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Wagecucks. When will they learn?

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i don't care what anyone says, cuckold porn is fucking hot and we need more of it

It is hot if you place yourself in the role of the bull.

American boomer housewives are about the least appealing thing ever.

Good thing i'm in yurop.

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Where is Freudanon when you need him?

No wonder USA'ans are the highest self-reported group of cucks on online surveys. Who would actually want to fuck a USA'an woman?

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I can't fucking watch this


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screams internally

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Just a reminder to rip vids off youtube. Good memes need sound to be thoroughly enjoyed.

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This is what happens when you have watch anti-union propaganda videos during your employee training.

You must have a very boring sex life

The bull is a sex object, the woman is a sex object, and you are the viewer. Only premium users get to fuck the woman! Small dicks and small muscles make your sexual market value low!

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''Ich bin kein mensch, ich bin kein tier:
nein ich bin Paketkurier.''
I'm not a beast, I'm not a human: No I am a deliveryman

Or the man gets off on watching his whore of a wife getting fucked by a giant black nigger ape.

That's the other side of it.

You can't have a boring sex life if you don't have one at all.

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Even if it is because of capitalism, having your worth as a man and a human being challenged and degraded is objectively very hot. Like a more sophisticated masochism. The pain is in your emotional and social identity.

There's a homoerotic element to cuckolding, but there's also a focus on the girlfriend/wife's beauty and sex appeal as well. If anything, it's bi.

That aspect of it doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm not racist so the idea of a black man being sexually superior to me doesn't trigger any feelings of inferiority or humiliation.

Good point, you must keep yourself chaste for the revolution my comrade.

Cuckolding is a product of Capitalism entirely. Prove me wrong.

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Holy shit america is so depressing and there isn't even a strong communist party in sight, it really is brutal for American Comrades….

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Very few, if any sexual fetishes, originate entirely in capitalism. Findom's the only one I can think of.

I have no doubt that there were feudal lords and peasants who secretly jacked off to the idea of their wives getting plowed by a strong and hotter man. I bet some of the weirder ones even fantasized about the embarrassment and loss of social status that would come as a result.

This is like fantasizing about being killed.

It isn't. It's more like fantasizing about cutting your wrists.

Not interested in cuckoldry at all but you guys seem far too distressed by it tbh, its fine, a fetish like any other and benign at that.

Yeah, what Freud user says.

The pain is what makes it fun. Some people's brains are broken (like mine) and they make an association between pain and sexual pleasure. Fuck if I know why.

I am mostly triggered by the abysmal rhythm.
Also does anyone have the anti union webm?

damn that was good

Unsurprising. Reminder that cuckoldry is the inherent conclusion of the fascist mindset.
>Ironically, Sorge's spying for the Soviets in Japan during the late 1930s was probably safer for him than if he had been in Moscow. Claiming too many pressing responsibilities, he disobeyed Stalin's orders to return to the Soviet Union in 1937 during the Great Purge, as he realized the risk of arrest because of his German citizenship. In fact, two of Sorge's earliest GRU handlers, Yan Karlovich Berzin and his successor, Artur Artuzov, were shot during the purges.[29] In 1938, the German ambassador to Britain, Joachim von Ribbentrop was promoted to foreign minister, and to replace Ribbentrop, Dirksen was sent to London. Ribbentrop promoted General Ott to be Dirksen's replacement. Ott, by now aware that Sorge was sleeping with his wife, let his friend Sorge have "free run of the embassy night and day" as one German diplomat later recalled.[30] Ott tolerated Sorge's affair with his wife, on the grounds that Sorge was such a charismatic man that women were always falling in love with him, and so it was only natural that Sorge would sleep with his wife.[31] Ott liked to call Sorge Richard der Unwiderstehliche ("Richard the Irresistible") as his charm made him very attractive to women.[12] Ott greatly valued Sorge as a source of information about the secretive world of Japanese politics and especially Japan's war with China as he found that Sorge knew things about Japan that no other Westerner knew, to such an extent that he chose to overlook Sorge's affair with his wife.[31]

People fantasize about things that subtly refer back to the very concept of life and death and coming to try to accept the dichotomy of it all the time, to be honest. Humanity is a gigantic cult fascinated by, and finding fulfillment in, the mystery of life and death and always has been.

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Because your pain is reminding you of your vulnerability, it reminds you of your own mortality, briefly, getting you back in touch with your own intimate humanity, and thus reminding you that you are still alive to experience it.

Never forget this faggot

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No idea why you posted that here, but it was hilarious.

I thought this was a late stage capitalism cringe

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is it even possible to create some kind of united front of all the atomized communist parties? to work to intervene in class struggle? will the cia just kill our asses? i don't wan't to keep being like this.

i've been uncomfortable or like naseuos constantly for a year or so now and maybe even before that i don't remember much of highschool. but i do like some sexually humiliating stuff, and physical pain in general. and your post really activated my almonds so thanks.

i'm sorry i'm posting now i'm really sleep deprived i'm gonna come back on here in a week or so and CRINGE at myself lol. this post should be in the trash thread

the vast majority of wagies are lumpenproles, they are irrelevant cogs, NPCs, etc.

Findom can exists without money

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yes, tell me more about how the vast majority of wagies are class conscious.

more over, feel free to explain how those who are indeed class conscious do have revolutionary potential beyond the typical "I hate my boss xD lol"

pic related is you reading that wiki article

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why not, it works perfectly for the modern left :v)

ehhh… not really…

Read more than a single pargeaph, and click on words you don't understand.

one of my findom mistresses is a dumb commie uni student who forces her subs to get her handmade gifts, one of us made her a set of heels with raw wood and leather, that's fucking dedication

yes, do read more than a single paragraph and do click on words you don't understand

I mean, just to clarify here. The cuck is a troll.

Damn i got owned by facts and logic.



The Great Soviet Encyclopedia:

No, he's just a Zig Forumsyp.

didnt expect a personal story but what does that have to do with finances?

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it takes money and time to build shit like that

keyword general
keyword may


how about we do the following, autist. why don't you term the the correct term for the members of the working class, people who are employed, that lacks class consciousness and thus lack revolutionary potential, so that next time I come here you don't get all flustered because you don't agree with my usage of a rather vaguely defined word?

i thought you said it didnt take money for findom

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you are not gifting her money is what I meant

it wouldn't be any different under a barter economy or under labour vouchers, you get a commodity, you gift it to her/him

My god, whatever.

so what is the word for employed people and workers who have no class consciousness or revolutionary potential? or do you agree that the term lumpenprole includes them?

Here on leftypol we've historically called them classcucks.

Lumpenproletariat is more like the underbelly of the so-called underclass. I don't know how to translate lumpen but it means something like shitty clothes a bum would wear, like rags or something. It's generally applied to whores and petty thieves and beggars and criminals and so on, AFAIK. At least in German literature.

With under class I meant "working class" (I hate that term),

Porn is bourgeois decadence.

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Are you the same tank posting every time?

I am not him but yes

You mean people that are content with being wageslaves? You could just call them slaves. There really is no term for those people. They are soulless capitalists. Jews would call them goyim, or maybe goylemim. Goylemim is just golems, but it's a word we use for stupid people.

We need to make an album

Yes, we are

Spoken like a true Dengist.

Should've clarified I was talking about the webm but this is fine I guess.

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It must be getting bad in america, they're engaging in magical thinking for workers control and ownership

There's an interesting conspiracy theory floating around that walmart is a Department of Defence project to make sure supply lines are maintained throughout the US in case of catastrophe

I've had webm's I made reposted, yes, not that one, though.

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