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Has Mao had a greater historical impact than Lenin? Obviously Mao built from Lenin, but if you look at the lasting socialist states and contemporary struggles for socialist states, history seems to be more in line with a Maoist conception.

The most glaring example is China, now almost the most powerful nation, regardless of whether you think its socialism or not, but consider that temporary allegiances with the national bourgeois in the name of the goal of national liberation is part of Mao's thought.

In the current day, there are several ongoing armed communist insurgencies around the world, nearly all of them are Maoist. The Naxalites, The New Peoples Army in the Philippines.

Rojava, called anarchist by some, has its roots as a Protracted Peoples War for national liberation.

While the zapatistas do not claim roots in Maoism, their struggle looks almost identical to that of other Maoist groups.

Mao also had a huge influence on othe rLatin American struggles, in Columbia, Peru, even the Che and FIdel were heavily influenced by Mao.

The largest armed communist group in US history, the Black Panther Party, was mainly influenced by Mao, the free breakfast programs an attempt to "serve the people" as Mao instructed.

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Posted before I finished.

What all these groups have in common is that the revolution came mostly from the peasantry as opposed to the urban working class, mostly because in these places there wasn't very many urban worker in comparison

All of these are also protracted struggles that utilized guerrilla warfare.

All of these had a focus on direct material aid as a form of revolutionary organisation. While they still had a place in the labour movement, the focus was on direct armed struggle and survival

That is a Leninist ideology, and Occalan was an ML, not a Maoist before Bookchin.
Again, national liberation was formulated by Lenin, not Mao.
But much more influenced by Stalin. Pic related.

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Depends on how you define historical impact. How many deaths they caused definitely had a historical impact on the families of those killed. On the culture or the world in general, Mao definitely wins here, got the psychological conditions just right and you know this because you still see it today and you can wear a shirt with his face on it and no one will punch you.

Mao did overall good but is one of the most overrated communist in history. He liberated China and built socialism but he

he basically was a huge ultra leftist who was a great tactician and sure as hell understood marxism-leninism but was a shite politician

Bad argument, the reason it is this way, is because the nature of maoist revolution is that it goes on for long. That doesn'T mean it is succesfully ongoing and not crumbling. For example, I could gather 10 People grab guns and hide in the jungle and fight occasionaly with the police, publish communist rhetoric and it would count as a revolution even though the KKE in greece is far more succesfull and close to a real revolution than me and my clique would ever be.

In reality all those maoist movements are weak as shit
Spend time shooting at other maoist groups and have been retreating ever since, no progress.
Everone got arrested they spend their time hiding in jungle and surving, no real progress either
Imperialist puppet for the US, not even maoist guerilla warfare???
Not every armed struggle is maoist for fucks sake

As a counter argument, I would bring forth the fact, that Protracted Peoples war has only ever been succesful in ONE country, China, and ML style of revolution has been succesful numerous times, basically in all revolutions except for China. And almost succesful in places like Germany for example.

Protracted peoples war is just not universal and can'T work in a crowded urban style enviroment since you need hideouts away from state surveilance where you can build up your army like in a jungle or countryside, you don't have that in industrialized areas.


didn't tupumaros in uruguay do exactly that pretty successfully (until, of course, it didn't). Also Algiers in Algerian War?

Not true, there is also Nepal. Also, if you want to shit on Maoist movements, classical ML parties these days are either Eurocommunist or going absolutely nowhere. KKE has not been able to capitalise on the Greek crisis either, and they have a lot of hangovers from their revisionist 90s. They also say stupid stuff like homosexuality is bourgeoisie and defend the police from anarchists.

Also I forget that Maoism doesn't say "you have to do protracted people's war with peasants everytime even if you live in Denmark" that's such a stupid strawman and honestly something that a right-winger would say. Why don't you go ahead and actually read Mao? Plus the "didn't develop the productive forces" bullshit is someone a Dengoid would say. Mao admitted that policy mistakes were made during the GLF but to say that no industrial base was created is wrong, otherwise Deng didn't have an industrial base to sell out to begin with.

They aren't defending police from anarchists, they are defending the mass movement from a bunch of wrecker anarkiddies that insist on turning every protest into a brawl or impotent vandalism, which the police then use as an excuse to break up the protest.
The gay stuff is dumb, but the KKE is undoubtedly the most advanced communist movement in the west.

Didn't they got elected?

Of course they been able too? They have a huge following, are in the parliament etc They are a mass party in todays party standarts.. They are as strong as our left social democratic party in germany as a Marxist-Leninist party that is huge!

True but I don't see how that is tied to them being ML

You are not giving context here, anarchist wanted to storm the parliament while the KKE realized that that is a ultraleft attack, if they would attack the parliament the military would have pushed them back in a few hours maximum killing some in progress and after that a reactionary wave would have probably hit the country with the KKE being banned

I didn't say that too lol my point is that protracted peoples war is idiotic in a surrunding that doesn'T provide the conditions for it

It's true, don't care if it is something a "Dengoid" would say, Dengs criticism of Mao was correct in that regards

Well he dismantled the poeples communes and liberalized farming etc he didn't sell of industry but rather opened specific areas for investment.

Huh its exactly the opposite ML all socialist revolutions except the Russian were won through protracted peoples war

What about all of the socialist states that existed in africa? What about cuba? What about Venezuela?

Not all of these where ML but all were an attempt at building socialism and can be transformed to ML states (like venezuela is socialist orientated but not ML but can be driven to ML socialism without needing another revolution)

What about peoples republic Yemen , PR Kapuchea, People's Republic of Kampuchea, DPRK, Laos, Mongolian Peoples Republic, Albania,Bulgaria, Romania,Yugoslavia,congo,democratic people's republic athiopia, Lybia,People's Republic of Mozambique´,Somali Democratic Republic,People's Republic of Angola etc

None of those were maoist revolution but all socialist OR socialist orientated, in all cases power was seized by socialist groups without maoist guerilla warfare

sectarian spotted, clearly he is not a fucking ultraleftist.

he carried out the biggest revolution ever.

in comparison to leninist revolutions which don't exist anywhere in the current day.

the second part of this backs up little you know about the first and why your ilk are dumb as fuck. I'm not going to get into a huge debate again, take it to the general. If you know jack shit about the situation, you would know that the Kurds were hugely influenced by Mao and Maoism. But you don't know that… but you do know enough to know they are somehow imperial puppetts. Sigh.

except it is successful right now in Rojava and the other maoist insurgencies are doing better than any leninist party anywhere on earth.

>Not every armed struggle is maoist for fucks sake
i specifically said that is not what I meant, rather that Maoist theory better describes these revolutions occuring and there are more of them, that is protracted peasant revolutions with an emphasis on national and
cultural liberation.

pahahaha this is the annoying thing about western communists you actually think anywhere is close. Its why none of you do any communist work and stick to larping and keyboard warrioring

such as? Outside of the USSR?

Are there any contemporary examples?

up the ra

didnt read the post

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I did not say hur dur everything is Maoist, rather Mao better described thr revolutions that would come

Chavez was not a leninist. Sankara ill give you but also at the same time relied heavily on the peasantry.

ahahaha and you said Rojava was an American puppet mate stop huffing that ideology

juche is not ML, nor was the revolution carried out predominatnly through the urban working class

was won by a peasantry fighting a protracted peoples war.

no idea tbh

Hoxhaism comes from Maoism

I cba to go through all of these but your list includes Libya?

mate you literally don't know what you are talking about if this is your opinion. Pretty much all of the above involved guerrila warfare carried out by the peasanttry in a protracted fashion

How can you claim having the peasantry be part of the revolution is exclusively Maoist? Revolutionary peasants were entirely indispensable to the Russian revolution, both in the initial uprisings and in the formation of the Red Army. By 1920, 77% of the Red Army were peasants.

How so? Three worlds theory,Cultural revolution etc all were ultra left errors

Thats why I said tactician. He wasn't good at leading the country and implementing politics


So you are just gonna critcise my argument without doing any of your own? lmao

Wrong? Rojava is a decentralized missfit, being fucked by Imperialist forces like Israel and Syria, they don't have a DoTP or a centralized Communist party. And every Maoist movement has been irrelavant for the past 10 years and only live because a few members still polish AKs in the jungle, they are practically dead as I already pointed out in the origianl post

They are definetly close to it than the fucking NPA wich leaders all has been caputered and is fucking irrelevant, also I am a member of a communist party what are you?

Are there any contemporary examples?

Thats not the same situation, Ireland is being occupied under a government not a idependet governed country. Also they didn't really waged a war inside the country in wich they overtook parts of the country and ruled there, they did terrorism, don't know if you would call that a peoples war like in China's_Republic_of_Kampuchea

Juche was formulated later, they were ML

A militant wing of the CP overtook, wasn't protracted peoples war

Point is that Albania didn'T transfer to socialism because of protracted peoples war

No lmao

cursed image

how was the cuban revolution carried out again?

there is nothing else to tell you really, if deny the kurds got where they are by protracted war, building dual power, then taking power, if you deny the huge Maoist influence from many of the major groups who contributed to the revolution, dunno where else we can go because you will deny anything

except it isn't, you just buy anarchist mumbo jumbo that it is. The PKK runs on democratic centralism and de facto controls both chambers of the the Kurdish state.

thought they were israeli puppets according to you people

Syria is imperial now interesting

They have a state controlled by unions, councils and communist parties. Dunno what else you would call it.

far more relevant than any Leninist movement

the kurds have never been better

the vast majority of those are not contemorary and the ones which are are not Leninist.

but much further from it than the Kurds of the Naxals.

i organise in tenants and trade unions, armed defence, community survival programs and other stuff

im not in a communist party because I am a westerner, so im not a larping teenager/student or an old grumbling man

come again

this is quite literally the biggest reach i have ever seen on leftypol ever

how was the revolution carried out?

what is this in reference to?

so speficially which ones are you claiming were carried out by an organised labour movement more so than guerrillas fighting a protracted war? (obviously in most cases there is some degree of both)

Not with Protracted peoples war

It is? Doesn't contradict itself

Mistake, meant USA

It doesn'T have a democratic centralised government with a central communist party and a DoTP

DoTP requires a central communist party and democratic centralist organized government

Cuba is a Leninist socialist state, and also KKE in greece

Not Maoist

Wrong lmao you haven't even touched on all of them hahahaha

It was a civil war, terrorism, not protracted peoples war in the sense that they overtook the country, part by part.

Not all of millitant uprising is Maoist sweetie


All of them weren't lead by a maoist type of guerilla warfare, that is the point

Mao was a fascist

No he was a cat

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