Stop being a wage-slave and opt out

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this doesn't make any sense if your argument for this relies on first-world proles being able to buy stuff like iphones and smart TVs and shit. How do these things structurally change the division of labor?
you literally could've said this at any point in Capitalism's development. if I wanted to be a nitpicky asshole, I could say that the average prole now actually has less of a choice since so many products are being created by a rapidly diminishing number of corporations.

The division of labor is irrelevant if proles are able to live like kings. And even despite this, they are depressed, atomized, suicidal and unhealthy. It’s not capitalism that is the problem, it’s the entire modern civilization.
They have more choice then, not loss, the maker doesn’t matter

requisite lel
most proles aren't. like at all. world poverty hasn't decreased in the last 30 years like any organization says it has. You could say proles live in comparative luxury to how things were like 100 years ago, but even in the last 50 years we've seen a dramatic drop in the quality of life for a huge amount of the population, primarily due to not increasing pay in step with productivity and inflation. which leads into your next point.
bullshit, it absolutely is capitalism. what you've done is point to a million social and health problems, ignore all of the possibilities to relieve stress on these sections of the population by changing how our world works NOW, and declared your ideology the only solution. shit, half of the things you mentioned could be fixed under capitalism right now if burgers weren't completely braindead.
Nobody really cares if there are 9000000 varieties of moon pie at the local 7/11. Most of these variations only exist because they cost nothing to produce and cause brand loyalty among those people who get a kick out of seeing pickle rick sticker on their cereal.
The real problem becomes when you need to buy a water bottle because your city's water fountain service has been gutted by austerity and fund-gutting, and the only options that are available to you are owned by Coca-Cola corp., which basically guarantees someone in India is going to die of thirst.

No. Capitalism has brought material abundance in the form of new commodities.
The goal is to express our technology unbound to the commodity form.

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its silly to say that communism will not have depressed or unhealthy people

Yeah but like I need medicine or I die

Yo, amprim bro. Maybe you should stop using internet, because - believe it or not - you are certainly contributing to the system.


never said that. what I said is that the number of sad and depressed people could be reduced by communism. There will always be depressed people, even in your anprim utopia, that's for sure

That's a pretty eurocentric take, user.
It really depends where you look that capitalism has brought wealth to the world.

Most of the world that is no the first, western, world is pretty bad off. Look at south America. Plus, technology isn't, really, a bad thing. It's a tool, like everything else. Capitalism has just created such a large swath of alienation that it is now bleeding over into individuals and screens are how they are coping with it.

I'm not saying opting out is bad, but, it's not a realistic option for majority of people. (I myself am a computer tech who has lived in the inner city hios whole life) I woulodn't know wher eto start living in the woods like that.

I've been homeless before, but, that's about it.

Also my life is far from comfortable. I just want shelter and anime. That's not too much to ask.

I guess what I am saying is "Why not both?"

no they don’t

this doesn’t make revolution more unlikely, it just makes life worse

The USSR wasn’t atomized, hell most capitalist countries pre-1970 weren’t atomized.

If the revolution is never coming (and you'd have to be terminally stupid too think so), I would much rather keep my hot showers and my refrigerator than run away to the forest, get Giardia and shit water until I die of thirst.

this, listen to him and trash your laptop.

too bad you won't get shelter because anprim greenie wokefags and you won't get anime because Jason Unruhe will claim that they are all filthy fist worlders that will have to die.
Also, anti-glasses gang will probably bash your teeth in for being unwilling to abandon your city life to work in the fields.

Pre-industrial tech is still tech. We aren't goddamned Amish ShunUites. An obsidian blade or a chiseled rock made into a Celt Axe is still technology. The crazy e-celebs didn't understand what Uncle Ted was trying to say and don't understand that ANPRIM is living in harmony with nature while utilizing the human intellect to its maximum potential. ANPRIM has not been fleshed out yet and has much room for improvement.

Haters and critics apply inflexibility to something they dislike, but not to their own ideologies.

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I am so fucking curious to know how you'd convince me to give up hot showers if there's never gonna be a revolution. Please nigga please.

I've spoilered your image as it contains the Sonnerad / black sun . (For context, this symbol is often deployed by the far right:

I don't think there are 12 year olds posting here. Everyone should already be aware of that fact.

There is going to be a revolution. The issue is the extremely bitter pill that everyone and their fucking grandma will have to swallow because that kind of societal breakdown and chaos favours no man. I told you already that harmonizing with nature is what ANPRIM is really about and you still have a boomer-tier take on it because "fuck you." No?

I knew you would as I posted it, but it's a better reaction than Miss Piggy would have had to be honest. The Black Sun isn't inherently ebil gnahtzee maymay, but it certainly was snapped up mad quick by them. More mythos and symbology than anything.

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Swallow my gamer cum you green libtard.

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We didn't start the fire tho? Neolibs are filthy and revolution comes. What do?

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Yeah I know. But if I just point it out, then everyone's happy.
is happy because their contribution to the thread remains.
I'm happy because I post a link to an article which explains the Nazi symbolism (rendering it ineffective.)
Obviously, there are anons who are opposed to moderation in principle, or going to think this is an abuse of the power of moderators.
But nearly everyone.

It is ok for you to misunderstand the meaning of The Black Sun. It is ok for one to believe that "revolution is mine" rather than an element of chaos. Try this on for size if you don't believe me, but understand that we only follow he who burns brightest as The World turns.
His return is imminent.
All Hail!
The Universe shall birth the King of Kings and The World will find balance.

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The retard banned because it was afraid of Swastikats. Absolute pussyboi. NPCs are reactionary as fuck and quiver with fear. The subhuman thing could never realize the role that Stellar Masses that are lightyears away play in it's pathetic life.

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jebs :DDDD

Iz afraid :DDDDD. Why gommunist fears truths? Am not journoligdst. AMBRIM.

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This is a slight improvement over checkers

read marx

Bourgie hippie take, not everyone can run of in the woods and survive. Not everyone lives next to the woods of Hollywood or can drive out of the city, get provisions and materials to build a cabin.

I bet you also say this to homeless people to starving on the streets:

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truly the marking of an unthinking conformist

If your of tech doesn’t cure cholera it’s worthless.

we know that water is wet

No, your just being captin obvious

no one cares, if you want to convince us of AnPrim, occultist symbolism won’t do it.

First off he was’t, he was born Protestant and became an Atheist, but if he was why would that matter?

Fuckin' lol.

OP should abandon their bourgeois-ish ideological view.

Fuck, I was hoping the guy would end up killing it

gonna have to cancel on that off grid living, op

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Looks like shit.
no thanks.

Isn't that Ted Kaczynski's Cabin?

Or you could opt in, save your sheckels, buy cyptocurrencies when they are cheap and sell when they are valuable. Then move on to stock markets.
It's foolish to think you can change the monetary system when you have no mastery of the existing system.

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This is it, the dystopia is coming

Porky state ensuring that opting out is not a choice.

Marx talks about this scenario in Wage Labor & Capital

The world cannot support it's current population with subsistance farming.
Industrial farming is essential.

What you suggest is ultimately similar to the liberal 'learn to code' argument, a solution that may work for individuals, but is absolutely not a structural solution.
Much like organic foods (pesticides are necessary as part of industrial farming to produce enough food), opting out is ultimately just first world lifestyleism, albeit just an extreme version.
We cannot all just opt out; while it might considerably reduce the individual footprint of a western consumer, we are still better off looking to re-structure our current global resource system, as offers the best system for giving everyone a good standard of living.

Serious question, I wanna move to a mid sized city in my same state. I live in more populated area and its basically just neoliberal hell, traffic, high rent, crowded, etc. Im currently unemployed and living with my parents. I'm trying to get into IT, but before that I'm trying to get into this recovery program and then get a normal part time job and then try to transition into IT and then moving out. is there any hope for me not having to work over 40 hours a week forever in my new city? Cost of living is kinda low, and I really wanna do other stuff like explore the city and meet people instead of working every day. I just wonder if I could work something like 32 hours a week instead of 40, or work on and off. Anyone ever try this?

being able to work less than 40hrs/week in the current situation is only possible because of people somewhere else being exploited to make up for the "exploitation gap" you leave.

concerning rent and stuff: it's inherent logic of capitalism that rent will rise everywhere regardless.
places where rent is not rising are literally places you won't be able to live in in not so distant future because infrastructure will deteriorate even more than it did already.

as for 'getting into IT':
do you have any related skills? otherwise, 'going into IT' is pretty much a porky meme to undercut wages.additionally most trivial stuff is outsourced and offshored by now, basic code is written in ukrainia, India, whatever.

lastly, any form of "freelancing" in our system is optimizing the level of exploitation of you yourself.
in case you are successfull at it, you can hire staff an exploit people yourself though…

Ted was talking about destructive products being forced on the human condition but even I'm not sure what sort of technology he was talking about. Cars and cellphones are necessities now and control our lives because of the business opportunities they open, and we're required to sell ourselves in a competitive manner. Just opting out won't be enough, you'll be enroached on eventually, technology will be discovered again and it gives such an edge you won't stand a chance. Anprim is a personal choice, ecosocialism, arcologies, and sustainable technology with strict defenses against abuse is all one can hope for.

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Proles being invested in the stock market is literally bourgeoisification. It's not that they can buy iPhones, but that they can stop working when they have siphoned enough profits through their investments. If you work for a living but have a 401k or stock options or whatever, you're bourgeoisified. This isn't about how comfy proles are in the first world or about how ideologically invested they are in capitalism, it's about basic relations to the means of production.

how the fuck are you living in that fucking cabin, but still have an internet connection

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