So, what are your thoughts on Theodore roosevelt and the progressive party?

So, what are your thoughts on Theodore roosevelt and the progressive party?

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In an American context he would have been dialectical in allowing the labor movement to rise in the same way that it did in the rest of Western Europe, but he was still a hardcore imperialist.

This pretty much. I think I first learned about american imperialism when I was learning about him.

also didn't he help get a lot of nature reserves/parks created? I mean iirc it was only because he liked hunting

It was literally just an American socdem party and Teddy was a massive imperialist piece of shit. As the first reply would have said it would have been dialectically advantageous (what they would have done eventually was done during the New Deal era and accelerating even more from the time after the end of ww2 until the election of Ronald Reagan so that's s moot point) but any American leftist who sings their praises is either naive, stupid, or a massive opportunist

He was an early conservationist, it was his thing. He actually discovered a river in Brazil in the early 1900s.

An absolutely bloodthirsty killer and Teddy attacked unions and socialists the whole time he was enforcing anti-trust law.

He liked killing. Every time he went to Africa he built a mountain of large animal corpses.


Just like Christopher Columbus did the "
"new world"

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One of Eugene Debs' books begins with a discussion of him.

everyone else propably hates him here but i like him.

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I always think it's weird how Bernie Sanders likes both these people.
According to people who have been to his office, he keeps a picture of Eugene Debs hanging in it, so he's got to know that he despised Roosevelt.

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You guys seem offended? Not my fault I corrected his statement. I was trying to convey irritation, annoyance, a scoff… user now sees his "eye_roll" was melodramatic! Also we so anti idpol here me CORRECTLY pointing out native Amazonians discovered it needs several disses my way?

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Technically correct, the best kind of correct, but in practice discovering implies someone managing to get somewhere get back to a literate society and have it recorded which is to say registered in the very material general intellect
There's string hints that ancient astronomers in many ancient civilizations actually worked with a heliocentric model in private then disseminated their theories, maths mechanism and results in public with a geocentric model
Therefore we say people like Galileo, Copernicus and whatever other astronomers published discovered the heliocentric model

Why is that weird ?
Liking someone does not mean sharing all his opinions.

I find it hard to believe the Spanish or elements of more advance native society's, didnt make some form of identification. user is ignorant and is coming to you in humble search of knowledge. He has repented for his sins and now seeks guidence

That's often a good heuristic, which is to say rule of thumb in practice, for further scientific discovery
As in your intuition suggests something here
Might I suggest doing some in depth literary research and seeing what you find?

Feel this might be obsure but im the kinda loser to spend hours studying arcane Amazon river tributaries! Thanks for the help thou!

A combination of social-democratic policies meant to appease the working class and moralistic middle-class reforms.

And just so anyone on this board isn't already aware, "breaking up trusts" is a middle class position, not a socialist position. The socialist position is either nationalizing the trusts, bringing them under direct worker control, or, preferably, doing both. This is why calls to "break up" Facebook and Amazon are at best misguided and at worst actively being propagated by your class enemies.