The daily stormer: a thread

The daily stormer is one of the most effective far right media outlets in all of history. I think this fact alone is worthy of discussion.
"Over a 25 year period, women in America have decided as a group that they are going to put off pregnancy in order to suck dicks, parade around like sluts, and get money through affirmative action hoax jobs to buy shitty, pointless consumer goods. … a huge percentage of women are waiting til their wombs dry-up on their eternal cock-quest and not even having kids at all." this is just one of the passages.

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I think you mean "was". The owner got mixed up in a whole slew of controversies, Weev's very existence caused a whole slew of purity spiraling and infighting, and its on more then one occasion caused the far-right to dog pile in on itself and the website. The lawsuit was just the nail in the coffin. If anything, the DS caused the right to fight itself more then unite. So I guess in that was it could be called "effective".



Fixed it for you.

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See what I meant earlier OP?

Underrated post

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I always thought that was funny, since weev was a jew and you would think they would be inherently mistrustful of him.

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Oh look, a Zionist shill

Breitbart is basic bitch conservative libertarian just a notch to the right of fox news so 40 year olds can feel rebellious lmao

Just as cringe as when people on the right say MSNBC is far left.

Look im a rightist and I lurk here to see what you guys are discussing. If this isn't some meme thread that i'm not "getting" this is such a retarded statement.

Shitty wignat corners of the internet like daily stormer/stormfront/the right stuff are very self contained places that hardly get enough funding to subsist all while shilling for donations and subscriptions. They're unanimously looked down upon by almost everyone on the right for being cringy larpers just like nazis/siegeposters/tarrant feds. If you actually think they have any reach you're schizoposting.

Radicals on both sides are fringe. The right just gets more traffic since they're not currently walking on eggshells afraid to offend anyone.. humor and edginess are appealing to more normal people. Zig Forums and right wing twitter are the real most effective far right media "outlets" you should be worrying about. Meanwhile even the far left are making concessions to fags and trannies because "we need every bit of support we can muster".

Go on twitter and put your pronouns in your bio right next to marxist-leninist with your pansexual/transgender flag avatar. Really glad your reaching deep for that 2% of the population.

Remember class consciousness, not sexual degeneracy consciousness. I don't care if you're anti-idpol… ignoring the problem and letting it fester isnt the way to go. These people are latching onto your now fringe political movement and poisoning it, they don't read the theory. For them it's just another special unique label to put on their online profile.

From an objective standpoint you guys have a lot of skeletons in the closet to dispose of but to be honest none of it matters left or right the neoliberal capitalist ruling class isn't gonna be eroded by politics but only by a bloody collapse of the whole system. You can build after that. (This sounds like a fedpost and I don't condone political violence but this is just being realistic)

Back to lurking, sorry if I stur up any shit.

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Don't know if this warrants its own thread (what I'm about to say) but I think it's really effective what some white nationalists/fascists/nazis will do to put spread their ideology. Just little snippets that may make people think, and implant the fascist seed in their brains. It doesn't always have to be true stuff, just shit to make people think. Shit like "Why would the israelis attack a ship of their own allies after they very clearly signaled they were allies?" Or "Woah, 109 countries? That's quite a lot of times to have been exiled, I understand 2 or 3, but could it be they were doing something to warrant being exiled that many times?"
We need to start doing shit like this, I understand it'll probably be a little more difficult (considering socialism actually needs to think and understand the world) but it's doable, and it should make more people think about socialism.

You're right in the sense that we need to be anti-idpol, but if Zig Forums and other right-wing dipshits didn't care a bout them so much, we wouldn't have this neolib bullshit in the first place.

Don't be so naive comrade

high quality post op

Witching is passive-aggressive. You can’t beat her up, otherwise you go to jail. You can’t admit to anyone that she’s spooking you and your kids out because the fedoras will mob you and chew you out.
-Roy batty
Seriously there is a butload of these obscene comments.

ex-rightist here
I feel ya dude. America is Rome, shit is going to collapse.

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Your a fucking idiot. We all know link related is the most successful far-right in history.

weev is jewish

I think that's a picture of greece. Romans had arches and domes Greeks only had columns.

Not him and you're right, that's Athens, but the Romans temples looked just like these.

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I know the reactionary narrative is just a symptom, of neolib dispossession, but it takes attention away from class. If we killed idpol organising workers would be no problem.

Easier said than done obviously though.


A true rarity if you're not lying.

Andrew Anglin is a pedo

I hate the Daily Stormer but they do post some funny shit sometimes.

A real effective movement would focus on migration policies and demography. They wouldn't care much about values and traditions. Of course, they wouldn't get into huge fights about Israel. They would read books and gather knowledge from outside their bubble and evaluate this information, check it for usefulness and integrate a lot of it. It wouldn't be some kind of fascist movement with some broad ideology but trying to be as broad as possible when it comes to integrate people.