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If this was a Zig Forums post attacking blacks you would decry it as racist for generalizing. Go one, “revolutionary”, keep demonizing the very people you should be winning over

You don't need to ridiculize public authority trustworthiness, we know they're full of shit.
But don't try to sell some stupid hate for other working people either. The problem is the system and its rules, gtfo

Class traitors aren't workers

Every revolution has ever succeeded by gaining army support. Sure, the actions of the military as a whole are despicable, but any soldiers willing to join the proletarian camp in a time of revolutionary unrest are comrades in my book. It's the chauvinistic and patriotic soldiers who we need to combat.

What's wrong with patriotism?

Everybody in the U.S army is willing to bomb random children in Iraq for money. They're just simply all war criminals here.

Fuck the imperialist armed forces.

It's the reason why estadounidenses can justify committing war crimes and peacefully sleep at night

Then I guess that's something we're going to have to work on if we are to get any section of the army on our side.

When has any "army" that joined a communist revolution been a professional volunteer force, instead of a mangled conscript one?

I suppose that's a good point. A volunteer solider is a very unlikely comrade at best.

Unironicaly shut up, I know people who are actual soldiers, they aren’t bad people.

Most people in the US army are economic conscripts, joining because it’s the only way to get a good job.

Maybe we could get our best results by targeting the soldiers most likely to be economically conscripted, i.e. poor and working class, non-whites, etc.

That's even worse. I know flag-waving dipshits are my enemies, I don't know or trust mercenaries for shit.

To call them mercenaries is a stretch. They're desperate and jobless, and then preyed upon by lying recruiters. At least that's what I think is referring to.

Most come from poor communities. I have a few cousins who are currently serving who are doing so because the military pays for collage post graduation.

For every pauper who steals or signs up to kill, there are two who don't.

Also, literally Hitler.

Most soldiers don’t see combat. Most just sit around in Okinawa doing jack shit. Then their is the Navy and Air Force who for the most part just do training exercises.

I don't fully understand your comment.

You're doing
1. Worker worship
2. Economic determinism
Stop it.

What do you want me to say, "yes sir, I'm sorry sir"? Make your full point, don't just tell me the conclusion

Poverty is an explanation, not an excuse. Their desperation is irrelevant. Do not make excuses for people making shitty choices. Unless they were conscripted against their will, they are not a potential supporter. Especially if they don't read Marxist theory.

Okay. They made a shitty choice. So, let's go and get our word out, start a dialog with working-class soldiers, and make them understand that, instead of petty moralizing.