The sad truth about humanity is that vast majority of people is uninteresting , boring and lazy

Regardless of :

-skin colour
-political views

Most people in every country in the world is just uninteresting , boring and lazy.

Most people people can only talks about credits, about boring work or complaining about his health.Eveybody plays a very mature because he has got a job or or he's bought a boring used car, which he can now boast about. A typical grey , boring exemplary citizen can only talk about health,job,his wife or finances.

Seriously with how many people could you discuss about space, car tuning if someone had such hobby, RC-modeling ,origami, about philosophy , psychology , inventions , art ,about all sorts of interesting things?

The sad truth about humanity is that really extraordinary people who have extraordinary skills, abilities and interests are a definite exception to the norm in almost every country in the world.

Think how many people do you or I know who do something similar to the people described below?

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Of course they are, and capitalism makes them this way.


Stop projecting your insecurities on others lol

You're basing this having spoken to most people only once. At a grocery store I don't say anything retarded. People aren't uninteresting and boring they just don't talk about their hobbies in public because that would be weird. I'm not going to tell the cashier how I'd like to analog to digital via scanline recoding or god forbid, the glories of matdia. You define boring people and then take anecdotal, surface-level small talk and point to it as evidence for yourself. You can talk to people about this, you just have to find the people that are interested, because the guy who reads economic theory isn't going to want to talk about remote detonations and it's a lot easier to congregate in a club than to ask random fucking people in the street until you find someone that gives a shit about your niche israeli runescape botting club.


If you're a boring person, people will only talk about boring stuff with you.

Again neoliberalism.

yep, that's why imageboards exist, or at least that used to be the reason…

Most people are entirely okay in their lives. It isn’t appropriate to cast aspersions on the whole of any population’s workers, even a nation whose productivity is as low as that of Portugal.

OP you sound like such an immature dickhead. Also this belongs in /leftytrash/.

yeah, so?

You should, because as a former cashier that job was boring as fuck and would have loved an excuse to talk to someone at 2pm on a wednesday to make the day less painful.

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Elitism isn't very marxist. Your view of humanity is riddled with idealism

this is called projection user

you obviously are extraordinarily special

But you're taking a gamble, I mean what if the cashier isn't interested in what you're talking about and it ends up making their day worse?

This is a none-argument, by definition, only a few people can be exceptional, if everybody were to do something exceptional than it wouldn't be considered exceptional any-more.

besides your data is bad most people have some area of interest beyond small-talk level.

As far as personal devellopment goes, well capitalist environment is exactly helpful, many people are alienated, lack resources/time for this, or are too addicted to escapist distractions and consumerism.

Sorry to tell you, but people will suck even still under socialism. Their symptoms will be alleviated and they won't be as under stress but they will still be themselves.

Hobby niggers are the worst. When someone you jsut met starts mouthing off about their awesome hobbies I do a 360 and walk in the other direction. Hobbies arent what makes you an interesting person

Looks like you need to take up math, retard.

With respect to what? If everywhere most people are "boring and lazy" then to respect to what should we define those terms? With respect to the ultra few "exciting" people? You might as well be sour about the fact that we don't have wings or something


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Normie status: exposed

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Yeah really. I have a lot of interests, I used to make videos, I used to write, I used to draw, I used to do model building, I occasionally do airsoft, but I'm too exhausted and alienated to do anything but lay around sleeping or playing vidja. I'm constantly anxious and trying to avoid any activity. It makes me even more sad to think about what I could be doing with my life if I wasn't so depressed all the time.

What if someone was never that way until muh capitalism came at some life stage

It's a meme you dip.


Almost everyone tbqh.

clearly you always lived under capitalism but presumably it only started impacting you at some point


LOL simplistic notion is simplistic

True, but it wasn't til I was older that I realised how terrible everything was, and then while I was in uni I was at least under the delusion I had some kind of life plan, now that I'm out for like 2 years and no career I'm fully mindfucked. Today I even slept past when my therapy appointment was supposed to be and missed that.

But you didn't answer the question about people who were never that way in the first place.

Well, not everyone has to be creative… Some people don't really think about self actualisation, they're content as long as they're, well, content. The point is that nobody's potential should be stymied by living in a soul crushing system. If someone is just happy being a rubbish collector as long as they get to crack a cold one on the weekend then great, we need people to do that.

You spoiled brats never had to work for anything yet you love to look down on working class trades that build every fucking thing you use in your pampered little lives. choke on downfall you're trying to bring

Who exactly did that

what you mean?

How is this not fascist? They just want the great to develop to their fullest and those who are not great well they just developed to their potential too. It makes me really think that maybe socialists are the real social darwinists that don’t want the natural selection and inequality to be “distorted” by private property or whatever. What about those who are rubbish collectors but are very much aware and fucking hate it and wish they had never been born.

How did you draw the exact opposite message of what I said. Honestly curious.

hah? wah?

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So you want to mitigate the inborn inequalities instead of exacerbating them?

I think everyone should do what they're best at with some wiggle room for happiness of course, I mean if someone hates taking out the bins that's fine, they can do something else but they can't just decide to be a doctor because they want to. If they want to make art that's fine but unless there's enough of a demand for them to make it their job they'll have to work on it in their free time.

Everyone is not equal, that's not the proposition of socialism. 'From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs'. The most able must carry a heavier burden for the good of their comrades.

how is that fascism lmao

lel no shit

Why are people so fucking butthurt goddamn
You think us boring retail workers don't have hobbies that involve working with our hands? I have personal projects I make out of wood and even make my own furniture or tables or custom things (stands for my headphones).
You assume a lot about people you've never met, and thus assume college kids are spoiled brats who don't know anything just like how they assume you have sub 100 Autism Level and aren't intelligent. Point is you don't really know someone unless you try to, and OP is making a mistake about assuming things about people he's never really talked to. That boring person he ignores could be a great musician, an artist, or an superb athlete. Guess he'll never know. Anyway it all does lead back to capitalism, people only give a shit about interests that can be MONETIZED and not random hobbies, and we can never show these to others most of the time because we're stuck in stupid dead-end jobs that are pointless. Nobody will really know us as we truly are, as that's a face that's reserved for when we aren't at work. It just saps away our creative energy and time for pointless shit like scanning someone's groceries.

Yeah, the intelligentsia types with all their passions are really carrying the heavier burden. What I’m saying is that it seems like you idea of socialism would only help the displaced middle class and not those for example who could never draw or write whatever anyway

Look at how they worship all these great authors, artists etc.

I was talking more about engineers and doctors and so on as the most gifted. I have no idea what you want me to say, if someone can't write well, not due to education but due to lack of creativity or drive or just natural flair or whatever, what exactly do you want me to propose? Like honestly what are you triggered about? You want me to say yes you can be a professional writer or artist even if you suck at it and nobody likes what you produce? Society needs people doing hard, not particularly creative work. I want to improve conditions for those people too - hell, for all I know, I might be judged best fitting to that myself.

Honestly what are you even upset about? I am just confused.

What If want to be a neet since as you said men are not created equal and I don't want to inhabit my psotition in the social hierarchy.

The book Legan praises is Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest, a social Darwinist, white supremacist screed first published in 1890, inspired by, among others, the reactionary German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. One passage in the book denounces the Declaration of Independence for the “degrading, self-evident lie” that “all men are created equal.
hurr durr im not a fascist

Ehh, it depends, personally my conception of socialism would be that NEETs by choice would get paid, let's say half of what a normal worker does in labour vouchers. If there are too many people not working, there might need to be more incentives, or if there are enough people working that there are extras, maybe more pay for NEETs. But really, as a NEET myself, it sucks balls. I would rather work if I could work in a respectful, compassionate economy where my labour was going towards the betterment of mankind.

All men are worthy of a basic human respect, all men should have equal access to voting, legal counsel, etc etc, that's not the same as 'hurr durr there's no difference in art skill between Da Vinci and Chris-chan'.

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That is pretty arbitrary but just bourgeois rights really. It is enforced, artificial equality, you just don't apply it to other things. But you want to make these differences even bigger which leads to a stratified hierarchy and ultimately the resoration of class. But I understnd that your social realtion with others make that to be in your self-interest.

That's not what class is. That's not what anything is…

In socialism the doctor has no hierarchical power over the street sweeper. They both get paid the same or basically the same (some people have their own ideas but w/e), they are not in the same industry, the doctor doesn't have institutional power over the street sweeper because he's richer as in socialism. Even within the same industry, management would be a more democratic/co-operative thing than it is now, though obviously the details have to be worked out.

One person being a better artist than another person does not create a hierarchy.

Let me just cut to the heart of the issue though, are you really so downtrodden and cynical that you believe there is nothing whatsoever that you're good at or could be good at? I thought I was depressed but damn. Hopefully, socialism would provide a more empathetic, nurturing environment for people like yourself to experiment and see what you're actually talented at, because there are not many people that are talented at absolutely nothing.

I honestly can't see any way I could make my idea of socialism more fair to you. It is a fact that some people are better than others at stuff, no getting around it. Is this line of argument because you just watched Harrison Bergeron or something? You realise that's a satire of anti-communism and not communism, and right wingers are too dumb to get the joke?

your lie

in socialism
baboonism i mean



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Okay genius then why did class arise in the first place from primitive communism? It did because there already were natural differences and hierarchies whose increasing stratification lead to classes. It did in the USSR too.
He would merely by being much higher socially regarded and the doctors can easily use their power from society’s dependence on them to give themselves more privileges.

You don’t need to be good at picking fruits to be some plantation slave, but no I’m not competitive with others at all which is why I don’t want to be forced into it with them so others can feel superior by being better than me. If socialism was truly humane it would abort people like me.
I don’t know these stupid ecelebs and I know engels said they are not egalitarians but that does not mean I have to agree with them.

The increasing productivity of labour allowed for the emergence of a non-producing class that lived off of the surplus labour of the producers. Class is defined by one's relation to production, nothing else.