Porky’s Space Obsession

Recently Porkies like Musk and Bezos foe example have been investing a lot of capital into space. However, outside of the “starlink” project most of their actions aren’t profitable. For example recent rocket developments. A bunch of space companies have made rockets that are cheeper to lift stuff into space then previous rockets, which is good, but from that viewpoint of capital cheeper rockets, mean that the rate of profit for rocket production is reduced. A more distant goal is that many of these Porkies want to build space colonies, however again this doesn’t seem to be profitible, at least not within their lifetimes. So why are they doing this? Do they really expect long term profits from this, or is this the result of nerds becoming porkies. Capital being spent on unprofitable actions.

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They're going to be so assmad when China and India undercut them.

The rich never live ascetic, they always spend plenty on luxuries and pet projects. There is too much capital already invested and low rates of return so it's not like they could get as much profit as they would like to anyway.


Porky MUST be trapped on earth with us, or he will destroy the planet and escape

Porky is gearing up for him and his family to be spared from this doomed Earth he created obviously.

Imagine believing in that meme. Most space debris falls back to Earth within a few weeks. For Example, India’s ASAT test.

Trains weren't profitable either in the mid XIX century, yet capitalists had so much money accumulated thanks to miserable working conditions that they jumped into it. Maybe something similar is going on with this shit

Maybe, they're kind of butting up against basic physics in this case though. Without a space elevator it will never be profitable to bring resources to and fro space.


Maybe normal people don't think about the world in terms of "rich vs poor" and just want to move humanity to a better place. Maybe there's no profit motive in these actions, and they just want to improve the living conditions of people who can't otherwise afford internet access, and give humanity access to other planets. Not everyone is a caricature of evil.

Ok we can blast all of our trash up there every few weeks

Except these people are.

I think it's a combination of personal interest and having a massive fortune that is pretty much impossible to spend in its entirety. These porkies have so much money and you can only buy so many luxury cars and build so many mansions before you run out of shit to do, so they decide to use their money to be the first ones to do certain shit in space. I also think they're trying to be the first to develop the tech that will allow asteroid mining, as being the first ones to be able to do that will make them even more rich and powerful.

reminder that all notions of space colonisation and expansion beyond earth are deeply reactionary and anti-socialist

t. anprim

lmao I bet you believe Musk is actually an inventor and visionary and not just a cynical financier con artist.

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Sounds like a good reason to be a reactionary anti-socialist(whatever that word salad means). Given a choice between "go to space" and "not go to space", I choose the space option.

That guy is retarded. Obviously we should into space eventually. But that doesn't mean the sociopath bankers in charge of it now have good intentions.

Is that because of romantic notions and too much scifi?

They ran out of things to spend money on, so why not just literally blow it up?

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It's not a bad thing for humanity to have grand goals to aspire to, the current listlessness of society is directly related to the fact that most people see nothing to work for besides personal gain.

People who think of capitalist as some evil are morons. The system is to blame.

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Let me euthanize you

And who has a vested interest in maintaining that system?

Capitalists usually don't even really work in the best interests of capitalism, that's why we're in this crisis situation. Either way emotional language like 'evil' is pointless, better just to point out that the existence of the rich is a threat to the survival of the masses.

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capitalists are subject to abstract rules that they do not control, such as the search for profit in order to remain as privileged capitalists and not becoming proles.

maybe we can just convince them to stop threatening us then

In other words, the people who are intentionally making decisions that threaten the survival of the masses to benefit themselves are evil, but we shouldn't call them evil to avoid sounding like a schizo.

use ur words user :)

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You're parroting fascist idealist nonsense :)

Obviously capitalist because they enjoy the privilege. That doesn't mean you have to outright murder them and think they are literally devils. There's indeed is a place for them to transform themselves into the common folk. Hell, you can play two against each other to gain an upper hand.

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I mean if you wanna look at it that way, you can, but most bourgs are just perpetuating the ideology they were raised in. The point is even the 'nice capitalists' are part of an evil system. Just like how we recognise the kindly old plantation owner that treats his mammies and pappies nicely is still a mortal threat to liberty that must be deposed by any means.

it's not that simple either. Capitalists aren't evil per se (though some of them must be), yet their transformation is harder. Contrary to the working class, they have a lot to lose and little to gain.

If 'having grander goals for society' is inherently fascist then shit, just call me Franco.

That's the point though, it's the system they live in that determines their actions, even a 'gentle' porky who likes to imagine he's well intentioned is still destroying the world for his own power.

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(you don't ask them for permission user)

But what if it brings a person large quantities of pleasure to see "evil" people killed? Who are you to deny that person a chance to maximize their utility?

Petty bourgs are easy to transform. They are an abomination. The big ones can enjoy their privelege, assuming they help us. The transformation is a long process. There's a room for change in every one of us. Those who don't will get into prison.

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"That's just the ideology they were raised in" is right up there with "they were just following orders" on the scale of copout apologetics.

Oy gevalt. And did I say we shouldn't fight against them because of that?

No, they could give up their wealth and become workers, they are complicit.

The smaller ones are even worse imo, especially those who rose in the ranks and they are *much* more numerous.

I think you're taking his post out of context . Read the second half. He's not excusing anyone.

The billionaire ones certainly are.

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We know what you sci fi geeks are.

Why accumulate if not to waste it on luxuries? This is Wealth 101 here.

gaymers are fascists


You can't waste all of it if you want to stay a porky.

Would you not call the "kindly" plantation owner evil for happily participating in evil acts?

The best capitalists reinvest as much as possible and live as ascetic life.

Don't you see man, capitalists don’t, like, look in the mirror and say “I am evil so I will be evil today”. Sure, their actions will inevitably lead to billions of deaths across multiple species, they profit and hold power from slavery, war, and genocide; they lead nations in the most brutal and ferocious of campaigns such as Vietnam, but have you ever considered that in the real world evil people know they’re evil and are evil for fun?

Why would I? Waste of time. Just shoot his children, then him and move on to the next plantation.

Go home Yezhnov

Just one more plantation, I promise.

This is more of a plantonic ideal of a capitalist, the profits are so large that their lifysle upto a very high level has almost no influence on their wealth growth.

The best capitalist accumulates enough to receive enough in passive income enough to enterain his every whim and desire.

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Because they want to leave earth once they destroy the planet.
I thought this would be obvious.

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I would say most of the billionaire porkies are more attracted to power as its own reward than luxuries per se - otherwise they would just quit and live the rest of their life partying and wiping their asses with $100 bills.


That's the end goal for sure, back to feudalism.

You're thinking in feudalistic terms.

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Get on my level.

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Exactly, there is no difference between a robberbaron and an actual baron.

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I kinda wonder what people do in such big houses. I can understand the thought process of building a house in a nice place such as the hills, but that? What's the space for? Although I admit, I do enjoy little spaces. Pic very much related.

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Couldn't stop his granddaughter from going full commie bandit though

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And they still levied the government for subsidies and expenditures.

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I'd kill to be this naive again.

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You have the cart before the horse.

It's not that People aspire for nothing but personal gain and therefore that is causing ruptures with in the system…

Rather, it is that the system drives people to work for nothing but personal gains and, therefore, the system has built with in it inherent contradictions.

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What exactly makes you think you will be included in the "going to space" part?

We are all just cogs in an endless mechanism we call capitalism.
We are working to get them off the planet they destroyed.

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Either way. Not sure it matters which way round.

Obviously I won't be (other than maybe as a disposable labour servitor on a mining base) but the point is that working towards space colonisation is a good idea in socialism and isn't inherently reactionary, cause that's just fucking dumb.

Yes it does because the relations that govern the material world can be altered and changed. We just have to take hold of it.

Ideas don't shape the world ideas come from the state of it;

“Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. And just as they seem to be occupied with revolutionizing themselves and things, creating something that did not exist before, precisely in such epochs of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service, borrowing from them names, battle slogans, and costumes in order to present this new scene in world history in time-honored disguise and borrowed language.” - Karl Marx

They can do it right here on Earth, no need to go to space

I don't disagree with that, actually. I think that user is wrong.

Though I think there is a point to be made given the current state of the world.

Quite easily, in fact.

Regardless of what porky should do, we should expand into space. As time goes on, humanity on one planet will approach a 1:1 chance of extinction. Of course, that could happen off Earth too, but at least it would be a reduced chance.

Billions of people are currently facing an existential crisis in the form of climate change, sending a few thousand people to live independently in space is much less important than keeping the people here on Earth alive.
The survival of actual living people is much more important than the continuation of the human species.

Saving 10,000 people from dysentery means just as much as saving the last 10,000 people in existance from an extinction event; even ignoring that a lot more people die from dysentery and it's way more resource effective to save them.
Believing otherwise is a spook.

We will have all the time in the world to build space colonies after we have actually sorted out climate change and stopped a fith of the world's population from dying before they reach adulthood.



ITT: OP gets his shit absolutely handed too him.

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Don't exactly disagree with the rest of your post, but no, this is wrong imo. Species are more important than individual lives if you have to pick.


A species that destroyed its one and only habitat isn't worth saving.

Many if not most other species will also overconsume and overreproduce in the absence of predators, it takes environmental factors like running out of food (ie resources) to cull their population. Rabbits or deer without wolves will breed out of control until they are massively overpopulated and then will have a mass starve-off until the population stabilises. Humans just do this on a larger scale.

In other words, whoa bro, that's deep.

What is out there in the rest of the known universe for us to be a plague on anyway?

This. They're also investing heavily in the biotech companies that are researching on immortality.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world".

If you use a nice chunk of ice to kill yourself, it will harmlessly liquefy into your warm viscera and not even have to biodegrade. An ecofriendly solution.

I just had this thought right before reading your post. Idea for a sci-fi. What if aliens are monitoring our species/planet right, scenario happens. Small portion of humanity takes to space to survive extinction. Aliens send a force to exterminate them because they are the worst type of life form that could eventually threaten the galaxy.

Where would humans go in this hyothetical life raft scebario though? Space stations? The moon? Mars? This whole idea of the "life raft" is inherently retarded because there is not another Earth we could possibly reach.

Nah,I'd rather you kill yourself if you don't mind user.

I can come help you though if you send me your address, you know, "bee the chsnge…"

Porky did nothing for us unless we left him no choice. Why do you think Bezos and Musk hate trade unions so vehemently?
Also as far as ops question goes, some porkies are doing this shit to become immortal in the history books. Jeff Bezos doesn't want to be remembered as 21st century Rockefeller or Rothschild, he wants to be have his place with Newton, Columbus, Alexander Fleming, Bell, Einstein and other such highly regarded people(same for Musk)

There's nowhere that would be a better option than climate-fucked Earth I agree but in the case of nukes or a future situation Mars is a decent option to diversify. Not too hard to terraform (relatively speaking) and until then you can live on it as long as you can generate oxygen and grow food.

Hey you're the one who wants to wipe out mankind. Why not take the first step?

Ohhh? But he already has…

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I think we can all at least agree that nuTrek is an abomination.

Still not better than Earth in any given scenario.

Because first I kill you and then the rotten family that spawned you and I will have taken 1+ additional steps user! Don't be silly! ;)

The point is to have a backup.

Anyway, I think it could be better than Earth one day because there's no native plant/animal life to worry about tearing up unlike on Earth. I think it would be comfy to have Mars as a cityplanet and Earth as a nature preserve/museum of ancient history.