There's no excuse not to. As advanced sections of the masses (and who would deny that Zig Forums is advanced!), it's our job to be disciplined, dedicated, and thoroughly communist cadres, and to soundly reject liberal attitudes. READ IT NIGGA

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Read it, very nice.

This is just an inter-party discipline document, I don't see why it's more important than anything else Mao wrote. Just read On Contradiction something.

I'm saying we need discipline, all of us. We're not exactly a hardened guerrilla force, but predominantly a bunch of internet armchairs; we should at least be able to learn ourselves better.

Wow, much insight

I like how in the other thread you called me a brainlet for asking why I should waste my time reading a book whose first principles are literally stated on the cover when I don't agree with them and hate yo you are discouraging people from reading a document that is less than 10 pages cuz that's how bad you need to look smarter than everyone else

I'd rather have it be said, than not.

Read it or don't, I don't care. The point is, it's an intra-party discipline so there's not tons of insight to be found in it besides "don't be a wrecker", which you shouldn't have to be told tbh.

And anyway, you not agreeing with it (which makes no sense anyway if you're a Leninist of any stripe) means you probably should read it anyway.

Sure, but it's like reading a party memo or I guess an email now. I just don't find it particularly relevant now, since it's really focused on theory or politics as such.

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Imagine thinking your sekrit leftist image board is at all notable or a point of pride.

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Out of all great things Mao wrote, Combat Liberalism is probably most unnoteworthy. As mentioned above, a party memo

Yeah but it's a good intro to organizing god damn

Why is it so important for you and that other faggot to have your contrarianism vindicated?

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It’s a very good text tbqh.

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All those niggers ITT who insist that this text is merely an idiosyncrasy or an "otherwise useless inner-party text" are provably lacking experience in real life organizing.

Marxism as abstract dogma. They approve of Marxism, but
are not prepared to practise it or to practise it in full;
they are not prepared to replace their liberalism by Marxism. These people have their Marxism, but they have their
liberalism as well - they talk Marxism but practise liberalism; they apply Marxism to others but liberalism to themselves. They keep both kinds of goods in stock and find
a use for each. This is how the minds of certain people

I'm a fucking liberal, how do i change my liberal mindset? Help me comrades

Nothing against Mao but that text is literally 'Everything I don't like is liberalism'