I want to become a leftist

I want to become a leftist.
How to do and what would be my interests in doing so?

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Kill all capitalism supporters

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I guess start by reading the Communist Manifesto. Or if you prefer fiction maybe 'Looking Backward' by Edward Bellamy.

Your interests are working towards the liberation of humanity rather than against it. Can't promise you more than that but hey, maybe you'll find a cozy comrade to call your own.

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Leftist or communist?

Read marxist and left-anarchist authors.

Your interests? A good and fulfiling life for you and everyone else, Irrespectively of race, gender, sexuality and tastes.

Read Wage Labour & Capital, look up Paul Cockshott, Anwar Sheikh etc.

We get this thread a lot, so people might be curt. Read leftist literature, there's a lot of great starting guides in the pdf sticky. Basically you become the people you hang out with and the media you consume.

But really, you should keep a critical but open mind when reading political theory. Going "I want to be a leftist" is kind of like walking down the ideological grocery store and trying on different ideologies. Instead it would be better to build up your own reading and critical thinking skills. Don't take something as true just because it is written.

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if you do not want to become a meme-tier larper, do NOT exclusively read leftist literature

get basics in:
-classical philosophy
-monetary systems

if you have a few working brain cells you'll become leftist without even reading leftist literature just realizing how deeply flawed the official narrative is.

So leftism is National Soycialism without eugenic.

Why not eugenic, why not improve the species in simple ways?

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"National Soycialism" is capitalism with a pretty name and a penchant for using chauvinism as a placebo for actual economical issues.

That's why you should throw Evola in the trash bin, where he belongs, and start reading Marx.

Maybe because "simple ways" is mostly just killing everyone who does not pass some definition of "healthiness".

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To dispel the apparent contradictions in the world.
To gain a powerful framework for understanding the history and material basis of human development.
To gain predictive powers over the future. Leftwing commentators were accurately forecasting the shitshow that the internet has become, 25 years ago while everyone else was in full utopia mode.

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so, I guess Hitler wasn't communist

What is the leftist view on economical policy?
No more usury, bank nationalisation ?
How do you maintain this money for import/export?
How do you get out of one monetary system without collapsing a lot of things and putting your country at risk of take over by foreign forces, the army or various rioters?

I'm just wondering about eugenic, other countries than Germany have done it (Singapour, Sweden, maybe Netherland…) and it seems it can have positive impacts with decent monetary institutions.

Communist economical policy:

- Abolishing the private property of the means of production.
- Abolition of the state.
- Abolition of money.
- Abolition of wage relations.

I can do that with Christianity too.

How Is it a shitshow? Because it became a consumerist tool?
It's still evolving, but I'll glad to destroy it.

If by eugenics you mean removing genes that can cause pathologies, or improving intelligence/strength, no one would be against you.

But if by eugenics you mean applying your racism to the human race, then this'd actually make us defend terminating you.

We don't believe in actually having money per se. I think most on here would agree we should have labour vouchers in the early stages at least. They can't be traded between people, only redeemed to the government. The economy would be centrally managed and/or managed democratically at the local level. So in short, we wouldn't really have banks or money, so no worries GG.

Ideally we wouldn't need to trade with capitalist nations that much but in that event we would just have to trade something we make for something we want. That way we could accumulate a little foreign currency to buy stuff.

Well, it's a tricky thing, but the rioters would probably be us. The economy would have to be completely restarted but I think we could do it. In the immediate days after the revolution, people would probably just be asked to continue working at their current place of employment while things are reshuffled. Slowly corporations would be dissolved in the physical sense instead of just on paper and industry would be reestablished on democratic lines.

The only thing that Christianity can do well is to prevent you from having a fulfilling sex life, and even that it can't do that well.

The left critique of political economy works below the level of "economic policy", and holds that economics was never separable from the political as an abstraction.
Left wing people have no interest in making minor changes to a corrupt system.

- Abolishing the private property of the means of production.
like taxes? renting machines? how the state own a foreign server and a computer if I want to open an e commerce website selling services?
- Abolition of the state.
anarchism? everyone get a gun and defend his country?
- Abolition of money.
paper money? barter? precious metals? your sister pussy to eat? How do you import products if you don't have a national money? even north korea use money.
- Abolition of wage relations.
of classes? establishing a more natural hierarchy where you could get your chance? what if some workers perform better than others? do you tell him to work slower cause it create classes between individuals?

1. More like land, machinery. The fact that you don't know what a "means of production" is should be sufficient proof that you need to burn your Evola books and start reading Marx. Or the classic liberals to begin with.

2. A communist society is necessarily an anarchist society.

Anarchism doesn't mean lack of order. It means that you ditch out the exploitative structure that the state is.

People don't need states to organize themselves.

3. By using an international realocation system.

4. Classes are not the same as differences. Classes are relationships built upon exploitation. A communist society would have no problems with differences between people, as long as every person would receive the material means to fulfill their iindividual (and different) potentials and desires.

For God's sake, go read Marx.

You wouldn't be selling services privately. At least in most conceptions. You'd probably be doing that service as part of the state apparatus.

Some people think so, but I think a lot of leftists have a weird idea of 'state' where they think it only applies to evil capitalist governments. Most of us still want a government, just not an exploitative one.

As I said importing products would be a secondary option to producing them ourselves. Assuming socialism takes root in a large first world nation there aren't many things that would require importing from abroad besides maybe raw materials, we can just build things to export to get foreign money.

We don't want a hierarchy at all. Socialism isn't the delusion that everyone is equal, of course they aren't, but the most capable and able should shoulder a greater burden (and be recognised for their efforts socially of course). If two people are doing the exact same job and one works worse because of laziness that should be addressed but if one is just naturally more capable that isn't an issue in my opinion. Every worker should work as hard as they are able. Those who are gifted and capable will work more important jobs but those who aren't are still vital in whatever job they work. After all the brain surgeon can't do his job if the hospital hasn't been cleaned and sterilised thoroughly.

"the state" is shorthand for bourgeois liberal state. You won't need to defend your country, because there will be one world under communism, therefore no international conflict.

If that's hard to imagine, we have one world under capitalism right now. Nations are just franchises which exist to manage you. No less arbitrary than your sports team. If you are sent to die in a war, it is to further international corporate interests.

A state is not the same as a government (people can self-govern in a fully democratic society), at least on some definitions of what a state is.

More like - lets say - factories. The factory will be public property since the workers themselves will get the "profits". What we want is to people get payed through contributing to work, instead by simply owning stuff. Taxes will still exist, but they might be lower.

More or less, but that's in the future if it will be possible. We don't want to just throw people into stateless society.

We have something similar which is labor hour accounting. Think of it as if prices instead of being in dollar or euro, were in hours a product took to make.

By classes we mean economic ones. There's no problem with people owning more or less, because it's impossible to have such big wealth differences if private property is abolished.

As you can see, everyone here has different opinions.

You should go read the classics and form your own opinion.

That should de-spook you to begin with.

I don't know, I feel leftism isn't that appropriate for the modern world.
I'd be glad to live in north korea though, but I feel they are the only ones successfully establishing a communist government and evolving with it because they are an ethnostate with high Autism Levels and well a well organized army.

Maybe communism is just an abstraction of what our future should look like, but humanity isn't evolved enough to make it yet.

autism level works well too lmao


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The modern world demands communism. Any attempt to return to pre-capitalism or to maintain capitalism entails opening the path to destruction, barbarism and eventual extinction.

Ditch the "race" category. Everything that you try to explain with it is better explained by other categories.

Humanity will never evolve if we don't actually make an effort in the right direction.

maybe just getting beyond the usury fake fiat money would already be a good step before the absolute communism world supremacy

OP doesn't want to "become a leftist" btw.
There's no stated reason or cause, because to state one would reveal the depth of their ignorance of left thought in particular, and politics in general.

You can tell by the choice of idealized strong male that right-wingers seek to be dominated by.

Add me to the screen cap.

Killing bourgeois and fascists would be more productive.

like jews ?
the modern pagans loving nature?

like bourgeois, its already a self-contained category of people to expropriated and removed from power
like fascists, again a self-contained category of people to be suppressed.

I don't know what is a fascist in 2k19

Advocates of fascism.

"killing everyone I don't like"
fascism and gomunisme looks same to me

Fuck off retard. It means the same in $CURRENT_YEAR as it always has.
An advocate for extreme nationalism, xenophobia, racial supremacy, authoritarian government, eugenics, pseudo-historical identity, and so on. It's a co-morbid mix.
Don't be a fascist, or you'll be killed, then in 20 years someone will make a first-person shooter series about killing you.

Nobody here uses it as a generic insult against frogposting gaymers, so just admit you came here looking for epic cringe screenshots, and stop wasting everyone's time.

soft-headed retard

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I am more into some form of a mondial government to be honest.

Are you all from reddit?

no u

Why didn't you just say 'world government' you fuckkin pseud.

what if the "enemies" are member of your family, co-workers or neigboors?
Would you just kill them because they differents views than yours?
Then who would protect you against others fascists?

Fascism as an ideology is really wrapped up in a mystical mindset that posits that you can overcome material problems via incantations or rituals. It's like casting spells or having psychic battles or something like that. Fascist rallies and demonstrations are designed to cow / intimidate people but a lot of this is based on appearances.

Well no one really has a well thought-out political program that's different from status quo neoliberalism, although there are some promising signs developing (maybe). But it generally feels like a lot of internet leftism and rightism is like playing with symbols largely divorced from their original context. I'm kind of repeating babby's first Baudrillard but it's like how a mannequin is a copy of a human being but not of any specific person.

I don't want to go down the rabbit hole into schismatic left-wing fractures, but a lot of the fractures in the 20th century often owed more to the compromises of Cold War geopolitics than any strict adherence to Marxist theory. Now, an example of the weird postmodern age we're living in is how there are internet leftists who are like "tankies" who support Stalin and the post-Stalin regimes at the same time when the term "tankie" originally referred to the post-Stalin revisionists! Like the "tankies" were the "good" communists from the West's perspective and you could make arms control agreements with them, as opposed to the "bad" communists (Maoists before the opening of relations). Now if you were trying to navigate this without knowing any of the history and just going by internet memes, it would seem like a bizarre melange.

Also when I mention "status quo neoliberalism," I put Trump in this category as well, which should be obvious to anyone by now. But his whole protectionist / trade war / nationalist thing is really just designed to pressure other countries into further opening up their markets for American companies. If neoliberalism has a carrot (dangled by Obama) then Trump wields the stick, but capital wins either way and always does.

The goal is to topple the bourg not kill them per se. Without their money they're powerless. Of course, if they get in the way, they will have to be neutralised in a 'tree of liberty' sense, but leftists as a rule of thumb don't believe in genocidal murder fetish fantasies.

How do you even see this, individual killings in each household?

why would it matter?
No one should be killed because of their views being different, they should only be suppressed if they advocate fascism, most people with views different to mine are not.
people whomst are not fascists

You're really bad at this aren't you?

Jesus Christ/leftypol/ became so bad explaining to outsiders what communism and socialism lmao

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No one has said any of the things you're accusing of and things you say haven't been mentioned have. Why would you lie like this?

No one has to mention these. Marx's books are readily available for anyone who wishes to read.

We've just answered their questions.

But communism is eugenics user. When all men have roughly the same amount of capital, women will choose the men with the best genes, rather than the men with the most capital.

This might be a better jumping-off point than the Manifesto, tbh. I always found it a little more succinct and focused.

Go back to >>>Zig Forums

Lurk moar.

Commies are the real social darwinists.

Zig Forumsacks are unable to read Marx, let alone describe communism.

He is not wrong though, as he said women choose who reproduces and in economic abundance they will all choose chad, it's genocide against the gentetically inferior males.

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Yeah ever thought that Marx's bibliography might be confusing at first and starting with Capital which are not only three tomes but also talk endlessly about technicalities of the 19th century aren't the best starting point for people to get interested in Marxism? Most people need an introduction that sparks their interest, to get introduced to Marxist ideas they never heard before. And even then, people here were not even recommending Wage Labour and Capital, Value, Price and Profit, CotGP or State and Revolution.

This is capitalism exploiting sexual insecurity, nothing more.

Bitch are you tripping?

You didn't deny it, westerners support imperialism too because they are worried about their living stndard which is not wrong according to the third worldists at least.

Unlike when you are uncompetitive, if you lose in the second at least he pain ends swiftly.

It's a bit more complicated than "girls all choose chad" though, women with economic security and mental well being are absolutely not gonna be on board with polygamy. Also when everyone has preventative healthcare more freetime to exercise, far fewer people will be physically unattractive. Add in free quality mental healthcare and very very few people will be unable to find fulfilling romantic relationships.

Women mate polygynously when given the option, look at the post with incel, phd. In scandinavia the sexes act a lot more unequal in mating behaviour than in "patriarchal" countries like the PRC and women are more attracted to men who already are paired. They also by the thousands freely choose to be used as fucktoys by high status males like musicians without any economic incentive and collectively completely deny romance to others.

wrong thread, ignore

I don't understand how this relates to my previous comment.
Anyway, imperialism is increasingly a drain on western economies as well. For most of Europeans it's probably a loss and only benefits some of the capitalists at this point. For America the bottom 40% of people are being sacrificed for hegemonial aspirations, as the late empire feeds of the republic.

Most people are going to disagree with this, but, Just read the first volume of Das Capital. Get it out of the way now.

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I do disagree with this, but only in the fact that you should read Wage Labor, and Capital, then read Das Kapital, since Kapital is a very detailed dive of what WL&C offers for beginners


I read capital first and, tbh, I had no problem really understanding it.

There is quite literally a dichotomy between the private and public ownership of the means of production. there is no mix, gonna just throw that out there. I say this to tell you know, the only left that actually exists is socialist/communist. meaning that socdems and so called western "progressives" aren't truly left. This includes all forms of liberalism!!!(WE HATE LIBERALISM PASSIONATELY) now that I've removed you from arguments that don't apply to this boards ideology or the spectrum of the actual left, I'll move on to why you should be a leftist!

first I'm gonna detail why in sections
1st. section
how you've been lied to about capitalist/the right-wing on economics/culture. (comrades we must build the rocket, before we lunch into space!)
2nd. section
seeing these things(seen in section 1) why is the left(as described in the first paragraph) the correct view on the the fixing of these problems!
3rd. now that we have established a argument against .1 and sound thesis backing .2, what are the steps and transitions into what we want.
4th some fun idealism! (really just the results of a smooth socialism to communism transition and the results we could see in lets say a couple decades.)

Section .1
the liberal(I mean this in the historical since, backing all the way to the enlightenment era.) promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, through the constitutional republic of "democratically" elected representatives has failed you! The economic structures as debunked here(>>2953178) of private property and the bourgeois state have for the 99% been nonfunctional for the goals of liberalism. there is no "life" when vast quantities of humanity suffer malnutrition and lack of medical care under capitalism. There is no "liberty" when everyone of the world is under a form of bourgeois spy/police state or when most of the world is under threat of economic or militaristic imperialism. Lastly there is no "happiness" when you are powerless to a worldwide phenomena of autocracy/oligarchy. when the 1% and there petite-bourgeoisie class collaborators have and control the means/power, to be the only ones to achieve the stated goals of liberalism, through the state and its capitalist economy!(capitalism and liberalism are tied at the hip from there ideological starts.) This means the working class the vast majority of us will NEVER see the effects of the grandiose idealism of liberalism now or since its beginning or EVER!

Now that liberalism is bloody on the near end of its life guts falling out its anus, not only in demonstration of this argument but IN FUCKING REALITY it is time to talk about fascism/"3rd positionism"! Out right historical fascism is quite LITERALLY Liberalism in decline transition from the normal constitutional republics to directorial autocracy's. The economics for fascism as seen here( ) and in all accounts of fascism( and there's a lot more then hitler and mussolini

part 2

section .2
The answers the left provides to the failures of all this are fixed by the transfer of needs production from the private to the public! Now as seen earlier not only is capitalism insufficient in economic freedom and individualism it is also insufficient in those liberal social "freedoms" for burgers that 1st amendment shit! there is absolutely no reason to believe that a elimination state of bureaucracy, the illusion of democracy, the actual protection of privacy… under a limited socialist state isn't preferable to this. in socialism there are no ladders of social mobility and wealth acquisition there are only ladders to justified leadership and reward. all production sites are to be run by local governments in cooperation with larger unified states[organizations once the period of communism is here]( this will span from regional,to continental, to earth) these needs production/distribution will literally be under worldwide public ownership its just the locals that decide the every day! as for raw materials the worldwide community will literally shun a area where resources rich governments try to extort the rest. In the end these processes will be controlled through direct democracy with a system of accountable for fucks sake representatives. some anons are already rushing to say but user what of the bourgeois states and their reactionary supporters let me get to part 3.

section .3
during the underpins of the collapse of capitalism there will be a working class(proletariat) movement as the fall occurs (and we push ;) ) state power is seized. This WILL BE BLOODY though this is us verse the state and not a blood thirsty attempt to murder reactionary's. As the bourgeois states are seized and through out the movement we as the proletariat will quell

Destination upper bit of the leftypol board

I want to become a leftist by having a swole commie fuck the Zig Forums out of my femboy pussy

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Then why are leftists so vehemently support misegenation?

Stop being homophobic.

That's not a femboy, it's a child.

This is someone really feminine and hot and I don't care if it's male I wanna fuck the fascist

hahahaha, funy

No such thing.

Idpol liberals support that, leftists tend to be indifferent to it. If racemixing is so scary to you maybe youre suppressing a cuck fetish

what's the difference

It is easily scientifically proven that some individuals are inferior to others. If such a thing is possible, then entire genetic pools can be inferior to others also.
Why does the left deny science when it doesn't suit their agenda of equality?
inb4 >not real science, the research is biased racist sexist evil

If you truly support the objective truth, then you must support this fact also. Otherwise you are all a bunch of hypocrites, hellbent on uplifting brown people, who are also much more guilty of the many sins you like to accuse westerners of, at the expense of whites.

It seems that whenever race is involved, you inevitably tend to grant your favor to whoever has the darkest skin tone, rather than who is right, claiming that because of racism, these people deserve special treatment, again going against your own belief in equality and therefore a LACK of special treatment for anyone for whatever reason.

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my argument for mixing: i don't give a flying shit how 'pure' my kids are, and anyone who voluntarily enters into a mixed relationship won't either.

This has the problem of any form of identity politics, like when feminists talk about how all the men are patriachs. As you said people are clearly not equal, but that is how you should measure them and group them by, not some arbitrary identities averaging over plenty very different people with vast differences between them which muddies the waters.

damn, looks exactly like me when i was 13

you can't if you're White.

fuck off chad

Only race obsessed cuck fetishists see the world like you do. Go back to pol and stop thinking about niggerdick so much

It's not a matter of purity, and no, I don't want to murder everyone who is inferior. Such a stance is only held by idiots. Still I cannot deny the objective truth that some people are inferior. They are like cripples and retards, and what you lot are doing is glorfying their condition.
Would you breed an autist then, or someone like hotwheels, condemning some poor soul to live a life of suffering and pain, never to be able to recover, perhaps never even knowing what went wrong? Reproduction just like everything, must be approached methodically and optimized.

So, you say that because there is a certain degree of uncertainty, we can't judge? Hopefully modern science has reached a point when even the ability of large groups can be measured.

It's pretty cruel tbh, I wish I had been aborted


I swear op I (and others) I took near 30 minutes in this. I'd like to see some kinda response thank you!