ITT: the supidest current reactionary talking points

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I do consider it "socialist oriented" though.


I think my favorite has to be "leftist" tech giant censorship.

I absolutely despise it when i hear someone say judeo-christian values built “The West” (see Ben Shapiro’s latest book ‘The Right Side of History’) because it seems like a way to whitewash the anti-semitism prevalent within first world countries before the holocaust. Hell, burgers are more willing to accept syrian refugees today than jewish refugees at the time of the holocaust. Not saying that jewish people haven’t played a part in shaping history but the idea that there was this uniform concept of judeo-christian values, or even a uniform concept of “the west” that harkens back all the way to ancient Greece just seems like a 20th century invention.

Especially when you remember that Christianity and Athenian philosophy had both existed for about 1800 years before Europe began to really pull away from the rest of the world in terms of power and technology. The really stupid thing about idealism is that without a basis in material factors, there’s nothing to explain why cave men didn’t spontaneously come up with the Enlightenment 50,000 years ago.

They're all stupid. You think you've seen it all but they always a way to shock with with how fucking retarded they are.

but user, CNN saying things that I disagree with is literally communism

it gets even funnier when they fanboy ancient greeks as origin of muh western traditionalist values but forget how ridiculously gay greeks were

I remember watching one such video of a guy fapping to Cicero without once realising that maybe things have changed in the past 2000 yeats




or when they fanboy aristotle but forget that aristotle thought the northern races(aka le nords) were “full of spirit, but wanting in intelligence and skill; and therefore they keep their freedom, but have no political organization, and are incapable of ruling over others”



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This has been the rightwings talking points since the dawn of time.

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Basically anything that has to do with cultural Marxism.

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How about



I'm seriously losing faith in humanity, comrades

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Yeah good points there. In France I can def feel what you're saying.

i can add


This, I've realized how futile arguing with a right winger is because they'll just spring some new batshit conspiracy theory on you. Or they'll make something up entirely, cobbled together from real people and locations so that it'll confuse you and send you down a trail of debunking it. Yet when you've collected the evidence for why they're wrong, they've vanished - only to come back a week later with another falsity.

The GJ are infested by reactionnaries tho. They published a poll showing that 46% thought the Great Replacement is real. There is also a thing about supposed antisemitism but tbh I think they aren't really antisemitic I think they just want to kill the parasites like BHL, Jacque Attali, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Alain Finkelkraut or Raphael Glucksmann.
I agree these warmongering, bourgeois Jewish intellectual need to be outed from public life. But I don't agree with the antisemitic and racist aspects the movement can take.

The GJ movement isn't monolithic. There are a lot of people benefiting a lot from creating a boogeyman.

It's pretty funny that Hitler said essentially the same about the jews. They always project their pathological psychology onto their boogeymen.

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Did you guys miss the thread where people had videos of leftist gillets kicking rightists into the pavement?
Right wingers just got purged pretty quick.

Same. It's like trying to talk to someone who speaks an alien language.

oh yes the conspiracy theories
i argued with one over global warming recently (mistake ofc), we went from ((intellectuals)) faking data to get funding, to ((you know exactly who)) wanting to crash the white man's economies with climate regulation, to the usual muh big government shit
at some point i had to argue that the maybe "soon" occuring pole shift is causing climate change, then he talked about how the magnetic field is responsible for the earth's poles being covered in ice "ever wondered why ice is always at the poles of planets, libtard"
it's like they are incapable of looking at the world without seeing lizard men/jews behind everything

The boomer isn't wrong he's just…a boomer.
It really is a vicious racket used to attack people and levy any form of revenue like a classic racket.
Gee I could think of much worse things that ruined all of that already but a vol might get butthurt.
I can't wait the see the havoc from cosmic rays unfiltered on this beat up little earth. That could fuck with the climate, but man you can't support that Climate Change because it's a fucking evil racket for dummy neolibs. The best thing you can do is to quit supporting countries like China who dump the worst kinds of trash into the oceans and then double-speak at the foolish baizuo. The Earth can take care of itself, but preservation of the local environment is key to longevity and success wherever you reside.

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It doesn't. I would go into a debate….. but i'm sleepy so goodbye!

Okay, Sam Harris.

free will as a concept of a social system value exists.

but going beyond that: what is will made off and what does it mean for it to be free, can it violate the laws of nature ? If so how does it do that ?

Cool story bro. You beat me in one punch. Perhaps you're taking the AnPrim incorrectly?

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it's kind off sad how dull witted this is, they basically got caught with a scam, and they can't come up with something better then "Marx most bad"

that's literally what it is. people came up with that to disassociate from the anti-semitism that led to the holocaust

more because of performative wokeness than actual sympathy. the americans are the ones causing syrians to flee their land in the first place

We need to help our own citizens before illegal immigrants, but helping our citizens is radical leftism.

I actually used to say these things when I was an ancap.

What I hate about the left is all the feminist and anti-racist policies oriented to help these movement in their respective fight, while considering that their conclusions are based on thin air.

Did you choose your family, your physical appearance, your mental capacity? No, you are nothing more than a link in the long chain of cause and effect.

The fatal flaw of Nazi ideology is believing that killing only 60% of rich people will solve their problem. Nazis have a problem with traitors because they kill 60% of the rich, but the 40% that are non-jewish are left alone to sell the country's economy to shambles.
Printing money and controlling certain aspects of industry doesn't make you Socialist. If anything, Hitler was a Social Democrat. His economy was a Nationalist Social Democracy. He should've nationalized everything and collaborated with the Soviets to defeat the west, but he didn't. Now look where we are.

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This is what happens when you reject historical materialism, kids.

TIK and his center right and liberal audiences always go full retard when it comes to economic and political science topics. Moreover, Youtube Idpoller team is always butthurt by muh hitler is left wing stuff and demonetize his channel.

North Korea democracy is the best democracy in the world

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It's not claimed as science: it needs no study or axioms. It's common sense: it just needs you to open your stupid goy eyes and see how everyone's worse off for the industrial negro husbandry of the past half century. But you do see it and you contort the most irritating theories to deny what's plainly before your eyes.(racist rightwinger)

probably the shittest talking point of them all

If you were going to go here couldn't you have least brought the "spic nigger cycle" maymay into it, or was that too anticapitalist for your tastes?

Or maybe YOU need to open your stupid schizo eyes and see how everyone's worse off for the technocratic neoliberal shitfuckery of the past half century. But you do see it and you contort the most irrational conspiracy theories to deny what's plainly before your eyes.

Not to be rude but this thread is kind of pointless. Nearly everything reactionaries say are moronic. It'd be more constructive having a thread to discuss rebukes to their few good talking points.

Why are all the f*sh now trying to steal our historical movements by claiming they weren't really Marxists and that they were "based and redpilled xD" ? I see this behavior especially on /fascist/ with some strange Khmer Rouge supporter claiming that Pol Pot wasn't really Marxist.

What if instead of rejecting Marx by putting three parentheses around his name they actually read his work and understood it ? I'm pretty sure half of the board would end up becoming Marxist (except for the retarded closet libertarians) because deep down they are Socialist, they are just brainwashed by anti-semitic and racist propaganda. Everytime I see a Strasserist I don't see an enemy, I see a Comrade that has read the wrong books.

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So make one

The confusion between personal and private property is the most annoying to me

Yeah go fuck yourseft faggot.

None of them are/were fascism, but pol pot is fucking crazy.

well it might be worth changing our rhetoric
and rename these

personal property -to- private property
private property -to- expropriated labour
private property -to- corporate property

Are you sure it's confusion and not because the Marxist distinction between private and personal property is a 19th century idea?

For a programmer, a laptop computer is personal -and- private property (it is a means of production)

A pen and paper or a typewriter is MOP by this standard

Just rename private property to lucrative property.

not all of it is lucrative though, so this would be confusing.

besides we want this to be named with the perspective of the working class in mind.

Sorry I offended you, are you from Vietnam ?
I don't support Pol Pot but to say he was a Fascist is wrong. But that he was racist against the Vietnamese ? I 100% agree he was.

Well fucking maybe I will.

The NSDAP was more right wing economically than the German Social democrats they replaced, actively privatizing some industries that had previously been under state control.
They were more like centrists/center-right economically.

Hitler's support from conservatives and the military was on the condition that he would work against the communists, so nationalizing everything is obviously off the table.

Then of course, one of the main reasons for the Nazi's support, also particularly from the conservatives/aristos and the military, was his promise to take back the lands that had been taken as part of Versailles.
German conservatives had been interested in the concept of Lebensraum as early as the 1800s, and during the first world war they effectively achieved it; having officially conquered all the way into eastern Russia, as per the Brest Litvosk treaty.
The Treaty of Versailles gave all of this land back to Poland and the new USSR.
This ties in with the whole 'stabbed in the back' idea, where many Germans believed that they only lost because of the workers strikes and other socialist insurrection towards the end of the war.

Hitler linked this all together as part of his race conspiracy narrative, blaming the 'Judeo Bolsheviks' for Germany's defeat and ensuing economic difficulty (linking Jews in, capitalised on background anti-Semitic sentiment and also allowed Hitler to blame Germany's economic issues on 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸bankers🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸, despite bankers and Versailles having literally nothing to do with Bolsheviks) and promising to defeat them at home and abroad in the USSR, whilst regaining Germany's 'rightful' clay in the process.
Invading the USSR, anti-communism and violent anti-Semitism pretty much made up the core of his ideology.

'Privatization' didn't mean much in NS Germany where state controlled natural resources and raw materials. State planned economy by deciding who gets, and what amount of materials.
Also NSDAP's 'cooperation' with conservatives is best explained on the example of their coalition with DNVP for elections - they just did what helped them met their goals, in this case to win elections, and then they blown DNVP the fuck out immediately after.

Except the Nazis didn’t introduce this policy, the SPD did, and the Nazis rolled it back.
We’re talking about conservative figures and traditional conservative forces, not conservative parties. Obviously Germany was a one party state, but they had the active support of establishment forces including German capitalists and much of the former aristocracy.

Hot take:


*fascism is when taxes
*socialism is when taxes
*liberalism is when taxes


How do we not have a monarchism flag?

My favorite one is how communism isn't in human nature, despite it being a part of the nature of natures to include the capacity for changing to become a different nature.

Remember the Purple Revolution. That theory is so poorly cobbled together that you do not even see threads about it on Zig Forums anymore.

In a way you can say that Stalin's government is indeed fascist.

Soros fought for the nazis when he was but 10 and funds every single communist organization and that includes the democrats who are communist.

By far the hottest take.

Even better

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You’re not really offending anybody. I’m just tired of seeing Westerners not realizing the economic and social problems the DK’s government caused that led to them trying to invade Vietnam in the first place and the clear comparison between it and other fascist regimes.

The debate over free will is a bit stupid. Both sides take this idealist stance that "you" are some metaphysical essence or force apart from your body and you control it like some kind of pilot, with the question being if you genuinely control it, or if it just follows the laws of the universe and the control is just an illusion. The truth is that "you" are you body, that your personality and your will are shaped by and very much a part of the laws of the universe. Material reality isn't overriding your will, your will is a part of material reality.

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