we’re all the same


Honestly the only reason I don’t support communism these days is because of how retarded communists are about race. Fuck even Marx hated Slavs and Croats.

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Ok so be a nazbol retard

Well, if you actually knew genetics, you'd find that humans are extremely homogenous species - because we have faced tight bottlenecks in the past.

You have to understand that your pics are cherrypicked, and it is just as easy to find pics of the same race who look nothing alike, down to the skull structure, and people of the different race who are almost twins.

"Race realism" is functionally illogical. If you make a eugenic Argument, you are ought to strike down unsuccessful people of all races - and (you) yourself would have to go in the gutter with the rest

hot take: even if "race realism" had a shred of useful truth to it, it wouldn't invalidate Marxism by any stretch, because Marxism doesn't give a shit about the autism quotient of the people it talks about

This is why leftists are a joke.

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Guess you rich fucks never had to learn basic biology since daddy pays for your everything. I wann kill the rich too, starting with you cumskins.

Aborigines were completely isolated from the rest of the world for 40,000 years mate, to say there is NO difference between them and Europeans is honestly beyond retarded

Sub Saharan Africans were also isolated from the rest of the world. Even fucking North Africans / Arabs knew how stupid and subhuman they were.

Just saying I don’t see how communist utopia could work in America with an entire race of people that is incredibly prone to impulsive behavior / violence / theft etc

t. doesn't understand biology

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Yet he still agreed with communism

Indeed, the Zig Forums niggers would have to be the first ones to be enslaved, sterilized and put into sheds under a scientific Eugenic policy.

Okay, so the point being, "race realism" tries to make the case that some races are entirely incapable of cognitive capabilities possessed by other ones, pursuant to the notion that people's character and intelligence should be assumed by their race instead of evaluated individually. That's not "biology", that's just convoluted retardation.

My beliefs are based on real life observations lmao. Nobody likes to live with niggers. Why do you think white flight was such a big deal. And why did there literally need to be martial law to forcibly integrate schools.

America sucks cause of niggers. The greatest evil of America? The suburbs. But they need to exists so whites can get away from inner city niggers.

If race is real then by your own criteria are you a nigger for showing such stupidity and low intelligence quotient by presenting maymays anyone can make by google images as scientific fact?

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How does this invalidate marxism?

Damn. Marx destroyed.

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it's hard to keep up with the sheer advancement of idiocy being pumped out by Zig Forums nowadays

Why do literally every single race hate niggers. Even the Chinese and Japanese do. Is it all just a grand conspiracy?

No it’s common sense niggers bring drugs and crime. And I don’t want that in my communist utopia.

lmao have sex, Zig Forumscel.

Blame your grandfathers who segregated first in public space then in housing while FBI literally starring drug culture in the hood to destroy civil rights movement.

I am not even American and I know this much lmao.
Take your COINTELPRO somewhere else.

And I don't want you or anybody that thinks like you in my communist utopia. Clearly we're at an impasse.

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Why isn't North Korea full of black people?

Lucky for you then that they never will be. You'll be shot five minutes after we pick up guns, you'll never have to deal with a black person again.

Even if it were true that blacks are less intelligent and more aggressive than whites, why does it matter? Don't they too deserve to live a life free of the oppression of capital and the freedom to pursue their interests?
Stop being a reactionary whose only ideology is " OONGA BOONGA LIGHT SKIN TRIBE BETTER THAN DARK SKIN TRIBE"

Just saying, if you are suggesting to start culling people, judging them by their qualifications, the race would be irrelevant here. Let's say that indeed, 90% of blacks will be culled and only 80% of the whites. Do you wager you'll get into the 20%?

Actually no sweetie pie, cause western antifa tier communists are a fucking joke

I honestly wish for China to take over the world at this point just because they are actually redpilled on the nigger problem. And fuck they can enslave me I don’t care at least I’ll be second class only to Chinese as a white man which is way better than what I am in America now

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If your citation is flopping of the last Jedi then you are wrong. Black panther was a hit.
Please I don't care about opinion of plastic surgeon customers and colonists with Chinese characteristics.

So much for whitey and mighty.
Some black kid bullied you this badly, huh.

Why is pol so obsessed with caucasoid skull shapes when they have pic related skull

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it's you, isn't it

It was a metaphor, you retard. Are all lefties as dumb as you?

It was a metaphor with a premise that no-one here accepts. When you talk shit, you get shit talked right back.

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Shit metaphor, retard.

Just wipe your ass nigga it happens to everyone

Are you saying that black people can be bullies? You racist piece of shit!
Leftypol is dead. Sad.

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I'm glad that you got the message unlike the retards that are ruining leftypol.


reactionaries are going further and further back, it won't be long until they're advocating self flagellation to save us from the plague.

Equal distribution of "smell" is pretty communist tbh.

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Kill yourself you reactionary cuck. Your politics are literally insane, completely irrational to the point of self-destruction.

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I'm sure the liberal arts majors are doing so much to progress modern science!

fucking hell man, get a clue.

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You can't meme, breh.

Marx: "All things are equal to all other things, and if they aren't, make them equal. If one guy is covered in shit, take that shit and put it on all the other people. This is what communism means."

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Not sure what that means. Does it mean like whites and blacks should unite and kill all Jews?

These are the typical politics of American racist whites. You can shoot them in the foot, as long as you shoot the blacks in two. It's actually completely rational for them, because they intend to maintain the hierarchy where they consider themselves above black people.

You're a cretin, and it's not a meme.

Small difference, really. Marx was smart, way ahead of his time.

It means people of all races should unite and overthrow the propertarians that enslave us all.
You hate black people? Fine, who cares, that doesn't mean it's not in your interest to unite with them against the rich.

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You're a shit-tier propagandist tbh and not helping our cause at all.

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Immigration is a problem for the Western working class. Specifically, African and Middle-Eastern immigration. It's definitely a matter of cultural values and class character rather than ethnicity, but it matters regardless. This doesn't necessarily apply in the United States, which experiences primarily Latin American migration, but it is extremely relevant in Western Europe. Most of these immigrants are uneducated, intolerant, and quick to crime and violence compared to the general population. In other words, the bourgeoisie is importing lumps to drive down wages, disrupt working class unity, etc. This is also the single greatest reason why the far right is rapidly gaining political power. When the ruling class fails to meet their demands, this will begin to translate to military power. Immigrants will undoubtedly be their first targets. Next will come the liberal establishment. I think we all know what happens when THEY become the establishment. We're still at the stage of denial right now, but that is no different than before. They will rise, they will have victories, and people will die.

Truthfully, I don't think there's anything to be done about it, so I've accepted it. My educational background and ethnicity will save me. Nobody cared when we told them this would all happen, but we did tell them. They dug their own graves, the lot of them, and climate change will likely be the death of us all or at least our civilisation anyway.

made me laugh. oc in your honor

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If I have a good housing, a good job, good food, and good healthcare, why would I be violent?

Is the 40,000 years of Aborignal people not mixing with other races true or a Zig Forums meme?

Idpol, not even once.

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Absolute meme. The number comes from one of the estimates of when humans first arrived in Australia. It has no basis in any genealogical or anthropological science, which in fact points to significant contact with other peoples native to Oceania and even populations from as far away as India.

Thank you, helpful user

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Wrong image

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It’s okay Zig Forums you’d be summarily executed along with your fam, you’d never have to deal with black people ;)

That aboriginal skull looks like it is actually a neanderthal (your cousin ofc) and the "caucasoid" skull looks like it has autism and is fake.

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Blah Blah Blah quiet you stupid whitey. Your Autism Level is shit tier compared to my strong korean mind, you have less of a collectivist instinct also, You are an individualist monkey who only thinks about reproduction of more stupid white monkeys. See us Koreans and Jews on average have a higher Autism Level than you dumb northern niggers and so you should be treated as the slave race you are