Juche for Turan. What is juche with out Turan? Nothing! What is Turan with out juche? Nothing!

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what's turan?

Turanism is the grand ideology that Turanic people (altaic and uralic) should unite to one great state

pan-turkic movement.

unfortunately, most of central asia has turned into shitholes after the counterrevolution of 1991, even if they offer amazing culture, architecture, cuisine and history. that being said, they have a high potential for growth and are rich in resources. you can also count azerbaijan here.

turkey hasn't been the same since the fall of the ottoman empire and has been dicking around too much. they could have been south korea tier if they hadnt been so retarded as to enact coups every 10 years which brings the entire country into a halt. kemalists and grey wolves are gladio nato shills and deserve the rope.

there are also turkic people in europe, in siberia and in china (uyghurs).



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it's leftypols most famous meme my man…

its funny how much of a hard-on turks have for koreans. do koreans even know or think about turkey?

Juche is Marxism-Leninism(-Maoism) applied to the material conditions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, you cannot unironically take Juche from this particular context without redesigning it for it work with the given material conditions of your "country", that will essentially make it… not Juche ? This is why I don't take seriously people who say "Juche for White people" (as if they weren't already being ironic in the first place), they forget that Kim Il-sung created Juche for Korea, it's not as Universal as Marxism-Leninism is.

Keep dreaming cockroach, your country (T*rkey) is destined to be destroyed. You massacred the Armenians, you oppressed the Arabs, you defied the mighty Persians, and now you are trying to invade Kurdistan and Syria. Your country needs to pay for its imperialism.
God fucking damn, the Treaty of Sèvres should have been enforced for real. The Middle East (and by extension, the world) would have been a better place if it wasn't for the cockroach country that is T*rkey.
Literally everyone outside of T*rkey hates it, even other Turkic people (who are really based and actually anti-imperialist). And the shitposts and spamming produced by the T*rks communities in general is moronic, annoying and cringy. As a moderator on a popular Leftist forum I can affirm with utmost confidence that I never had more chauvinist spamming problems than with the T*rks.
And no, the Turan idea is not anti-imperialist, from what I've seen it's alway supported by people with Attat*rk avatars or when IRL, absolute subhumans fatfucks fascists degenerates. It's all about T*rkish national-chauvinism and anti-Armenian racism every-fucking-TIME! As soon as I notice that someone on my forum is from T*rkey, I ban them on sight. No question asked.

Again, this confirm what I was saying earlier, this "Turan" movement is an imperialist movement that is currently used by T*rks to justify blatent racist imperialist bullshit such as supposed Uygh*rs "concentrations camps" in China (that imply the need to "liberate" them from their Chinese oppressors) or wanting to force Russia to implode into a multitude of smaller states. What does these two countries have in common ? That's right, they are opposed to American imperialism, Turanism is literally a CIA-tier ideology created to weaken the Anti-Western-Hegemony bloc. And don't get me started on the weird Neo-Rumelia wet dream that every T*rks have.

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I don't live anywhere near T*rkey kek, I just wanted to say the truth on this cockroaches-infested place. If you unironically support T*rkey you should kys. It destroyed the beacon of civilization and culture that was the Eastern Roman Empire and now this shithole is trying to annex Kurdistan to oppress their people even more. We need a renewed treaty of Sèvres asap.

In Turkey, there is a left wing nationalist party known as Vatan Partisi which is supported by the DPRK.

That's not what it is. Juche is a new revolutionary theory which takes Marxism-Leninism as its presupposition and has advanced and developed its principles, as well as clarified new additional principles. It is a guide to action considered to be universally applicable just as Marxism-Leninism. Hence why there are Juche organizations all over the world which are supported by the DPRK.
It has nothing to do with Maoism and the DPRK heavily criticized the path taken by Mao as well as disagreed with his theories about "Cultural Revolution", "blooming of all flowers", contradictions in socialist society, "social-imperialism" etc.
Also, MLM was formally synthesized long after Juche was created. In China they had Mao Zedong thought (MZT), which was considered to be "ML applied to Chinese conditions", as opposed to a new universal revolutionary theory which is what both MLM and Juche are considered to be.
Kim Il Sung himself said that it can be applied everywhere and carrying out the revolution in accordance with the actual conditions is actually an important part of Juche.

Actually the North Koreans would disagree here. They claim that Juche is universally applicable and tried or try to spread it, for example in Africa. The Black Panthers had elements in them that wanted them to adopt a Juche line (Eldridge Cleaver).

You know, this is partly why Juche is not an option. The DPRK always ends up supporting these Duginist, Eurasianist and left-nationalist, sometimes even agrarian, weirdo parties over genuine ML or MLM parties.

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Except that they do also support ML parties like KPD in Germany CPGB-ML in UK, NPA in Phillipines etc. and have ties with many other communist parties.
In the 70s they were the only country to support an insurrection by JVP in Sri Lanka.


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Ok thanks for the infos I didn't know that, I really though Juche was created to be applied only in Korea. I guess this is good news they actually strive to be a universal working class movement.

There's absolutely no problem with Nazbol / Duginist / Left-Nationalist as long as they aren't racist and not chauvinist. Ethnic self-determination =/= Racialism
Every Marxist-Leninist state was nationalistic (not chauvinistic) to some degree while still being in favor of the International struggle of the Marxist cause. Basically what I mean is that as long as you don't exclude people because of their race or ethnicity and don't go against the sovereignty of other nations, there is no reason to be against nationalism.
Every working class movement must strive to be Collectivistic and Nationalism is a good way to achieve that end.

Again, I'm not Armenian, I just hate T*rks because of their racism and chauvinism. If T*rkey was reduced to its legitimate ethnic area and gave their independence to all of the people they are currently oppressing, I wouldn't hate them no more.

At least we agree on one thing.

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Shoot them on sight

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Ow0 Jurchen Daddy come fuck me hard and tell me what a good Mamluke I am! From what I can tell all of this confused "Nationalistic Pride" would be better off if Central Asians were Khanates and Hetmanates again instead of trying some weird half-assed gommunimperdialidsims.

The sad part is that Turkey isn't even real turkic people, but bastard abominations created to breed the largest Mamluke country in existence. There were so many good tribes and intelligent craftsmen/tradesmen clans murdered and destroyed by these idiot roaches. All for what? Slave Daddy Islam. They are still fools to this day.

And that's why it's a complete LARP. Spreading as though it were a mind-virus like Islam for example (Only Arabs are the true Muslims and I will say it ad nauseam). How can an African be Muslim or Maoist without being a sort of "soft-slave" to foreign mentality. The same goes for any type of White.

If we bretend to be gommies den we can be real Mongols dis dime!

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Every document from the DPRK written about Juche which speaks of it as a new universal revolutionary theory rather than simply "ML applied to Korean conditions"
and the actions of the DPRK where they try to spread it worldwide and support foreign Jucheist groups.

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Perincek and Vatan Party want Turkey to leave NATO.

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