What is "race talk" about

there is no scientific basis for race beyond the mostly skin-deep ethnic features. So objectively speaking humans are one race

So what is race-talk about ?

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It's about directing the blame for the problems of capitalism away from porky.

"I'll tell you what's at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you. "
– Lyndon Baines Johnson

Porky used racebait on working class American.
It's super effective.


Yeah right, Just look at the shape of different races skulls. You people are so fucking moronic

Well, if got a different dick than my neighbor (mine is bigger btw). Are we from a different race?

if you're joking, it's pretty lame. if you're not joking… well, explain pic related :D

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The sloped forehead is an indicator of an undeveloped frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is responsible for judgement and control of some emotions and critical thinking.

Makes perfect sense why you want to live in the heart of Africa or China, the leaders of those places probably couldn't even get a STEM degree of any kind.

Possibly, but we're talking averages across an entire race, not a individual cherry picking of data. Nice try though.

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That's a great argument, oh wait. It's not surprising you have nothing to say in response. It's ok, you can still live in your little illusion.

I didn't see any data. I saw a claim, and then another claim. Are you okay user?

He's not okay. He's got a bad case of penis envy.

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You can easily find it online. I know you've seen mounds of it already, no worries.

I really didn't know how pathetic leftypol was until today. I've enjoyed reading the other threads where you're all afraid of the rise of fascism. It's ok, you will always be a mongrel. Enjoy sucking dick.

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You do realize that having a german shepard doesn't make you actually European
Back to your mongrel containment board

OP here, I'm willing to listen to empirical evidence but you have to be specific

do you mean Phrenology an Craniotomy ?

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Imagine saving this filth on your computer


pic related
I will enjoy sucking dick immensely. Heteros mad.

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You must love dick in your mouth huh?
You talk about it every post.

I don't own a German Shepherd, sorry.

I know, that guy has a lot of issues.

Generally yes. It's debatable on why a skull of a pure European vs a pure African are so much different, but it's pretty obvious that they are different.


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wrong pic

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Oh look, he's mad! I wonder why.

Not as much as white women.

I wish I had a more foreward grown maxilla, fuck my doctors

false. humans are a species not a race. and the racial differences are based not only on biological differences which have definitely been proven by honest scientists, but the main difference is behavior. the difference between Whites and blacks, and Whites and jews is literally night and day. It takes a massive apparatus of media/education/government to even attempt to convince retards like yourself "humans r the same rayce!1"

tl;dr kill yourself faggot

The same thing? You just said the same thing. See the pic above about the inability to think critically, nigger. It's extremely obvious you have a sloped forehead, it's actually quite entertaining.


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Europe and Africa are big, diverse places. How do you determine the holotype of either?

Imagine being a nazi in 2019

I'm genuinely interested; can someone in good faith explain why black people having a sloped forehead doesn't make them poorer thinkers? Especially considering their evolutionary backgrounds – black people had warmth and plants year-round, while Europeans had to evolve to survive winter – they had to think ahead. Can someone refute this?

go live among them for 10 minutes

you cringey white suburbanite cucks would be singing a different tune so fast

denying race is the whitest shit imaginable

test post

I'd still blame capitalism

So i can't gain any information from this, why should i care about it?

You are asking to prove a negative, if you claim that forehead slope changes cognitive capacity, the burden is on you to prove this.
Well forward thinking can be found in people of all geographic origins. Also your claim that surviving winter is a specially evolved trait, seems questionable, given how quickly (for evolutionary timescales) humans spread to different climactic regions, and it's quite a complicated behaviour. Additionally surviving winter is facilitated by stuff like calenders that predict seasons. If you want to claim evolved rather then learned and culturally transmited winter behaviour, you have to provide evidence for that claim.

Overall it has to with logic and truth.
Leftist when confronted with truthfull and backed up statements they try to make the opponent look dumb and try to simplify what they are actually stating.(Pilpul 101)

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You're telling me you've "lived among them"?

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if you really look at the Autism Level map of the world, it doesn't hold up to the idea that race determines Autism Level
in areas with the same ancestry, there are nations with vastly higher or lower scores than their neighbors
i find it particularly funny that the dark skinned southern indians are more developed and have higher average Autism Level's than the light skinned "aryans" up north, especially in that big red spot in nepal
i'm confident that if you could go back in time and Autism Level test norsemen vs roman citizens, the norsemen would be considered drooling retards in comparison

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OP but you have to look at the Universe in a holistic way.

For enlightened people, we attain the truth concerning race that is cultural Marxism. For simple minded people race is a big issue.

Charles Darwin said he thought that we all have a common ancestor.

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I do not claim infallibility. There is a chance I might be wrong, but this is what I believe to be true.

When it comes to racial supremacists like black people who in America are following the same path that Nazi Germany followed (ethnic bullsh*ttery) then it is right to subdue these people if they will not come to understand that we all have to work together and cannot continue to suffer their bullsh*t.

It's like Lions, Gazelles and Hyenas all trying to live together, it will never work. The laws of nature are infallible. You can run for a while, but not for eternity.

Fuckin' who?

Ah yes, because the natural state of humanity is to hunt and eat other humans

War between different demographics of people IS a natural state of humanity. Get over it. The strongest survive and that will always be a canonical humanistic truth.

You can either hide from it or embrace it, your choice.

Have you ever been to America so as to understand it's sociology?

I say that sometimes social Darwinism is true and sometimes it is not.

That doesn't quite work until you specify which times it works and which times it doesn't, at least from your own perspective.

Beware of dogma. That's exactly what Mao warns people of.

autism tests are in fact fucking dumb and should not be taken seriously as proofs of racial supremacy. All they prove is that a child (99% of the time this is done in schools) has good short term memory skills and and understands basic logic.

I'm 100% sure that all the Autism Level fetishists are less intelligent than the most basic zebra nigger in the darkest jungles of Africa because he lives in the real world not a world of 24/7 shitposts YouTube and internet he can make traps and skin an animal and survive in the wild Autism Level niggers wouldnt be able to survive without their smartphone alone in a major city

Look at these nutjobs.


These guys might be shills or paid actors nowadays but it still serves as an example of how similar they are to Nazi Germany in a way that's actually similar to Nazi Germany. (I.E. ethnic obsessions and pretensions of Nazi masturbation fantasy.)

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Nation of Islam BLM and Black Panthers are not the same thing as the nazis. They are already minority groups in a beaten down poor and downtrodden 13% of the population that has no political power and never will. Their violent outbursts brought on by the misery they live in are not gonna go anywhere

Isn´t that an artists interpretation of a racist black supremacist boogeyman?

They entertain rape and revenge narratives against other people based upon those peoples skin color. "if only we could get rid of all the white people then we could have a black utopia and nothing evil would ever happen again". Just because they don´t have any real power does not mean they aren´t hateful people that blame others for their own failures. They are no different than the average Zig Forumsyp.

Wait, so someone clarify this for me. A modern day Nazi would focus on ethnic differences but a modern day Marxist would focus on class differences?

I don't mean to simplify that either way, but those are at least one of the core components of both ideologies, yes?

Well, yeah. When it comes to nazism they see everything from the lens of racial struggle. To a funny extent because they are able to link not having sex to Jewish conspiracy. I think it's dumb and breaks on closer inspection, but that is besides the point.

When it comes to Marxism, I personally would say a "material conditions" analysis, from which class comes arises, is more important. Since Marxism analysis goes before economic classes existed, so obviously it can't be just about class. Classes play a role in class struggle, which is why classes are taken into account, but the main thing is material conditions.

and it's working well on Zig Forums here. fuckers on this board have no sense of what working class solidarity means.

I have read some of the studies in your info-graphic and the claims don't exactly match up.

could comment on the pdf

You have to be joking because you're literally spouting Phrenology, an already discredited field of science.

first of those groups I listed arent even the same Nation of Islam and BLM arent the same. Second of all it's perfectly justifiable to hate your oppressors I mean racists hate blacks because of their race Israeli settlers hate jews because of their race expecting blacks and Palestinians to go "Akshually sir I dont hate your or blame your or your people but your corrupt institutions and government" yeah ok its unmarxist but understandable


Solidarity doesn't mean meet people half way.
If they've gone off on some irrelevant racist tangent, wtf are we supposed to do about it.

But can either one of you point to a civilization or society that has functioned for a long term of time without race being a factor?

I mean I understand class warfare and materialism be part of a sensible ideology, but I can't see a system that removes race completely and still functions.

I'd almost argue that race and class would become the main arguments in a global ideology but I seem to see a d&c factor between the two.

/rightypol/ and Zig Forums coincide and also contradict each other, but they are still two sides to the same coin.

Could you explain your point further? I don't get the point about "race". There are various multi-ethnic nations that do just fine. I would say there's potential for conflict between cultures for obvious reasons, but that is because of conditions in which these cultures developed. Other than that I find it hard to believe in any racial conflict. It's not like when I see an Asian or a black guy while talking a ride in a bus I want to murder him because he threatens my living space.

Don't you just miss the days when the Nation of Islam and the Neonazis were best buds

When you say, multi-ethnic, I would agree that there are societies that function with multiple ethnicities, not even a question to me. But can you point out a society where every ethnicity is equal, even 2? Most of these multi-ethnic societies, one is a majority, one is a minority and then there are others, or there is one majority and a multitude of minorities.

You keep thinking in terms of individuals. No i don't that I or you would just see an Asian or a Black person and just go full on Nazi masturbation fantasy.

But think of a group of black people encountering a white person in the hood. A group of whites encountering a black person in an "upscale" neighborhood. A group of asians encountering a muslim in china. It's not usually going to go well.

Obviously certain places are different, but I find it hard to act as if race should not play a factor in my decisions.

also apparently rayce whar gets turned into nazi masturbation fantasy, that pathetic

How do we know that similar 'violent outbursts' do not come from innate ignorance and innate malfunction, that which drives much of the depravity of black communities.

Surely those Africans who are reformed by the West are much more in tune with reality than the rebel negroes. These rebel negroes work against the greater good, therefore it is in our interests (Socialists) to keep them in line.

The Nazi party also began as a minority.

Yet corruption and criminality?

Yet Barack Obama?

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you can't even form complete sentences lmao go back

What makes you say this?

The left (or the less ideologically coherent parts of it, anyway) self-sabotaged itself by engaging in an asinine argument about how race was socially constructed, due to an inability to grapple with the identity politics of the right (which would have been very simple, call white identitarians the faggots that they are and tell them to eat shit and die, but that hurts the feels of normalfags and thus it's bad and scary).

Race as a meaningful category for scientific biology is quite irrelevant, because everyone (despite their massive ignorance on the matter of race) is referring to the anthropological and cultural understanding of race. It's just that we have had this faggot ideology eugenics that keeps coming back like a bad case of herpes that tries to root the rule of one group over another in the first pseudo-scientific explanation it can find, and thus the biological definition (which is antiquated) is conflated with the anthropological and cultural one, and racial identity is given this outsized importance compared to what race actually is in any meaningful sense. This meets the American education system which in the 20th century was tasked with taking a country with various immigrant groups and oppressed minorities and imposing a "white American" identity as the norm, complicating the already retarded American notions of race with yet more faggotry. The result, eventually, was this pathetic reaction from pissants about how saying mean things about white people is the real racism, and other such nonsense.

I mean i'm certain a black person can live in a white neighborhood or vice versa. There isn't much ethnic tension if it's always been like that, and if it is, the bad consequences are because of racism on both sides. Obviously ethnic tension exists, but they aren't based on biological differences, or rather, the focus on biological differences arises from economic conditions.

I disagree. I think those racial differences are amplified by economic differences, not erased.

"The left (or the less ideologically coherent parts of it, anyway) self-sabotaged itself by engaging in an asinine argument about how race was socially constructed, due to an inability to grapple with the identity politics of the right (which would have been very simple, call white identitarians the faggots that they are and tell them to eat shit and die, but that hurts the feels of normalfags and thus it's bad and scary)."

Is there any evidence for this?

They're boomer posting, fortunately they've been on image boards long enough to not be totally confused

I'm a white guy living mostly around non-white people. I have basically never been attacked on the grounds of whiteness (as in, people jumping me on the street because I'm not the right color), and by far growing up I'd get more shit from other white people than minorities. The closest thing that came to white shaming was a black guy at work complaining that he was being treated like a slave, and I basically laughed in his face.

It's really just white people who get so autistic about race. To the rest of the world, race simply indicates where you or your ancestors came from. It didn't take on some spiritual connotation the way it did during the rise of European nationalism, or if it did it was not in the same sense.

If there was actually evidence for this string of words, monikers and rhetoric I would take my gloves off comrades.

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Perhaps. But it's a really fucking imaginary scenario for one person be of different ethnicity than the rest of the group. It just isn't the big picture.

Who is the person in question you're referring to?

What about everyone else doing it? How about Africans being into "black culture" in extreme ways?

Which part? The left's self-sabotage is on display in basically any online leftist space, /leftypol included. This is a very easy question to answer, yet you guys either fall for the /polfaggot bait every time or you're in on the joke.

Is this a true statement of Nazi-ism?


How are Africans "into black culture"? My experience has generally been that black people in America and presumably Canada go out of their way to ingratiate themselves with whites.
The only equivalent to the race-science that prevailed in the early 20th century would be the early forms of black nationalism that followed in the same footsteps, and that didn't go particularly far because there wasn't an especially large group of black capitalists, and what black capitalists there were / are were more interested in joining whitey than black separatism.

No. they just make thousands of infographics (with sources from Stormfront) linking everything bad to Jews and black genes for fun.

What are tourists? What are foreign exchange students? What are immigrants? Come on, that's honestly a pretty weak argument.

Nice application of Hegel's iron laws bro

tfw no master race

I have yet to see people be assaulted on large scale because of their ethnicity outside of maybe few occasions.

what race were the people who practiced cranial deformation?

Well, I can't guarantee that calling Hitlerites the faggots that they are would shut them up. Nothing seems to shut them up, and their stupid rot finds ways to seep into the culture and play on the ignorance of the masses. But, certainly the left could mount a better resistance than essentially capitulating, or failing to answer the question of anthropology or history. You can say that race is not a sound biological category until your face turns blue, but if you're not challenging the rightists on their own turf, they'll just keep throwing their racist pseudo-science in mass media and attracting the ignorant or those who are responsible to feels-based tribalism. Some of these people have to know how absolutely ludicrous their version of eugenics is, but the point of the right isn't to be factually correct or reasonable, but to being able to assert truth from feelings. They need to engage in willful ignorance of their own history and what white people did to get on top in the first place to justify their world view.

Are you serious? Give examples of mass extermination based on class values and I'll the same plus a few based on race.

You'd have to actually live in America to see the truth. I am all about African ethnic expression and universal suffrage.

However, I am not about the African's rayce wahr and widespread lack of ethics/lack of morals and contempt for the whiteys.

Eugenics is a tried a true science. Just because you can't accept the product of it doesn't lessen it's validity.

Remember that we owe a responsibility to the truth.

Nice plebbit spacing m8

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nice argument jackass

How do you know that the whites weren't "placed at the top" by something more powerful than themselves.

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I am American, idiot. I'm talking specifically about black Americans, having lived in a city with quite a few black Americans and having talked to quite a few of them and asking, on occasion, what they think about all this bullshit.

As far as I can tell, there isn't a real nucleus of "black resistance" or "rayce war". What black nationalism there was, was either systematically snuffed out (and was of a different sort than the white nationalism prevalent in liberal countries), or remained very marginal and appeals only to a narrow segment of black capitalists.

I don't purport to be an expert on black psychology, but given the stupid shit white people say and do on a daily basis, it would be very difficult not to hold them in contempt. White people are just fucking crazy, honestly, something I can say with reasonable certainty. I don't say this out of some self-hatred, quite frankly I don't care one way or another, but the worst thing to do is retreat into the worst characteristics of the white race imaginable. It'd be like a black man going out of his way to be the most egregious nigger stereotype possible. Maybe it happens, but this sort of insanity seems to be a predominantly white ailment.

Because I don't believe in God or Space Aliens.