How are there monarchists in 2019? People say communists never lived under communism...

How are there monarchists in 2019? People say communists never lived under communism, but somehow monarchists get this pass? Despite not living in an absolute monarchy? How are they blind to the fact that the ruling oligarchy would immediately become the new aristocracy, and thus elect the next monarch? Do they think their philosopher king will just magically appear out of goodwill?

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i should rephrase people to republicans

it's really asinine, like you hate clinton cause she's a career politician, but if she were your queen she'd become automatically a benevolent ruler? really?

Like all reactionaries they live in a world populated by ghosts and fairies instead of one shaped by material forces. Idealism is tantamount to mental retardation.

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Sweety, there are still are 150 million people living in the commonwealth realm with Elizabeth II as the head of state. And hundreds of millions more living in other constitutional monarchies like Japan. Maybe these people think parliament should be abolished and the monarchs should be given full power again?

God save the queen.

see you at the guillotine

post that pic to /commiecat/

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yikes, cringe, oof, etc

Monarchists are a fucking laughingstock

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People are retarded.

Stop larping as a fucking brit you wannabe monarchcuck Yank. Literally like 80% of the this country couldn't give two shits about the monarchy. The only reason we keep them is that we get a bank holiday once in a while from them.


I can smell one of you burgers a mile off.

I can't imagine being this smug about being wrong. I am not American. I live in a commonwealth realm, sweety. The queen is my head of state too, sweety.

It's easy to like constitutional monarchy, when your monarch is Hegel's purely formal perfect monarch a rubberstamping idiot whose upkeep you don't have to maintain so therefore distant and as abstract as a material object can be m8

Imagine not being aware of how British and even your government works

Monarchists know what a crowned republic and consider it an abomination.

If lefties can believe in LARPer ideologies like anarchism, why can't reactionaries believe in LARPer ideologies like absolute monarchy?

If you say so love. Also have fun when Charles is King.

This tbh. The monarchy isn't na issue for people because there are actual issues with the british aristocracy that need to be solved (like those with landed titles still owning like 17% of all land or the fucking HOUSE OF LORDS GOD DAMN I HATE THAT PLACE).

The British monarchy will probably start going downhill after the death of Elizabeth .

Psychological conditioning caused by centuries of the system and active PR campaigns by the state. Remember when it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan are using millions of taxpayer money on their new house? It was instantly followed by one of the other parasites, William, doing an interview where he expressed mild support for LGBT issues. It's also very rarely reported that the prerogative powers give the prime minister more power to support the idea that the Queen is symbolic.

Eh I dunno, the irony is that apparently neither Charles nor Will nor Harry want the throne: Charles wants to continue being a posh green, Will wants to be a family man, if at-least for a bit longer, and Harry isn't even a royal so eh. The irony is the best time to have a referendum on reestablishing THE LORD PROTECTORATE is after the queen has died but also the worst time to do it from a perspective of winning is just after the queen has died.

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Monarchists are not larpers. Monarchy is the default system and we will go back to it once the entire modern technological system collapses and returns to the stone age for thousands of years due to nuclear war resource depletion climate change or a combination of those ( far more likely to happen than world revolution) then we will have monarchy again everyhwere your local neighborhood will probably be a monarchy

No warlordism is the default system of post-agricultural society. That is rather different from monarchy.

warlordism transitions into monarchy depending on the skill of the warlord the most successful one will ensure his offspring will inherit power and establish a system around that while weak warlords will either get killed off by other warlords their own lieutenants etc

Why are you pivoting? Whether absolute monarchists and anarchists are LARPers or not doesn’t change the fact that the queen isn’t your head of state despite you being in commonwealth.

that's what they want you to think. The Queen to this day signs death warrants for criminals in the Caribbean she must have personally killed thousands since the year 2000 also they own all the fucking land not just in the UK but across the commonwealth

Yeah, in the same way she "appoints" prime ministers.

Google the city of London bro. Lyndon Larouche was not wrong it's a global peso cabal with the Queen at the top.

There kind of aren’t, notwithstanding cultural momarchism in some countries. Really, all governments bureaucratize eventually, so it doesn’t entirely matter.

Fucking hell, most financial activity doesn't even take place in The City anymore it's in bloody Canary Wharf.
God "THE QUEEN RUNS THE WORLD" shit is annoying.


Charles the III is such a meme, but a good meme.

The queen is the head of state in most commonwealth countries. I don't know why you are even trying to argue this because you are wrong.

Wasn't there a monarchy board on this website once, whatever happened to it I can't find it anymore

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