New US Military base in Rojava


According to the source, the military base will have a runway.

Al-Darbasia is a region controlled by Kurdish members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

On July 25, the Rossa Primavera News Agency reported that the construction of an observation point began in Tal Fandar region in the western part of the Tel Abyad, to the north from the city of Rakka.

Just as we thought US moved out and tension could go down, US builds another Military base. Fucking hell

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Not surprised, just disappointed. What do you expected from people who think markets and idpol are good, actually.

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Oh come on, this is the middle east.

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Black nationalism is not good even if it's in south africa faggot. They literally have special priviliged councils for a specific identity group, how is this not sexist? Anyway muh wimmins is mostly just a distraction from their endorsement of private property, markets and their age-old religions/ethnic feuds.

Fuck Rojava

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Fuck the YPG
Fuck Rojava
Fuck Israel

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No, it's Syria. Ever wonder why the radlib magazines weren't promoting these female soldiers?

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Oh no he just went with meetings with the Democratic Head in Congress and future foreign minister in 2007 because he wanted the booze.

his wife is so pretty
Anyway, blair isn't american, you should have posted him with the queen. Regarding the other pictures:
Assad Executing Reporters Compilation

I know Blair isn't a yank, because he was my PM. He's worse than a yank, he was a yank puppet.

So did the USSR. Nationalities had their own territories and governments based on nationality and a specialist women's department, called the Zhenotdel was created to spread propaganda to include more women in the work force.

Didn't know about that, but Kurds are not only situated in Syria, but Iran, Iraq and Turkey as well.

Yeah but I never read about them in an American Corporate news puff piece and they aren't being funded by The MIC so fuck them.

Can i get a solid source for this? The source just takes you to another news article that links to a news feed. Reliable sites like southern front and Syrian war map don't have anything about this.

They were forced to as they needed the labour, sort of how western countries did it for the profit. It was a bad idea to give in so in the long term, them being a union of states instead of united state made it so easy to break up. America has pretty much completely crushed anything that might break them up.

Women’s councils, women’s military units, and women’s organizations have been part of the socialist movement since its inception. This is hardly some kind of idpol deviation, it’s quite standard for a leftist movement to have such institutions.

idpol has been a problem since the beginning, succes were in spite of not because of it.It' also the countries with the most feminiism were these special women priviliges exist, sysria is incedibly gender-"egalitarian" for the region and so is the west were leftists have been drowned by idpol and become worthless to all but a bunch of opportunists.

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Idpol and women’s liberation are not the same thing. The latter is a core part of Marxism and always had been.
Yes but ISIS wasn’t, and they were the YPG’s primary enemy.

Liberation from what, exactly? Don't say patriarchy.

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ISIS is gone and never was a thing in the west where we live. Yet the special women's orgs remain.

fucked baaaaased ypg! can't wait to see more american spec ops standing next to my qt kurdish waifus

google murray bookchin. now if you'll excuse me, i have some breadtube videos to watch

Cringe and blupilled

Original BO told you, he fuckin' told you but y'all didn't listen.


Are you fucking retarded? Do you know what diplomacy is? I can show you pictures of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un smiling together. Is that proof that the DPRK are American lapdogs similar to the Rojava? Fuck no. Google Lenin Books PDF.

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