Garlic festival shooter was a white supremacist

fucking wow color me surprised

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Nazis killed plenty of people in the weimar republic and people still voted for them over communists. There are no bad optics actions if you are good at propaganda.

ha ha ha we're so fucked

Take the white pill and go blanchist

I'm a bit suss on this narrative, apparently the shooter was a person of colour, and a quick glance suggests the recommended text is an early anarkiddie work

That's why we need to actually understand the forces that drive fascist movements, particularly their mass base, instead of just dismissing them as artificial creations of the bourgeoisie.


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It feels like the far right, extreme neo-Nazi scene has a lot of similar problems to the anti-capitalist left in the 1970s which is pushing them into popping off like this. Like the choice of targets is different but some of the dynamics are similar: performative violence for its own sake and so on. Not good, kids! Back in the '70s these radical left groups were reading Che and Mao and trying to apply these guerrilla warfare theories to developed countries and it just didn't work at all, and they largely got busted, were shot by the cops or accidentally blew themselves up in their hidey houses while making themselves look like total whackjobs. Now fast forward to today and you have these alt-right people going turbo on society. But is the country getting any whiter or straighter? Doesn't seem like it to me. So that's an inability to affect material changes. I've also seen some polls that also suggest support for immigration in the U.S. is rising to levels it hasn't been since before 9/11.

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tbh there are some grey intermediary zones between extreme anarchists and neo-Nazis that people are often not aware of: "death to the world" stuff. This Redbeard guy was an "egoist anarchist" who was also into survival-of-the-fittest material and white supremacy. You'll see people bounce between these extremes or adopt some hybrid gooey weirdness. In a nutshell they're jacked up on idealism so it can mutate in all kinds of ways. Shoulda read Marx kiddos. None of this makes any "rational" sense but people are not really rational and the people who read Marx are better equipped to deal with said irrationality when it exposes itself.


Garlic is healthy, of course an American shot up a festival for it.

The dude had a lot of edge tbh. DId he really consider himself an 'eco-fascist' too? If so, then that's a deep-cringe from me, man. He looked soy af.

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The book he promoted is”Might Makes Right” which can be summed up in “if you can do something you should” it’s the spook book but more edgy.

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If anyone has a .pdf pleas post it

race is a spook, so it’s not surprising that poc become white supremacist.

He seems based

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I really think that the political ideology is more the accidental result of a sort of aimless nihilism or anomie that suffuses daily life in the US, especially outside of the major cities. Capitalism currently relies on mass distraction in the form of consumer goods, addictive food and drugs, entertainment and easy access to sex. When one or more of these factors is not present or fails to have the proper effect, there is a sense that life has no meaning, and that nothing greater can be realized. Life becomes aimless without anything significant to be accomplished, or an "ending" point, so to speak. There remains only "you," a social atom within the void.

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What a chad


take the murderous fascist pill

feminist ideology is an inversion of reality

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*is meaningless virtue signaling like all conservative/religous dogma


where did you learn such a big word?

That video 8l

Now I don't feel so bad for Epstein's victims

White supremacism is an ideology of peace.

Those girls are clearly reading off some donation/message that some moron Zig Forumsyp sent them.

This, and nice digits btw

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tfw soyboy uprising


Fascism: What It Is and How to Fight It is the perfect material description of fascism's mass base.

It also makes you hate socialists afterwards because you realize the vast majority of them throw around the word 'fascist' without having even the faintest idea what it is they're trying to talk about.

The woman race got some explaining to do :/

And I kinda like/am interested in certain parts of egoist anarchism so it's a shame that it also attracts right wing maniacs.

Not only is this, to the date, the best Marxist description of fascism, but it's also the text that first made me interested in Trotskyism. I realized that if Trotsky was so obviously right on this subject and everyone else was so obviously wrong, then there was probably some other stuff he was right about too.

guess he was a soy boy

So what is this, the 4th fash shooting this year? Who wants to take bets on how many total there's gonna be?

How many right-muslim terrorist attacks have there been compared to white nationalist?

If the recession doesn't hit this year: maybe 8-10

If the recession hits this year: dozens, maybe 4 or 5 a month

Your kind will be put agains the wall next to all the fundamentalist fuckers

Right-wing egoist are retarded. I dont know how someone can read and understand Stirner, then read “Might Makes Right” and not recognize just how spooked Arthur Desmond was by “muh degeneracy” and weakness. Granted, i see more of an influence from Neitzche when I read him.

No, no, no; I didn’t mean it that way.
I was asking because I thought there might be more terror attacks coming from the right these days in the U.S.

And people will still chant antifa is as bad as them

Mainstream ideology (especially in Burgerland, the country where these shootings occur) revolves around the concept of freedom, or personal empowerment. Where an individual can do what they want to do. However, due to the logic of capitalism, this “freedom” does not exist. So these people, still believing in the mainstream concept of freedom, but realizing it’s unattainable turn to mass shootings in an “attempt to regain their freedom.” By killing people who they deem to be their enemy they are increasing their control over their own lives and the lives of others, because when a shooting occurs they are breaking the law, they are unrestrained. They have achieved freedom.

In the US there have been for a while.
Islamic terror attacks tend to be much more rare, but better executed when they occur. I think the death toll of Islamic reactionary extremism in the US would actually probably be a lot lower than that of white supremacist extremism if it weren't for 9/11.

Yeah, unlike white supremacist terrorists, Islamist terrorists actually tend to be well-educated and disciplined while having access to funding, resources, and allies. Meaning they can actually mastermind complex plots that have any chance of working; again, unlike white supremacist terrorists.

they look like vapid thots tho

wait who coined might makes right?


He does lmao


Women like mass murderers mate. It's not even a secret. Go to any Eliot Rodgers videos now and you'll see his can see his following

The cheap shot here is to point out fascisms genealogical roots in syndicalism

Because the USSR. There is no unified communist threat anymore. Just look at how even the MSM largely mocked Trump and Cruz's attempts at making antifa illegal. Things are different. Also America is already settler-colonialist so fascism is not nearly as attractive to elites.

Why is this meme so popular? The US government wiped out the last Indian resistance a century ago. It's totally irrelevant that the land was stolen. Is Portugal settler-colonialist for being carved out of a Muslim state? Is Russia settler-colonial for having conquered Siberia and the North Caucasus?

It's nowhere near as prevalent, of course, but there's still a great deal of systematic suffering being inflicted on the indigenous population, and AIM isn't dead yet (even if it's more or less moribund).
That's a better example of "no longer relevant" in the sense that there is no remaining Ibero-Moorish population whose national self-determination is being denied.
Yes. The ideal solution in this case would be to grant right of secession to the various autonomous oblasts and autonomous republics.

Which is less than 1% of the population and divided among hundreds of tribes. Indigenous suffer more than most, but I don't see why this is relevant to understanding the lives and history of the 300 million other Americans that populate the country. What is the solution your proposing?
The deed of conquest and subjugation is done now. It's like trying to repopulate Poland with shtetls after the Jews got wiped out. Settler colonialism is always premised on wiping out and displacing natives to one's future generations don't have to consider the moral dilemmas. In other words, if it works it's always successful unless it's successfully resisted in the original moment of conquest.
If I'm not mistaken a lot of those oblasts and ethnic republics are majority Russian. Siberia is majority Russian too. Even Kazakhstan is like 20% Russian because of various governments that settled Russians there. All of the North Caucus was ethnically cleansed in the late 19th century for Russian settlement so that what native remain are few and far between (except the southern parts like Dagestan and others places).

The fascists only came to power because of Stalins retarded social fascist theory which opposed a principled alliance with the workers in the SPD in order to win them over to the KPD and beat fascism. Vast majority of the German working class was opposed to hitler and it was due to the sheer ineptitude of Stalin that fascism won

If not for Churchill and FDR Stalin would've conquered all of Europe.

Even though SPD was Social fascist, I do concur agree with your analysis