far-right politicians.

Australian government demands police-state powers over protests and exclusions of citizens
Building on police-state measures imposed over the past two decades, the bills would, among other things:jail people for up to five years for using the internet to promote protests against agribusinesses allow the home affairs minister to exclude Australian citizens from re-entering the country for at least two years if the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) deems them likely to participate in “politically motivated violence”

Assailants Attack Stalin Sculpture and Communist Party Office in Russia
Video posted by the party Monday showed four men spraying the Stalin bust with mounting foam and installing a small explosive device at the party office door before running away.

Ajith released from Pune jail
Alleged Maoist sympathiser Konnath Muralidharan (Comrade Ajith), arrested near Pune in 2015, walked out of the Yerawada central jail here on Tuesday –– two months after the Supreme Court dismissed the Maharashtra government’s plea challenging the bail granted to him by the Bombay High Court in February.

Panama Battles Childhood Obesity as Region Gains Weight
Experts in Panama say 30 percent of the population between five and nine years of age today are obese or overweight.The nation’s director of health advocacy within the ministry of health, Gabriela Garcia, is kicking off the Save Your Life campaign.

Mexico boasts of cutting Central American migrant flow to US by a third
Mexico has boasted of a sharp drop in the number of migrants attempting to travel through the country ahead of a US deadline for its southern neighbour to show that it is cracking down on irregular migration.

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Extinction Rebellion protesters confront politicians at US Capitol
Protesters from the climate crisis group Extinction Rebellion have brought disruption to Capitol Hill in Washington, superglueing themselves to doorways to block politicians and staff.

#RespectThePolice order backfires after cathartic VIDEOS of soaked cops go viral
Viral videos showing New York police getting doused in water have prompted an investigation - and a flood of derisive tweets after authorities' plea to "respect the police" appeared to add insult to years of police-abuse injury.

Senate overwhelmingly passes 9/11 victim fund bill, 97-2
The Senate passed the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund through 2092 by a vote of 97-2 according to NBC News, virtually funding health care for 9/11 victims and first responders for life.

A ‘straight pride parade’ might be headed to California
A group called the "National Straight Pride Coalition” has applied for a permit to held an event celebrating heterosexuality in the city of Modesto, Calif., on Aug. 24.“Join us to celebrate: Heterosexuality, Masculinity/Femininity, Babies — Born and Unborn, Western civilization, our wonderful country and Christianity,” a flyer for the group reads.

Democrats reach deal with Trump on budget and debt ceiling
In a deal that demonstrates that the Democratic Party offers no genuine opposition to the Trump administration, the congressional Democratic leadership has reached an agreement with the White House on a two-year, bipartisan plan to boost military spending to record levels and guarantee to Wall Street that there will be no limit on federal borrowing that would cause instability in the financial system.

U.S. to pay $15 minimum per acre to farmers hurt by China trade war
The U.S. government will pay a minimum of $15 per acre to farmers hurt by President Donald Trump’s trade war with China under an aid package to be unveiled before the end of the week, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said on Tuesday.

American Library Association blasts LinkedIn for intrusive ToS changes
The upcoming ToS change would force library-goers to give up on their privacy and register a LinkedIn account to have access to video training courses. Previously, they only had to provide a library card number to access such resources.

Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had close ties to Barclays CEO Jes Staley and multiple Wall Street executives
Epstein "managed to affix himself to a handful of prominent Wall Street veterans," the Times reported. He "funneled dozens of wealthy clients" to James "Jes" Staley, a former JPMorgan executive who is now CEO of Barclays, the newspaper said.Epstein provided tax and estate-planning services to Leon Black, head of private-equity titan Apollo Global Management, despite lacking expertise in those fields.

FTC announces $5B fine against Facebook for repeated privacy violations
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission today announced a record $5 billion dollar fine against Facebook for repeated privacy violations. The news comes as part of a settlement that requires federal oversight of the social media company's business practices.

UK factories facing biggest slowdown since financial crisis, says CBI
A double whammy of Brexit uncertainty and a slowdown in global trade has seen order books in Britain’s factories shrink at their fastest pace since the financial crisis, the CBI has said.

The Specter of the Soviet Union Still Haunts the EU
The European Union is about freedom and human rights, prosperity and peace, life without fear; it is about democracy and pluralism, a continent without internal borders and walls.” As “someone who spent half of my life in the Soviet bloc,” Tusk emphasized, “I know what I am talking about.”The specter of the Soviet Union usually appears as an expression of nostalgia. We see nostalgia for the U.S.S.R. spoken in affective terms — a memory of past relations, tastes, smells, sounds and sights of the Soviet past. Soviet nostalgia is often derided as the folly of homo sovieticus or indicative of a creeping Russian revanchism. The place of the Soviet Union in the EU debate is not nostalgia per se, if, as the Slavic critic Svetlana Boym wrote, nostalgia is “a longing for a home that no longer exists or has never existed.” However, it’s not totally divorced from nostalgia either. In the EU debate, the Soviet Union serves as a form of anti-nostalgia. It’s a total rejection of a past without overcoming it. Like the nostalgic, the anti-nostalgic also has, in Boym’s words, “a romance with the fantasy of the past.” Reducing the Soviet Union to “prisons and gulags” flattens the complexities of Soviet life.

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Decoding the National Security Commentariat
The Fourth Estate, that historical unelected grouping of society’s scrutineers, has become something of a rabble, and, as a confederacy of strewn dunces and the ongoing compromised, is ripe for analysis. An essential premise in the work of WikiLeaks was demonstrating, to a good, stone-throwing degree, how media figures and practitioners had been bought by the state or the corporate sector, unwittingly or otherwise. At the very least, the traditionalists had swallowed their reservations and preferred to proclaim, rather unconvincingly, that they were operating with freedom to scrutinise and question, facing down the rebels from the WikiLeaks set.The Fourth Estate has, however, been placed on poor gruel and life support. Gone are the days when Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein ferreted their way through sources and obtaining the material – leaks from confidential sources, no less – that would make them famous and lay the way for the demise of a US President. Such energy is frowned upon these days; the investigative journalist is being treated more as an irritating remnant, a costly undusted fossil. The way for what Nozomi Hayase calls the “Global Fourth Estate” is being well and truly paved as a result.

Sanders, Biden and the Electability Scam
Joe Biden’s corpse-like performance at the Miami debate should have caused the immediate interment of his campaign to the graveyard of presidential history. Biden’s longstanding lead in the polls, dating from before he’d even announced his candidacy, was largely due to outsized support among Blacks, who make up between a quarter and fifth of Democratic voters – and 60 percent of the Democratic electorate in South Carolina, the critical “Black” primary state. copmala harris masterfully gutted Biden for his opposition to school desegregation, but the stake missed his shriveled white supremacist heart, leaving Biden gasping but un-dead. A Reuters poll conducted in the days after the Miami debacle showed Biden dropping 8 percent among Democrats in general, but that his nationwide Black support was cut in half , “with about two out of 10 saying they backed President Barack Obama’s former vice president, compared with four out of 10 in the June poll.”In heavily Black South Carolina, however, the CBSNews/YouGov poll still gives Biden 39 percent, versus Bernie Sanders (17 percent), Elizabeth Warren (12 percent), Harris (12 percent) and Pete Buttigieg (5 percent), while the latest Politico/Morning Consult poll show’s Obama’s former vice president pulling 33 percent of the Democratic primary vote, with Sanders at 18 percent, Warren at 14, Harris at 13 and Buttigieg stuck at 5 percent.

Why does this shit always devolve into straight up white supremacy?

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Because just like trots in the 00s the far right is founding this shit as entryism: not realising that it didn't fuckign work for the trots in the 00s.

hell it didn't work for the trots in the 60s

i mean the whole thing is fash entryism from the start, but i'm gay and yeah if you're going to a straight pride parade you're a fucking loser lol – like 99+% of the other straight people out there are going to think you're a nerd who can't get laid

It's just virtue signalling, I don't even care about it up until the point everyone else starts sperging out about it

broke: pride parades
woke: parades that feature capitalist skulls impaled on salt covered sticks

did that guy ever said something true and factual in is life?(Words reasonable. But cartoon anti semitic. This isn't the Daily Stormer book club)

It's usually a cover for that from the start.

bespoke: pride parades that feature capitalist skulls impaled on salt covered sticks

ascended: not having idpol pride marches and keeping the stuff about sticks

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Imagine getting butthurt by a sexual minority taking pride for their individuality which were oppressed by the your community (organizers of this parade) for centuries

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Idpol breeds idpol.

What the fuck is wrong with the mods nowadays? Or was it the BO?

It's just a 7-day ban.

Yes I see. It's the homos fault that the straights needed a parade. Also it's their fault that the parade is explicitly reactionary and nationalist.

Reactionaries gonna react anyway.

Now you're getting it. Just like decades of reactionaries repressing homos led to parades.

Is it just me or has this board actually managed to get worse since the old BO left?

it has

We're welllllllll into the territory the Unabomber warned about. I wonder if at some point we'll develop a technology that spells a singularity, not positively like the uppercase one that techies keep wanking about, but one which makes its current level of civilization non-viable.

Ah, neoliberalism.

Oh wow

Oh come on, is ironic racism being banned?


There seems to be an increasing amount of moralfaggotry in recent months.

This. Post-human communism is the only communism.

Careful now. Saying faggotry might be a bannable offense in the near future

Oi now, no independent thought here. All is fine, nothing to worry about, go along now.

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Israel flag when?


Nuke Israel.

t. jew mod

Remind me of what Israeli told me on cuckchan /int/ 4 years ago.

Then they came for the Stalinists
I did not speak up

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Basically "To the EU the USSR is its antithesis, now that the USSR is gone its memory has to be perverted and exaggerated to justify the EU's own national origin myth: in doing so it warps the very thing that was the USSR itself from a historical entity to a beast of national legend".

I fucking warned you. Lolis are the canary in the coal mine.


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Basically the EU is the the great bastion of democracy but i has oo many people who are pro-soviet.Propaganda with the gorillions and gulags is too on the nose and dumb so now anti-sovietism should be more subtle to prevent those nostalgic for the USSR from rejecting that crap.

Yeah, moderation had jumped.
I don't know