It's time to rethink conspiracy theories

The Jeffrey Epstein case proves that there IS a shadow government, democracy is a sham and that politicians willingly get blackmailed in exchange for a figurehead position.

Court papers show that his pedo dens were rigged with hidden cameras and he had a trove of tapes on elites. No way in hell can some random con artist set up political honeytraps to extort and control policy without getting killed off by counter-intelligence - this was a sanctioned operation and the GWB administration let him off practically scot-free because he was an "intelligence asset".

This isn't a case of a few pedos in government getting snared here and there, you can bet your bottom dollar that literally every fucker in government has something held over their head and they follow orders from above. This means that a coup occurred at some point after the advent of concealable photography. In Epstein's black book he had US President Bill Clinton, UK PM Tony Blair and PM of Israel Ehud Barak among many other powerful figures.

Pussyhat retards will put the blinders on and flat out refuse to see the wider implications of this, but Epstein's butler also circled Trump's name as a compromised abuser in the black book. If this is true, it means that both Hillary and Trump were playing for the same team and the 2016 election was stage-managed. It means that the Russiagate bullshit was a smokescreen and likely the result of infighting in an elite clique that they knew would not result in any real proof, because if it did all they would have got was a nuke war. It's very telling how neither candidate attacked each other over Epstein.

When the entire system is run on a sophisticated blackmail operation and the head of every department is a psychopathic childfucker, there is literally NOTHING stopping them from cracking open the avionics on airliners, installing remote overrides on the flight surfaces and flying them into buildings. It doesn't matter if you think that's not a good look and not very prestigious and sensible-sounding.

Maybe it's time to stop sucking your own cock over minutiae, endlessly debating the approved topic-of-the-week the media feeds you and to start taking down the blackmail system. Otherwise you're basically living in the Truman show.

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The problem with conspiracy theories is, who's really pulling the strings, if anyone? That's where the right's conspiracy theories often fall apart, because they don't analyze key factors and put on ideological blinders of their own, and thus their conspiracy theories become a series of incoherent stories that tell them what they want to hear and see.

Conspiracies are an inevitable part of human behavior. Literally everything humans do politically is a conspiracy, and institutions and centers of political power are inevitably filled with intrigues. Yet, so much as these conspirators want to present themselves as omnipresent and omnipotent, the truth is that they are far from it. These people are personally quite cowardly. The reason they don't get exposed is primarily because the ordinary populace is party to their corruptions, because ordinary people themselves are vain and like the corruption as protection for themselves. They'll rail about conspiracies, but they are surprisingly unwilling to do anything about them (and the only correct response to some of these conspiracies is to ruthlessly kill all the conspirators).

There's already more or less open evidence of shit far worse than Epstein. Epstein is just the ruling elite putting forward a show to demonstrate to the masses that they can get away with murder, by letting an obvious connection for their vices go free or get off easy.

I think it was pretty clear Hillary and Trump were functionally the same candidate. Once you get past Trump being a raging shithead, his actual policy (as much as Trump ever was coherent) was basically similar to Hillary, except he would say mean things about the brown people whereas Hillary would say nice things and step up the concentration camps and brutality anyway. Both have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo of cheap immigrant labor (and Trump all but stated as much - his entire offensive was against those pockets where illegal aliens were not being extremely exploited, and you know damn well Trump isn't going to enforce labor laws).
Russiagate is just an insane theory from Hillary's imagination, an excuse for the political system in this country being a joke, and an attempt to basically claim that a free press is illegal now. I mean, seriously, they think a few millions from Russian propaganda is equivalent to the gigantic right-wing media machine that has been running for four decades now? The origins of Trump's ideology and his base are not hard to find, they've been around all along. The Hillary stans have to invent a convoluted set of conspiracies where everyone who isn't a radical centrist is part of some foreign plot, which includes Buchanan type conservatives, rednecks, honest liberals, progressives, "the left", "the right", 4chan, and the list goes on. The Russiagate theory is a parody of the kind of conspiracies arch-reactionaries build to justify their shitty system; it doesn't even make sense unless you already subscribe to a world-view where America is this pure entity of Clintonian neoliberalism that existed forever at The End of History.

Basically I'm saying, conspiracism is useful, but it has limits and is no substitute for material analysis. It helps to ground understanding of the conspiracies people engage in with a rational understanding of human behavior, and how power is diffused practically through institutions.
It should also be noted that most of the conspiracy theories going around are promoted by the CIA because they convince the public that the government is invincible, that the dictatorship can't be fought, that the police are everywhere, and so on. If a conspiracy theory tells you the government knows what you're thinking, it's a sign that it's coming from a hostile source. The intelligence agencies have quite extensive capabilities, and everything on the internet is almost certainly monitored and run through filters to scan for ungood content (with a lot of internet shitposts being written by bots or shills, the internet has been crawling with them since the government cracked down and established full wartime media controls); however, they're not gods and they can't read your brain (not yet anyway; the way minds are controlled in America is to simply exclude most of the population from any meaningful role, and subject the middle class to extreme mental conditioning and pressure, which is part of the reason you see insane shit in the technocratic middle class like cancel culture and #MeToo).

so then what, we can have non-pedo rulers? wow who fucking cares. the biggest crimes are not the hidden ones but the open ones. there's no question whether or not the US state is an imperialist and brutally bloodthirsty global actor, and there's no question whether or not the capitalist system is an exploitative and self-cannibalizing system.

All the crimes you bemoan are permitted because of the pedo blackmail system. Not only are the figureheads who carry them out blackmailed but they are also completely amoral and have no qualms about it.

Conspiracy theories are anti materialist and reactionary

Pedo thing is a literal nothing burger. They didn't even fuck babies and did snuff, just maintained a brothel with 14yo sluts, who even got a fat premium compared to whores in 3rd world.

Anyone with some knowledge or analytics knows that people up there into that and into drugs - so what? It's obvious they would be in capitalism. It's obvious that elites in a society with exploitation will always do that.

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There isn’t actually evidence of worse than Epstein, liar. Child abuse is the worst crime on Earth.

Conspiracy theories being used an excuse or some kind of gap-filler to explain away failings shouldn't mean you dismiss the very real blackmail system and they're not in the same category. It's not a partisan thing and it's actually hard for even typical conspiracy theorists to digest.

And the pedo blackmail system isn't of the same kind of feverish lizard hologram paranoia-cocaine kind that unhinged people are addicted to nor does it give this vague impression of an all-powerful unstoppable illuminati. Look at qboomers, they don't actually want the answers, they want a mystery.

There is evidence of a blackmail mechanism that actually gives the answer as to why they can invade countries on false pretenses and say "There were failings, we're sorry". It gives you a lead to go off on and how you can rectify the problem.

No. With all that outrage, millions of children are abused many degrees more than underage whores who went to the brothel voluntarily, and got silenced by money and gifts as opposed to full on slavery, beatings and murder.

….these crimes are in the direct interest of the people who commit them. NO conspiracy is needed to explain them. Read Marx to understand why and how capitalism creates exploitation, then read Lenin to understand why and how capitalism leads to imperialism.

"Ladies and gentleman, here is our agenda for this financial quarter":

"Now I know some of you may have objections, but let me convince you why this is in your rational self-interest and good for the nation"

Nah dude I think you need to stop rotelearning and prestige-telegraphing and start using deduction.

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prestige-telegraphing is the new word for virtue-signaling, huh? love it, very original

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But it IS about showing that you're mensa smart and don't dabble in silly ideas, when it's actually a bigger leap of faith to think that democractically elected politicians drawn from all over the country get together in a room and agree to child trafficking, human experimentation and false flags without dissent than for them to be controlled by a shadow autocracy.

The blackmail, which we know exists on a wide scale, provides a credible explanation for how heinous activities are covered up. Believing that politicians simply agree among themselves to do these things because uh porky booj things is simply filling in an empty space just like very shitty conspiracy theories.

How the fuck do you think you can actually implement policies that curtail abuses when there is a blackmail system that cannot be denied?


guillotines are pretty effective tbh

for fucks sake, what's your deal?

I'm only talking about what concretely occurred during the Satanic Panic. I'm not speaking of an abstract possibility. From experience, promoting conspiracies simply does not tend to have the effect that we would wish it to have, even when the ostensible targets are the powerful.

Most of the elite abuse is with men and young girls so it's retarded to think investigation is going to end in a homocaust

When has that ever stopped reactionaries? Even now the rightists think that transgender kids is the true child abuse and probably all a cover for pedo pizza.

The really dangerous thing about this elite pedophilia in the news is all the conspiracy theories!

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I'm not saying it's not bad but IMO it's dumb to imagine the existence of some vast pedo ring that all the elites are into. That shit has been floated many times before with no evidence ever actually found. Sure maybe the people directly around Epstein were engaging in some underage poon but that's not really the same thing as some grand conspiracy.

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No one said it would necessarily. I was only giving an example of how the promotion of a conspiracy theory gives rise to a reactionary result.

I think the left has zero need of conspiracy theories, practically speaking. At best, they're redundant (do Bush and Cheney really need to be complicit in 9/11 in order for us to convince others that they're absolutely awful?); at worst, they're exploited by the right and backfire on us.

It is a grand conspiracy and it's real, you clearly haven't been following the case.

Billionaire fucks some underage girls, billionaire gets off cause he's a fucking billionaire. Show me where the conspiracy is again?

If you proved that they were complicit in 9/11 there'd be a revolution instead of bitching and moaning

They were btw

He had hidden cameras and a blackmail archive seized by the Palm Beach police in the '08 case and the NYPD found a blackmail archive at his NY house earlier this year. That's not just for the fuck of it, that's to control policy and it's not just one guy behind it.

You don't seem to be trying to add anything here.

We're talking about HEBEphilia here. It's literally nothing I care about. If they were pre-pubescent girls however, or rape accusations, then i'd be bothered. Teenage kids however, they fuck all the time.

Yeah? Bullshit. Normies don't care about any of that. Trump is openly corrupt and selling America down the river and most of the country couldn't give a shit, and even the ones who do, don't do anything about it.

Yes but the lumpens will fight to take down the pedos

Dear pedophiles:

A pedophile blackmail system does not mean you have allies in high places that are going to Legalize It. That would invalidate the system, castrate yourselves please.

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not even sure if this is bait or not but they were sex trafficked girls regardless of whether or not your retarded personal morals considers a 14 year old a child or not (and they are a child)

and lose, because a lumpen-led revolution is kind of like trying to get an erection on high-dose Prozac?

it's the fucking jews

It looks like both Weinstein and Epstein are connected to Ehud Barak and it's part of a limited, targeted takedown of Netanyahu opponents, so it remains to be seen if that's why so many jew names are popping up or if it actually is a jew conspiracy.

Let's be real though it's probably some kind of Moloch-worshipping transhumanist thing.



Yes real shit

zog is real you fucking dolts

Ok. Free Palestine then.

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from the river to the sea Palestine will be free

reminder a two state solution is still zionism!


but it is, and I'd ague it is worse than rape
transfags can mutilate themselves and I wouldn't give a single fuck, but the moment they touch children, you cut their fucking hand off and put a bullet in their head
the same shit with ordinary fags too

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