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Yep, I remember reading that article when it was published and thinking they fucking nailed it.

These are the people who make up the twitter left, and the ones who Adam Curtis is always dunking on.
Of course Hermione can't be best despite being "really good at homework" because she's just a sidekick, so gotta add friendship! bravery! and sportsmanship! to be a well rounded liberal.

shit makes me laugh because I know so many people who probably get off to this concept. especially urbanites.

Harry Potter is probably the worst offender, but other big franchises like GoT, marvel or star wars are treated the same way by these people

Their entire lives have been lived during the creation of these stories, there was never a time outside of a narrative. When you have lived comfortably enough, like an average american liberal, you have no frame of reference for real world political problems or human suffering. The only way to relate to actual events is by filtering them through the lens of popular media and the stories that have permeated your culture. It loops back around on itself with the idea that creating entertainment with the "correct" signifiers - characters and casts of diverse non white etc. people - will somehow fix the problems faced by the members of these groups in everyday life.

People like to point that millenials are immature but that's because they've spent most of their lifes as adults in a state of crushing uncertainty which, I think, actively stifles personal growth. What helps us grow is challenge, not existential dread. The generation growing up no has every reason not to believe in a stable future, neither for themselves, nor for the world at large.

What else is there but to long for a simpler life? Sure you can treat the millenial love for low brow pop culture; video games, super hero movies, cartoons and so on, as symptoms of arrested development but for many of them childhood was the only point in their lifes when they had no reason to be afraid of the near future.

What I'm saying is, don't be too critical of people taking refuge in escapism, rather think about why people feel like they need that escapism. Think about it. You finish school. You look for a job. You realize you have no idea what you're actually good at, what you'd enjoy doing and if you're even capable of learning a specific occupation. But all around you there's a society saying "Find a way to get food on the table, because we sure as hell aren't gonna take care of it." You're lost, your afraid, you have no idea what to do. And suddenly every choice that's open to you seems like a trap that might very well lead to a life, or at least a very long period, of suffering. It's not hard to see why fantasy novels and action movies are popular with people in that situation.


I wish we lived in a world better than this.

My life is practically already ruined cause I'm paralyzed by constant fear and anxiety about the future. I have huge grey patches in my hair and I'm only 26. Alas…

One thing that i find hillarious about Harry Potter is how reactionary the coding is.

So not only is Harry a superhuman ubermensch by circumstance of birth, who gets an elite education so that he can become some secret agent enforcing the brutal class divisions that benifit wizards in society.
On top of this it is all coded using the asthetics of the British boarding school system, which did basically did the exact same thing in real life, the only thing different in Hogwarts being the lack of pederasty and the addition of magic.

That's not everything.
Slavery of a non-human race is widespread and accepted by everyone, except the girl who didn't grew up in a wizard family and everyone acts like she's crazy because she wants to liberate them.
The banking system is in the hands of secretive and greedy long-nosed creatures who don't really like wizards.
One of the Hogwarts houses is full of racists with a tendecy to become dark wizards and nothing is done to address this.
Getting expelled from school is probably the worst thing that can happen to a student: they break your staff which makes you completely useless in this world. Hagrid got lucky that Dumbledore got pity on him.
The government is an unelected oligarchy.

There's probably more, but that's what I remember.

And Winky the free elf couldn't handle her freedom, missed her slave master so much, she became a ranging alcoholic.

Dobby voluntarily became a wagecuck, among the otherwise slave staff.

Fucking kek, It's funny how JK Rowling can get away from this, and become zionist shill.

I'm sure it wasn't made on purpose, more like it's something ingrained in British (and Western) culture, with works such as the Jew of Malta and The Merchant of Venice.

she was trying to name the jew to a whole new generation, but those fuckers got to her

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Lots of American goyish Zionists are thinly veiled anti-semites too. Is it all that surprising?

This. The same way that lots of anti racist liberals are secret racists who fetishize the "animal traits" of black people while subtly admitting their supposed intellectual inferiority

surprisingly how those people (the blacks) fall into the trap of acting like animals and bring condemnation upon themselves

reality is a 3-d matrix

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at least people like us (indo-europeans, especially in amerikkka) are around to have mercy on them and teach them how to conduct themselves properly

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yeah this is the approach I was talking about

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It’s time to head on back
>>>Zig Forums

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What did I say that was Zig Forumsish

You're literally retarded
(me) I was precisely depicting an undercover form of racism.
Seriously the quality of this board is going down, anons can't even understand one paragraph now.

The Republican flag threw it off

as did the "goyish".

Because I was talking about liberals, I don't have to fucking adress every single issue existing in politics everytime I post. Besides, if you don't think that liberalism ought to be criticized read Marx and gtfo of this board

I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about. White liberals are either manchildren who openly defend coons like Chris Brown or are the polar opposite and criticize everything about Black American culture for being “problematic” and treat native-born brown people like shit but won’t admit they’re racist.

I thought we were talking about liberals not Zig Forumstards.

The stereotype about blacks being "better at sex" is also common among liberals (not long ago two feminist liberal podcasters said they were dissapointed after fucking with a black guy because he hadn't that tough guy attitude). Generally, black males are depicted as hyper-masculine because of their animality. This is a form of racism that is common both to /poltards and liberals, only they express it in a different way. The same can be said about black women. Black skin is fetichized sexually due to racist imaginary present in the subconscious of anyone who was raised in the west and specially in the USA.

I'm talking about white liberals who "like" black people because they're confident, sexually better, have "groove" or bullshit like that, yet they still wouldn't trust them any type of "intellectual labor" as they can't conceive a black person doing anything like that.

hate to say no one mentioned this before, but obviously the Death Eaters and Voldemort are based on the IRA and the troubles in ireland.

to quote a quora user "they parallel the IRA and other Irish paramilitaries. They wear black cloth hoods with eye-slits, like the Balaclava helmets worn by the IRA. Their period of activity, from 1970 to 1998, coincides with the height of the Irish Troubles to within a couple of years. The arguments about the Ministry becoming nearly as vicious as the terrorists they were fighting and secretly using torture and murder match real life arguments about British security services and the IRA, UDA etc. The terrorist attacks which the Death Eaters carry out in summer 1996 coincide with a spate of real-life IRA bombings on the British mainland.

Above all Azkaban, with its prisoners going mad and starving to death and its mass break-out by Death Eaters, is an obvious parody of the real prison called The Maze, with its prisoners starving to death on hunger strike and its mass break-out by the IRA."

Thanks user. Did not make the connection, because I didn't know enough about the troubles.

This is me

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