Membership fees in communist parties

Anybody willing to share their experience? What's an appropriate party membership fee in developed countries like the US, UK or Germany in your opinion? Single fee or scaling fee?

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usually it will be something like 1 hours wage or something

I am member of the Socialist german working youth in germany, youth wing of German communist party and I pay, as a student, 2 euros per month, for working people it is being calculated according to their income and you can pay more if you are willing to .

Isn't that ridiculously low, specially in Germany?
Care to share the exact algorithm?

Lenin on French communist party's newspaper fees:

In my party here in Germany, when you live on social welfare/have no income, it's 2€ per month. At 1000€ income, you pay 10€ per month.

You have to consider, that political work costs money. Bourgeois parties can rely on donations from big business, while small communist parties have to stem the cost all alone.

Reminds me of this Zizek talk.

That's 1/100, not 1/10.

Anybody knows the exact PSL membership fees? No info on their site.

It is but lots of students could afford more, maybe I should up to 5 euros?? Idk it adds up after a few months

I dont know it, since I am not working but I can ask today and report in later

everyone is also expected to Subscribe to the Orgs Magazine, the POSITION and the Newspaper of the communist party

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Apparently there are some parties that get really pushy about fees. I think they are mainly trots. Only repeating what ive heard on here but some are more like MLM schemes/cults. They push hard for cash to the point of tithing. And if you dont put a lot of money in they discourage your participation.

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PSL members pay separate fees to the local branch you're a part of and the national party. Both fees are pay-what-you-can/want. The PSL constitution names a specific percentage of your income, depending on social standing, that you're supposed to pay, but it's not actually enforced.

What you should pay to your local branch depends on what your branch's budget is, and what they have to pay for. If you have like five people in your branch who do nothing but hand out newspapers, that's obviously a very low budget and your fees are gonna be low. If you actually do shit and have people, that's much higher budget and you should pay more. The local fee is paid monthly, but depending on how organized the branch is, it might not actually be monthly.

The national party dues are collected twice (I think?) yearly, and are more accurately a mandatory donation than a fee.

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can I (informally) [source] you as a PSL member?

Also, how many full members does PSL have?

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