Someone wanna help me out on how communism and socialism aren't giant steaming piles of moral posturing?

Someone wanna help me out on how communism and socialism aren't giant steaming piles of moral posturing?



Answer these questions without moralistic preaching. You can't. You may as well go to church.

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Because it's more efficient and productive on a pure mechanistic level. No morality required.

Efficiency is a moral value.

And a capitalistic one at that.

Okay.. Give an example of a non moral argument for a political system.

What? It's in my self interest to be efficient. Do you want to claim self interest is a moral value as well?

That's the negation.
You have to defend why it should be to each according to his ownership.

People with nothing are the vast majority of this world. Why should they not just kill every property owner on earth.

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Nice Pespi commercial.

What? I obviously should've said economic system, but what?

That still implies hierarchy and authority. Why would I want that? Sounds pretty Porky to me.

Daily reminder that Carl Marx was a virgin.

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If mores are unnecessary, then you better make sure that you aren't murdered by a comrade just after you defeat the big bad nazi man finna authoritize up your bitch ass. Appeal to Natural Law is not bad at all, but I know a better way to do it than to hang around Marxists who will end up killing each other in the end. Sorry bro. I think leftism is outdated and I know all of you can feel it. Good Night Alt-Left you sold out and you'll never ever be more than a shallow husk.

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Please, enlighten us commiecat spammer. Need i remind you that wasting your time on the internet arguing against the "alt-left" isn't in your best interests? You're better off not using the internet at all with how unhealthy it is. You're spooked by notions of political philosophies swimming in your head. Every time you have a debate on the internet, a portion of your own brain has to translate what someone else said online. Spooky.

I fucking swear to motherfucking shit. The admin of this board better fucking respond to me. If you continue to allow this type of shit in a so called leftist space the full weight of reddit is coming. Just give me adminship of this board. Do it right fucking now. Your motherfucking life hangs in the balance. You have 24 hours to comply. You have the emails. We know who you are. Do what the fuck you've been told to do


Hey, someone ask me why I hate neoliberal reddit bashy fuckwads. Please.

We have the anarcho-nihilist guy and commiecat spammer here. Where is mr. Anprim? Who's paying you guys to shill? Can i get paid too?

I only post in threads where I can stir up shit

Hey, I know. You should go give more proles gaping head wounds. That'll help.

You're certainly no Satanist, that's for sure. From what I see you do it in reverse which is fine for things not explicit in the magickal arts. Compassion has no place in LHP and you know that.
Don't try and deny that the board creator ended up being a neolib sycophant pink-pilled and Alayuna all up with arrogance from even worse types paying tribute. Top-down Pyramid Achetype like all the rest. I swear if you lot want to get away from this paradigm, then why do you continue to seek the top-down hierarchy and tweak it so half-assedly as though it wouldn't reform into it's natural blob.

You've correctly identified me.

Tut-tut. You just don't want any flexibility to ANPRIM because those dumb rural folks must be uneducated unlike us who live amongst gentry, hate them, yet emulate them.

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Tokarev vs .30 carbine gogogo



Deceptive Zig Forumsyps just can't argue in good faith. Sad.

I’m not even going to deny it, I guess I’m not allowed to change flags

only good for antiques
can't get ppsh
literally just 7.63 mauser
50m range
also only good for antiques
can get m1 carbine
over 50 m range
original american ingenuity

They need the proper ideals to be taught to them by their betters in the Google HR department. If they won't accept it they must be purged.

A .30 Rifle cartridge can't be compared to the nekkeddown pistol cartridge like 7.62x25 because they fulfill different roles. The differences between different ammo manufacture and handloads in the same round are random enough and .303, .30-06, .30-30, etc. don't really make that much of a difference unless you're aiming for competitive above Mil-Spec Level shooting. In any case. I'd carry the CZ-52 in an ankle holster and the SP-01 on my belt if not a 10mm, .357SIG, or .357MAG wheel and deal gun instead.

No shit.

Lies. I have one right here for yee. It just needs to be upgraded after you buy it from surplus.

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Everyone shut the fuck up about economics right now. The only thing that matters right now is trans rights. One more god damn thread about capitalism and we're just taking this fucking board away from you.

I feel like The Ego and Its Own was your first book and you haven't even finished it yet.


Because it seems agreeable to reasonable people.

If I proposed something like "i barely work at all and get more than people who work more", why would anyone support me?

if socialism can improve the lives and capacity for labor within all regions of the world, then it would be plain to see that it would be better on the materialist level (considering smarter people can produce better quality things and find solutions to future problems). Your basically claiming that people shouldn't try to improve their material condition by claiming muh morality. Your entire philosophy belongs in the trash.

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absurdly gay and bluepilled

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What do you egoists even want for real?

the self interest of the 90% is communism and taking a part of that system (whether it's state regulated or ancom) would be in your best interest because it gives many benefits for the price of you taking part in it.
"each according to his ability" doesn't mean working 12 hours exerting yourself to death

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there's no difference between saying "The weak should fear the strong" and "the strong should fear the weak". Same thing with Ego and Other, it's a distinction without a difference. If you make the claim that everything is relative, and the truth is inaccessible then the only two consistent positions one can take are "we're the strongest force so we're right to dominate all others" and "we're the greatest victims so we're right to dominate all others". I don't accept these terms of debate that fascists and zionists put forward. Their position is invalid from the outset. Inherently reprehensible. Power is not the ultimate word. Power does not constitute reality. Knowing does.

You don't need to go to church, you just need to start thinking.