Decrease in Board Quality

I’ve noticed recently that the board quality has decreased a lot, their are a lot less effort posters, and a lot more idpolers and people who have reddit-tier and twitter-tier ideas. Like who think’s that people are born as pure leftists. This is just an example. When I came to this board in 2017 it was a lot better.

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Sort of agree; I perceived an influx of Zig Forums types beginning a while ago, around the time the old BO stepped down. Whether that's actually true or not I dunno.

I like the board quality now better. The previous BO was good, but gave me concerns Zig Forums was a right wing psyop. Trump was pretty much force memed in here to be the lesser of 2 evils even in a general election against Bernie as accelerationism was more important than improving material conditions. I could not disagree more with that, and also fear the right wing winning an invincible victory. Old BO was still good, but the environment was stiff and I felt it was more of an echo chamber. I just trust new BO more.

Yeah some posts are awful, and tankie-posters look incredibly stupid sometimes. There's less talk about economics and hard theory and more about stupid /pol issues. On the other hand, the board is like the third most visited of the site or something like that, so obviously there's an influx of newfags that don't know shit about marxism. That's great but they also reduce the quality and make shitty threads and debates. It's our duty to teach them though

Dude, old BO drove the board off a cliff. Things have been bad for a long ass time. If anything I'm glad we can post a bit more freely now.

Oh boy another thread where newfags from r/ChapoTrapHouse pretend they're oldfags who are concerned about muh board quality

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Newfag here. I obviously don’t know if the board’s quality is lower than previous years but it’s definitely better than /marx/ and Zig Forums where there’s many threads with “IF COMMUNISM GOOD THEN WHY WAS IT MADE BY whiteyS” shitposts.
Have learned a lot on my short stay here though so at least I can tell you that this board is useful in getting people into leftism.

Yo, just wanted to chime in that I love this meme.

We can get it back up, just do quality posting and work with the newer posters. I'd rather have a frequently visitied board with lower quality than a high quality board with three quality posters.

I kmow, but I’ve noticed a recent uptick in r/socialism tier opiones.

I've noticed it too and it's very frustrating. I sort of miss the stricter moderation policy, which is ironic because I'm not a marxist-leninist by any means.


lol no, there were massive numbers of social democrat bernie posters around the time of the election.

You fucking idiot, learn what words mean before you use them. That's not what accelerationism means.

Not surprising as the board is run by a feminist anarchist now. "4 years of tranny BO could not teach us what 2 months of nuBO did - to like tranny BO"

Antagonism between the board's bureaucracy and userbase makes for a healthy board culture

New B.O. is an ex-Ancom turned ML.

It has gotten worse, but it's been getting worse since the split. Unlike , I doubt it's any particular influx of Zig Forums posters because I'm not seeing an overall increase in the sort of posts they'd make anywhere.

Almost nothing in this post is true. There were people who were opposed to voting for Sanders in 2016 (I was one of these, against a good portion of the board if not the majority), but there was almost no one advocating voting for Trump outside of random Zig Forums threads. People here were pleasantly surprised he was speaking about the failures of US policy and enjoyed the spectacle, but that's pretty much it.

Fuck right off, the old BO was the problem.


been here since the tail end of 2014. Board peaked end of 2015-mid 2017 and the BO killed it with the mass bans and Rojava filters

these are all from pro board regime /r/socialism refugees

Such as?

bye bye baboons

Rejoice, at long last, the baboon poster is back!
The post quality of this board will surely increase now.

Hey, kid, oldfag here! I've been here from the very beginning. "Quality” did not drop, only participation has become more streamlined.

Get a grip, honestly!

Meh it is okay. The only change is the topic of discussion.

Do you lick boots for free? Or are you the vols themselves? No mods, no masters

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i bet you were one of those bookchin fags we fucked to death with the giant cockshott in 2017.

if you dont like it make an effortpost. its probably just summerfriends posting anyway