REAL capitalism

Alright you "enlightened" commie fucks, name ONE bad thing about REAL capitalism.

PRO TIP: you can't.

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If you love capitalism so much, why don't you go to Haiti or Somalia?

Literally not an argument. Those countries don't work because of the constant civil conflict between the UN supported (and arguably most legitimate) Transitional Federal Government and Islamic "Liberation" groups, most of which are Salafi jihadi. The primary shortcoming of one of those nations is obviously due to religious/secular conflict. Concerning Haiti, convince me that Haiti is a failed nation because of capitalism.

Give an example of real capitalism

It produces more Mario games.

Don't answer my question with a question, pseud.

Best answer so far. I thought commies were supposed to be smart.

you said name one thing about real capitalism and didn't give an example of real capitalism

The fuck is real capitalism? Is there any other capitalism more real than the one we're living under right now?

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It causes alienation, which leads to frogposting

back in my day trolling used to be an art kids

This but unironically.
Zooms have discovered trolling, except they just pretend to be retarded. That's the lowest form of trolling.

This thread has now been up to close to an hour on what is widely considered to be a premier open-forum of leftist intellectual dialogue, and I have yet to get a SINGLE serious and well thought out response to my initial question.

No wonder Zig Forums and 8/pol/ are literally 50 x more popular than this place, and are easily winning the culture war. Zoomers are looking at you people and cringing in bewildered amusement at how out of touch you are, all the while posting dank pepe memes and talking about how LE BASED Nick Fuentes is.

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You expect people to effort post in response to your shitpost?
How fucking stupid are you.
All the good discussion is in other threads. Don't go there though because they're full of references to books you haven't read, and you'll only get BTFO and embarrass yourself.
Later frognigga.

Yes Zig Forums is well known for the intellect and character of the posters it attracts. We really need to be more like them.

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Let's start. Gimme the best you've got.

OK grandpa


First of all: Bombi is the better TikTok star.

Ok here we go.

It needs low wages for workers to gain profits. This indeed does happen frequently, but is kept in the dark in the first world. The system also simply sends manufacturing to the third world, so people in the first don't notice the horrible working conditions. It can't cope with ecology in any meaningful way. There was a recent report which stated that the plans for CO2 emissions weren't kept by the biggest companies. Funny enough China actually reached its CO2 goal 9 years earlier. It literally destroys itself by making the means of production more efficient, and with it cutting profits. And so on and so on.

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If you're serious, define real capitalism. If not you're merely a shitposter


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>Unironically reading /bbg/ replies instead of just watching the Webm's.

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Low quality thread. But i'd say the following: it's an irrational and unequal society that organizes production in a wasteful (see both overproduction and climate change) and chaotic way, and doesn't reward merit. You can be a great and smart scientist yet earn nothing compared to a football star. Unemployment and unequal distribution of income generate terrible injustice and disaster, where people like Carlos Slim are mega wealthy whereas hard working and smart people who actually generate progress may be unemployed or not able to retire. It's also a society that can't take control of itself and therefore not democratic, only subject to the might of money and chance. Traditional values that are worth something to common people don't mean anything to a minority of capitalists who will erase any culture or identity just to get profit. Those are just a few which you can very, very easily see in your daily life

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Zig Forums is demagoguery, but you find the occasional spark of insight…

Wish I could say the same about this cesspool.

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Don't you even dare to call my internet daughter that ever again!
Redpill me on the disc🅾️rd chad

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that last one is just shitty fanfiction and doesn't reflect what happened in russia at all lmfao, but atleast it accurately shows class solidarity between poor whites and blacks

What else would you call someone giving away the milk for free? Anyway someone just lniked this last time she was shilled

Also, while I agree with the new BO policy of giving more freedom of speech so we can have interesting and productive debates, shitpost like this should be deleted. You didn't even bothered in defining "real capitalism"

I've seen that first screenshot from Zig Forumstards repeatedly, but I just noticed that it blatantly contradicts itself:
Next post:
Even though the Frankfurt School is explicitly Marxist, not "cultural Marxist" in its identification. Either the poster was ignorant of the Frankfurt School, or he didn't realize his contradiction. Or, most likely, both.

That's leaving out the other countless misunderstandings (read the Hegel and dialectics bullet point for a laugh, as well as the tit-for-tat "dialectical operations" in the last post for critical theory).


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Almost nothing in these pics is accurate, especially the ones talking about communism. If you call this insight, you should probably stop browsing Zig Forums because it's frying your brain

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Holy shit. 8ch's /bbg/ is much more autistic than the 4ch's one.

Remember to sage and report.

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You literally didn't provide an argument or stance to begin with, outside of implying there is nothing wrong with "true" capitalism. Its a loaded question, because any attempts to address it can simply be met "but that's not TRUE capitalism" and forces the people arguing to have to address this non-existent, utopian fantasy about self-actualizing Randian actors and economic unicorns. It ignores that "true" capitalism inevitably led to "not-true" capitalism, and that the system today exists the way it does because of the antagonisms inherent to its structure forced it to become such to survive.
You'll find a large majority of posters here defending the the USSR and other "authoritarian" communist countries as existing socialism (or at the very least a practical application of it for their conditions), so this isn't really an argument against us. And while there are improvements to be made on them, that doesn't mean we reject them wholesale as a preferable alternative.


I agree OP. Both communism and crony capitalism are shit outdated ideologies. What the world needs is the immortal science of Real capitalism, or as I like to call it: Super-Capitalism.

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Propertarianisms get the rope, tbqhwyfm.

OP here. You suck cocks.

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Mark Fisher, "Capitalist Realism"

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Side note, OP do you own any land or businesses?
Also read the yoshi post. If you don't understand labour theory of value, ask and someone will help you.

Hope you come back. This is a slow board, responses come slow. Tame your ADHD a bit so we can have a more in depth conversation.

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Shoe makers, tech machine makes the manual labor half as laborious. Capitalist fires half the workforce and makes the same amount of money;

Worker coop: workers make same amount, work half as much.

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True capitalism has never existed.

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